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How to Delete Multiple Files from Google Drive Permanently?

Published By Chirag Arora
Approved By Anuraag Singh
Published On June 11th, 2024
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Either your “Google Drive storage is full” or “Google Drive not working on Mac” — both issues are capable of causing inefficiency. Especially, if you manage documents and files on cloud storage. To get rid of this pesky problem, delete multiple files from Google Drive is one of the go-to choices for seamlessly organizing the clutter-free folders of Drive storage.

Google Drive storage is the most powerful platform to access data online from various devices. It lets users save, upload, or share their documents across different devices. Unfortunately, the shared storage of 15 GB slowly fills due to large files, videos, Google Photos, Gmail, and more.

Once the space is filled; it will automatically display warning messages to free up the storage to access the data. Many of you have a similar question: how can I delete all files from Google Drive? Read this technical tutorial to learn the best tips to clean your Drive storage at once.

Why is My Google Drive Storage Keeps Filling Up?

If you’re frequently receiving alert messages that Google Account Storage is Full? Certainly, it prevents users from accessing the cloud data. Additionally, it offers unwanted disruption and stress, especially for those users who stored hundreds of files on this platform. Now, if you have a question- why my Google Drive says storage is getting full, here are the top reasons:-

  • The 15 GB free storage is shared among Gmail, Drive, and Google Photos.
  • Upload and share high-quality videos & photos via Google Photos.
  • Creating or saving documents in Google Sheets, Docs, Slides, Drawings, Forms, and more.
  • Uploading and syncing large files such as PDFs, attachments, and other documents.

Why Delete Multiple Files from Google Drive? Possible Reasons

There are multiple reasons behind delete files from Google Drive permanently. Cleaning files from Drive Storage offers several benefits to users. Here are listed reasons behind deleting folders or files from Google Drive:-

  • Since Google Drive serves limited storage, therefore, deleting unwanted files can add relief and provide space to manage the data.
  • Removing photos and videos is one of the go-to tips for decluttering the Drive storage, making it easier to organize or find important files.
  • A cluttered-free Google Drive account is capable of improving performance and speed up the efficiency of workflow and management.
  • The practice of delete multiple files from Google Drive allows users to streamline their storage and prevent unnecessary confusion.
  • Removing redundant and duplicate files motivates Drive users to efficiently access the data irrespective of any tampering or alteration.

Overall, these are the common reasons behind deleting files from Google Drive storage. Now, seeking how to remove all files from Google Drive. In the following section, we will guide you with easy tips to remove Drive files from different devices.

How Can I Remove All Files from My Drive Storage Using Web Browser?

Wondering how to delete files from Google Drive permanently using the browser. Here are the easy and simple ways to remove files and folders from Drive. Now, let’s move down to follow the step guidance:-

  1. Sign in to your Drive account on any browser.
  2. Switch to My Drive and select multiple files by pressing down Command on macOS & Ctrl on Windows.
  3. After selecting files, hit the bin icon i.e. Delete option.

Well, in just three quick ways anyone can clean files from their Google Drive account. Now, looking for how to delete multiple files from Google Drive using Android devices. Then, dive into the next section to learn the steps.

How to Remove Google Drive Files from Android Device?

Users frequently search for methods to delete files from Google Drive permanently using their mobile devices. Here are the detailed steps for removing the files from my Drive:-

  1. Open your Google Drive application on any Android phone.
  2. Now, choose all the unnecessary files or folders.
  3. To remove files, click on the three dots from the right corner.
  4. After this, scroll down and tap on Remove.
  5. Hence, these files will move to the trash folder.

Important Tip:- Putting the files on Google Drive Trash folders helps to delete all files automatically after 30 days. Once the file is removed permanently from the Trash bin, there is no way to retrieve them.

How Can I Delete Multiple Files from Google Drive on PC/ Computer?

To delete files from Google Drive storage using a PC or laptop. Read the simple steps to delete all files at once:-

  1. On your computer, download the Google Drive App.
  2. Select the redundant files > right-click and tab on the Trash icon.
  3. Once completed in 30 days, the files will automatically be deleted forever.

Pro Tip:- What happens when put a file in Trash bin:

  • If you’ve created the file then, others will access it until the file is deleted permanently.
  • If you’re not the owner then, after emptying the trash, others will continue to access the files.

How Can I Remove Google Drive Files from iPad & iPhone?

Previously, we have learned the ways to delete multiple files from Google Drive using a web browser or computer. Now, if you’re wondering about ways to remove unwanted files from Drive storage via iPhone or iPad. So, follow the below-listed steps:-

  1. Open the Drive app on your iPad & iPhone.
  2. Choose the necessary files and then, click on three vertical dots.
  3. From the drop-down menu, hit on Remove.

Moving the Google Drive files to trash folders is not the complete solution when it comes to managing the space. As the Trash bin keeps the data for 30 days and then deletes it forever. Now, searching for how to remove files from Google Drive permanently. Fortunately, the next section will guide you on the simple ways to do it easily.

How Do I Delete Files from Google Drive Permanently?

Emptying your Trash folder is commonly known as deleting Google Drive files permanently. In this case, after removing the files prevent other users from accessing the data if the owner has deleted it forever. Here are the detailed steps and instructions to delete files permanently.

  • On Android
  1. From the upper left corner, select Menu.
  2. Move to Trash and then, click on three vertical dots.
  3. At last, hit Delete Forever.
  4. If you want to delete all files from Trash, go to Trash.
  5. Go to the More option and move the cursor to Empty Trash.

Pro Tip:- Before performing the steps to permanently delete files, ensure you don’t want them later.

  • On Computer
  1. Sign in to the Google Drive app on your computer.
  2. From the top left, tap on Trash.
  3. To delete multiple files from Google Drive > hit Empty Trash.

Important:- To remove individual files: choose any file > select Trash > press Delete Forever.

  • On iPhone & iPad
  1. Move to Menu bar > click on Trash.
  2. Select Trash > click on More.
  3. Lastly, switch on Empty Trash.

How Can I Remove Duplicate Files in Google Drive?

Removing duplicates serves as an effective practice for making the data tidy and away from any clutter. Often unknowingly users create duplicate files of original documents, filling up the storage space. Now, follow the steps to de-duplicate Google Drive files:-

  1. Sign in to your Google Drive account using your laptop, mobile, browser, or any device.
  2. Preview files on list view and then, check all the duplicate files with numbers in the bracket.
  3. Perform right-click > hit Remove.

FAQs – Delete Multiple Files from Google Drive

Q. How do I delete Google Drive files faster?

Follow the quick steps to remove all redundant Drive files at once:-

  1. Open your Google Drive app on any device.
  2. Select the unwanted files > tab on three vertical dots.
  3. Choose Remove from the drop-down list.
  4. Go to Trash bin > click on More.
  5. Lastly, tab on Empty Trash.

Q. How can I delete multiple files in Google Drive storage?

Read the below steps to delete multiple files from Google Drive at once:-

  1. Sign in to your Google Drive using your PC/ computer.
  2. Pick multiple files while holding the “Control” key on Windows and the “Command” key for Mac OS.
  3. Lastly, tab on Delete from the top menu.
The Bottom Line

Google Drive is a robust and popular platform for keeping data on cloud storage. However, the issue of storage getting full prevents users from accessing their files or documents. Taking guidance from the above-listed tips, anyone can delete multiple files from Google Drive storage. Additionally, these are 6 simple yet free ways to remove files from the Drive account irrespective of any loss.

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