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How to Import Contacts from Gmail to Thunderbird Without Any Omission of Data?

Stuart Williams | Modified: 2018-10-06T11:25:01+00:00
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With respect to the requirements, most of the users are migrating from their existing email application to another. Though Gmail has maintained a standard interface among its users, the same users have faced data loss issues when their account gets hacked.

On the other hand, Thunderbird is a free desktop-based email application which allows the user to manage and access the data. It is generally observed that most of the users hold more than one email address.

Now, to make things less complex, one can import Gmail data items to Thunderbird. Thus, it makes the data accessibility easy in a single interface .This blog is mainly focused on the process to import contacts from Gmail to Thunderbird using both manual and automated approach.

Manual Tricks to Import Contacts from Gmail to Thunderbird

This process is divided into two parts, first export the Gmail contacts in CSV format and import the exported CSV file to Thunderbird. This approach can help to easily import the Gmail contacts to Thunderbird.

  • Export contacts from Gmail account
  • Import Gmail contacts to Thunderbird

To export the contacts from a Gmail account, follow the below-mentioned steps,

  • Firstly, login to Gmail account from a web browser
  • Select the drop-down arrow next to Gmail and click Contacts
  • gmail

  • After the contacts are loaded, click on More menu and select on the Export option
  • more

  • Choose Outlook CSV format to export the contacts from Gmail account
  • 3

  • Finally, click Export which will export the Gmail contacts to CSV file format

After the export process is successfully done, now import the contacts from Gmail to Thunderbird which is in CSV format. Follow the below-stated steps to implement the same,

  • First of all, launch Thunderbird account from your system, Go to Tools menu and click the Import Option
  • 4

  • Under Import window, click the radio button associated to Address Books
  • 5

  • Then, click Next to import the contacts from Gmail to Thunderbird
  • Now, select the file type as Text file and click on the Next button as shown below,
  • 6

  • Navigate the exported CSV file from Gmail account and click on the Open button
  • Now, Thunderbird will merge all the Gmail contacts lists information
  • Finally, click OK to complete the import process
  • Upon successful completion, click Finish when the process is done
  • This approach lets a user import contacts from Gmail to Thunderbird in a short period of time

Alternative Method- Using Professional Tool

In order to import contacts from Gmail to Thunderbird, one can use the manual method which is simple and easy to operate. However, due to complex steps, naive users tend to fail using the manual method. This can be resolved using Mac Gmail Backup tool. It is an efficient and remarkable utility which backup emails from a single Gmail account on Mac OS X. In addition, this tool allows to backup Gmail emails to multiple file formats such as EML, PST, MBOX, MSG and EMLX. Furthermore, Date filter allows to archive data from selective a date range. It also generates a report in CSV format after the backup process is completed.

Working of Mac Gmail Backup Software

  • Download and install MAC Gmail Backup tool on your system
  • Open the software and provide the Gmail credentials and click Login
  • 7

  • Out of the various file formats option, select MBOX file format to export
  • Click MBOX radio button to convert Gmail data items to MBOX file format
  • 8

  • Click Browse and navigate the desired folder into which the MBOX file will be saved
  • Apply filters helps to add a customized filter which gets applied to the resultant MBOX file
  • 9

  • Click Start to begin the export process
  • 10

  • Once the process is successfully completed, the converted files are saved on the destination folder
  • Now, open Apple mail, go to File>>Import Mailboxes option
  • 11

  • Under Import wizard, choose Files in mbox format option and click Continue
  • 12

  • Then, select the converted MBOX file and click Choose
  • Once the files are successfully imported, all the MBOX file which is imported can viewed on the Apple Mail

The above steps describe the process to convert the Gmail data to MBOX format and import the same MBOX file to a Mac Mail.

Procedure to Import MBOX Files to Thunderbird

  • The below steps describes the process to import the converted MBOX file to a Thunderbird profile
  • Under Files mbox import wizard, choose the desired option and click OK
  • 13

  • Browse the exported MBOX file which means, import the contacts from Gmail to Thunderbird account
  • After the MBOX file is imported, all the Gmail data items can be seen on Thunderbird


A user by reading this blog can easily import contacts from Gmail to Thunderbird account without any hassle using the manual approach. For a user with a large number of Gmail contacts, it would be pretty difficult to import the same to a Thunderbird profile. Hence, this limitation can be overcome using Gmail backup tool. It is perfect software to backup Gmail emails to multiple file formats. It also provides an option to delete the downloaded emails which help to increase the server space.