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Know-How to Extract Certain Pages From PDF in Preview Application

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This article will show you how to extract certain pages from PDF in Preview application and then, with automated software to split PDF.

Talking about Mac Preview, there is no particular option to extract pages from a PDF file. But, you can always move PDF pages or copy a page from one PDF to another in the Preview application.

Let me educate you how!

  • To move pages in a PDF: Select View > Thumbnails or View > Contact Sheet, then drag the thumbnails/ pages to their new destination.
  • To Copy a page from a PDF to another: In each PDF file, choose View > Thumbnails or View > Contact Sheet, then drag pages/ thumbnail from one PDF file to the other.

I hope these manual solutions help you to achieve your goals. But if you want to extract pages from PDF and make a new PDF file out of them, then you need to look for a professional solution.

Professional Solutions to How to Extract Pages From PDF on Mac

For this, either you can use the Adobe Acrobat Pro application or an affordable yet MORE efficient automated tool that is MacWareTools PDF Splitter & Merger for Mac.

Using Adobe Acrobat Pro DC

>> After opening the PDF file in the Acrobat application, click on Tools > Organize Pages
Look for the Organize Pages toolset in the secondary toolbar.

>> Click on the Extract button. A new toolbar will get displayed with the options specific to the Extract process.

>> To specify the range of pages that you want to extract, You can choose Even Pages, Odd Pages, Landscape Pages, Portrait Pages, or All Pages, or you can enter the page number.

> You can do one or more of the given options before you click the Extract button:

  • To generate a PDF of a single page for each extracted page, select “Extract Pages As Separate Files”.
  • To create a single PDF file that includes all of the extracted pages, leave both check boxes empty.

MacWareTools Automated Software

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> Click “Add Files” to browse PDF files or “Add Folder” to add the folder containing several PDF files. Select the “Split” radio button. You can choose to skip attachments in result files. Also, restricted PDF can be processed without permission password but document open password will be required for user protected PDF files. Then, click on Next.

The software provides six options for splitting/ extracting pages from PDF files. These are:

  • Page Number
  • Each Page
  • Page Range
  • Size (MB)
  • Even Pages
  • Odd Pages

> Choose an option at your convenience. Finally, click on the “Split” button.

Extract Pages From PDF on Mac

See Full Steps Here: Split Pages from PDF File

What All Have been Discussed

Here I have discussed the solution to how to extract certain pages from PDF in Preview. Although there is no exact way of “Extract” process. You can either move or copy the pages of one PDF file to another. To generate a new PDF file of extracted pages you can either use Adobe Acrobat PRO DC or go for an automated tool mentioned above.