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Know How to Combine PDF Files on Mac – Efficient Solutions

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Combine PDF files on Mac

Summary: Learn How to combine PDF files on Mac using Preview and PDF Combiner for Mac.

All Mac systems come with a default viewer application for PDF/ pictures that is called “Preview”. You can combine your PDF documents easily using this free application. Here, you can either combine two PDF files or Combine some parts of a PDF with another. Let me show you how:

Combine two PDF Files Using Preview

1-Step: Open your PDF document in the Preview application.

2-Step: Click on the ‘View’ option then click ‘Thumbnails’ to view thumbnails of the PDF pages in the sidebar.

3-Step: To designate where to put the other document, choose a page thumbnail.

4-Step: Then select ‘Edit’ > click ‘Insert’ >> click Page from File.*

5-Step: Go to the file dialog and choose the PDF that you want to combine, then click Open.

6-Step: To save the newly created file, choose File and lastly click on the ‘Export as PDF’ option.

* If this option is greyed out, do see that the file you have selected is a PDF. Restricted/ encrypted PDF files can’t be combined. To check the restrictions of a PDF, click Tools > choose ‘Show Inspector’, then click

Combine part of a PDF with another PDF Using Preview

1-Step: Open the PDF documents that you would like to merge in Preview.

2-Step: Select ‘View’ then click on ‘Thumbnails’ to show page thumbnails in the sidebar in BOTH PDF files.

3-Step: Now, press and hold the Command key ⌘, select all the desired page thumbnails of a PDF file that you want to combine to the other PDF file, and then let go of the key.

4-Step: Drag the selected thumbnail pages into the sidebar of the other PDF file, then release where you want them to appear.

5-Step: To save the newly created file, choose File and lastly click on the ‘Export as PDF’ option.

How to Combine PDF Files on Mac – PROFESSIONAL SOLUTION

Above two solutions are the best fit when it comes to combining two PDFs and for basic combining of PDF files. But what if you are handling multiple PDFs and want to combine a certain range of pages of each PDF file?

Here is when you have to look for a professional solution.

PDF Splitter and Merger for MAC (iMac, MacBook Pro, MacBook Air) is such a professional tool. It is a tool that is used by lawyers, paralegals, cyber forensicator, data scientists, corporates, etc.

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Here is how you can combine multiple PDF files on Mac operating systems:

1-Step: Launch the tool and choose the “Merge” Option

Best PDF Combiner for Mac

2-Step: Click on “Add Files” or “Add Folder” to add as many PDF documents as you want.

Note: You can choose NOT to have PDF attachments in your output combined PDF file. You just have to check the “Skip Attachment” option.

3-Step: Click on the “Next” button.

Note: If your PDF file is secured with a document open password then, enter the password in the “Password” column. PDFs having permissions cannot be processed. The user is required to remove PDF permission. You can use PDF Unlocker Tool.

4-Step: If you just want to combine certain page ranges of different PDF files, then you can choose “Merge PDF by Range” otherwise the tool will simply consolidate all the provided PDF files. You can split the combined files if the output PDF file becomes heavy after combining different PDF files.

To Combine Page Ranges of Different PDFs: Input 1-2 4-5,, 1-2 tool will merge 1 to 2 & 4 to 5 pages of 1st PDF, all pages of 2nd PDF and 1 to 2 pages of 3rd PDF)

5-Step: You can create a new PDF file or choose to add an existing PDF.

6-Step: Click on the “Merge” button to start combining.

how to combine pdf files on mac

Perfect PDF Combiner for Mac Operating Systems

You get 4 functionalities under its Merge option:

Create New PDF: Use this option to create a new PDF file after combining all the provided PDF documents.

Merge in Existing PDF: You can choose this option to combine all the PDF documents in the selected PDF document.

Merge PDF by Page Range: Combining particular Page ranges of different PDF files. For example: If the user gives 5-8 10-16, 2-8,,5-11 then the tool will generate an output PDF file containing 5 to 8 & 10 to 16 pages of 1st PDF, 2 to 8 pages of 2nd PDF, and 5 to 11 pages of 3rd PDF.

Split Merged PDF by Size: This option comes very handy if you have created a PDF file which is quite heavy in size (after merging).

Some Other Important Things to Remember:

Don’t Worry About Formatting: The software takes care of file format, page orientation, layout, and file structure. All other attributes like heading tags, bold tags, metadata, annotations, form fields, images, graphics, links, etc., will be the same as the source PDF file.

Adjust Attachments Accordingly: This PDF combiner for Mac gives you the option to keep or remove attachments from the resultant PDF files. Any word document, forms, excel sheet, hyperlinks, PPT, bookmarks, tables, font color, chart everting, or any other data will remain unchanged.

Combine Protected PDF: To combine PDF files that are password-protected (user-level password), the tool gives you the functionality to enter the valid password and unlock them. If your PDF does not allow Document Assembly permission then Use this PDF Unlocker Tool For Mac.

Note: You can Also Split PDF Files on Mac Using This Tool.


This tool is a perfect solution to how to combine PDF files on Mac. You get so many amazing features in this PDF combiner for Mac that give you a professional experience. So if you are someone who deals with a lot of PDFs on daily basis, this is a tool for you.