Privacy Policy

MacWareTools is an intuitive platform that helps to keep your data private and what you have shared with us. We do not sell, distribute, or rent any information either related to you or the purchases that are made by with us. We will only use your information to increase our website usage with your effective permissions.

Information Gathered by the Customer

We are not collecting any personal data without your prior consent. You can freely browse our official site without sharing the personal information. Your data is only needed when you place an order with us and for this, you have to login at our support center. We just need your name and email address in response to your query upon a particular product. We are using different types of firewalls and access control procedures to get rid of an unauthorized access. This collected information will remain safe with the package of confidentiality and integrity algorithms.

Where We Use Collected Information

There are following conditions when we get the crucial information:

Online Order: When you purchase a product then, you need to share some personal information. And we will send you the confirmation message on your email id.

Technical Support: When you want to ask something related to our product at the same time you have to deliver your personal information. Here, you should provide the email address for allowing Technical support executive to give you the response.

Electronic Email Message: When permission has been submitted via newsgroup desk permission, we will send you an email message. These will provide you awareness of available discounts on our products.

Survey and Contest: We request you to provide all information to conduct a survey or contest. The information that involves your name, shipping address, and a demographic data. Further, it is only to inform the contest winner if they require the contact details.