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Export Option Greyed Out in Mac Outlook – Go for Alternate Way

Published By Satyam Jha
Approved By Anuraag Singh
Published On January 5th, 2024
Reading Time 7 Minutes Reading
Import/export option greyed out Outlook 365 Mac

Microsoft recently launched New Outlook for Mac with some latest feature and security patches. Some crucial features are in Coming Soon queue, Import and Export are two of them. It clearly indicates that New Outlook for Mac will neither let you archive emails nor import PST and OLM file. So, let us discuss how to bypass the New Outlook for Mac export export greyed out issue.

Outlook 365 user can scroll down to understand the other factures that causes Import/Export option greyed out issue. Let us find understand the Microsoft’s take on Import/Export greyed out issue. But before that, understand all features that are in Coming Soon queue.

new outlook for mac export greyed out

Read detailed information on Microsoft’s Official Page

Microsoft’s Guidelines for Import/Export Greyed Out Issue

Microsoft suggested New Mac Outlook user’s to Revert to Legacy Outlook to enable Import and Export option. Here legacy Outlook means prior version of Mac Outlook i.e. Mac Outlook 2019. This can be helpful for small size database, but for large size database it is not wise to revert to legacy Outlook.

Apart from this, user’s New Outlook for Mac accounts will not added to your legacy Outlook. It means users have to configure email account again in legacy Outlook with IMAP protocol. But IMAP configuration ensure to sync only emails with attachments. What about Contacts, Calendars, Task, all these will not be synced in legacy Outlook or vice versa.

Here I would suggest all Mac Outlook users to fist archive your Mac Outlook mailbox and then try New Outlook for Mac. For this we have developed an advance solution that can easily export Mac Outlook mailbox along with all attributes in different email file formats (PST, MBOX, EMLX, EML, MSG) and document file formats (CSV, PDF, HTML, ICS, VCF, TXT).

We can say that we have alternate solution for Outlook for Mac export greyed out issue. Simply use this software and easily export Mac Outlook mailbox even the export option greyed out.

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Note: In case any issue, we provide 24X7 support. Try this secure solution to avoid New Outlook for Mac export greyed out issue.

Get Complete Guide for Mac Outlook 365 Import/Export Greyed Out Issues

“I’ve been using Microsoft 365 for the last five years and have recently started working on the new Outlook on my Macbook. I love the features and easy-to-access interface, but one problem doesn’t let me work perfectly – the import/export option greyed out Outlook 365 Mac. I need the perfect solution to resolve this issue and will appreciate all the help!”

We all know Microsoft 365 is the family of cloud-based productivity services owned by Microsoft, having apps like Outlook, Word, Excel and others. Mac users have recently upgraded to a completely revamped Outlook – the New Outlook for Mac – packed with new features and a more pleasant interface.

If you are one of the new Outlook for Mac users looking for solutions, you’ve landed at the right place! Since we are discussing the new Outlook for Mac, let’s begin with some newly added features in this version.

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New Mac Outlook 365 – Features Offered By Microsoft

We will now describe some of the new features of Outlook for Mac in the following points:

  • Availability Status – Users can apply Working Elsewhere as availability status on the calendars for events and appointments.
  • Enhanced Event Scheduling – Outlook users can create new events by choosing a time block in the right-side calendar grid. They can directly add event details, attendees and other details in the mini-calendar. What makes this feature marvelous is the availability status of the event attendees in the mini-calendar.
  • Email Response in the Reading Pane – Users can reply to emails without a new compose window. Select Reply or use Command + R shortcut to reply directly from the message.

You may be worried about the import/export option not being featured in the new highlights. But don’t lose hope, as Microsoft is currently working on developing it, and it will get active soon.

Solutions To Resolve Import/Export Option Greyed Out Outlook 365 Mac Issue!

There is no benefit in scratching your head to find the solution to resolve this issue on your Outlook 365 account. Microsoft hasn’t offered any temporary solution for this problem, and we will discuss the best solutions here!

Manual Solution to fix Import/export option greyed out Outlook 365 Mac issue

Turning back to the older version of Outlook 365 on your Mac computer is the only manual answer to this issue. Missing out on the new features may look bad, but it is the best choice for you to import and export your Outlook 365 data on Mac.

Follow these steps to return to the current version of Outlook:

  • Log into your Outlook 365 account on your Mac computer.
  • Select Revert to Legacy Outlook under Help to return to the older version.

You can now use the Import/Export feature on the previous edition to send your data in and out of your Outlook 365 profile.

Features in the new Outlook 365 Mac may stop you from using the older version, but it’s better to use it for importing and exporting data while Microsoft works on rolling out the option in the new version as soon as possible.

Professional Solution

An automated tool is the best way to fix the Import/export option greyed out Outlook 365 Mac problem while using the new version. The tool we are mentioning here.

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This software resolves the import/export option greyed out issue. Some of its features are:

  • The tool automatically uploads Mac Outlook/Office 365 profiles/identities.
  • File naming feature to save emails in formats like PDF and MSG.
  • Merge contacts and calendar events into a single vCard and ICS file.
  • Works on Mac Outlook 2019, 2016, and 2011 profiles.

These steps will describe the process to solve Import/export option greyed out Outlook 365 Mac issue with the tool:

1. Download the tool on your Mac computer and launch it.

Software interface
2. Select the Auto Locate Mac Outlook 2019/16/Office 365 Profiles option (since we are discussing Outlook 365) and click Next to add the data file.

Select the Auto Locate Mac Outlook 2019/16/Office 365 Profiles option
3. Click Scan to begin the profile scanning process. The scanning process may take time, depending on the profile size.

Outlook 365 Mac profile scanning process to solve Import/export option greyed out
4. Choose PST as the export format (since we can import it to the older version) after the scanning process gets over. Select Maintain Folder Hierarchy to secure data integrity during the export process.
Select PST as the export format
5. Apply desirable settings on the resultant PST file by clicking the Advanced Settings box.

Apply PST file settings
6. Use the Change box to choose a desirable location for the PST file and click the Export button to begin the data recovery (or export) process.
Click Export to solve the Import/export option greyed out Outlook 365 Mac issue
7. Switch to the older Mac Outlook version (as described in the Manual solution) to add the exported PST file to your account.


Microsoft updates Outlook on both Windows and Mac operating systems again and again. Outlook 365 users on Apple have switched to the recently released New Outlook for Mac, packed with features increasing users’ productivity. However, this new version faces the Import/export option greyed out Outlook 365 Mac issue. The only manual solution is to turn to the older version to use the import/export feature. Hence, the software described in this blog becomes the best solution to fix this problem on Outlook 365.