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MAC Preview Won’t Combine PDFs – Get The Solution

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If your Mac Preview won’t combine PDFs, there can be many reasons. It can be any technical problem with your Preview application. You can always contact the Apple support team and discuss the problem with them. In this article, I won’t be discussing the reasons why it happened but I will provide the best alternate solution to effortlessly join multiple PDF files. I will introduce you to the best PDF Combine Software for Mac.

But sometimes there can be improper handling of PDF pages while dragging the pages to merge them. For this, drag the thumbnail (or PDF page) to the above or below of the other thumbnail pane, and a divider line may appear. To ensure the proper insertion, do not drag the thumbnail beyond the divider line.”

If You Want to Know Full Steps…Follow These Steps Below:

WARNING: Before making any changes, keep the copy of the original PDFs, click on File > Duplicate to create a copy of the PDF files before combining them.

>> Open the PDFs you want to combine using Mac Preview.

>> In each PDF, click on View > Thumbnails to unveil the page thumbnails in the sidebar.

>> Drag the PDF page/ thumbnails you want to join to the thumbnail sidebar in the other PDF document. Click Command-key to select non-adjacent thumbnails.

You can insert thumbnails/ pages to the end of the PDF document or between the pages. You can always drag thumbnails/ pages to rearrange them.

Tip: To join an entire PDF file to the beginning or end of another PDF document, drag the PDF icon in the Finder to the sidebar of an already opened document.

Best Alternate Solution: PDF Combine Software For MAC

Well, this tool is perfect if you are looking for a professional solution that is quite affordable. PDF Combine Software for MAC will effortlessly merge PDF files in less than 5 seconds.

You will be able to provide the page range of a PDF file that you want to join in another PDF file or to its provided page range. This is the perfect tool as it can handle multiple PDF files at once.

You can download the tool’s free version here and try it yourself!

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Now let us get to its working steps!

1-Step: After installing the Mac tool, choose the “Merge” option and then click on the “Add Files” to add multiple PDF documents or “Add Folder” to add the complete folder containing PDF files. Click Next.

2-Step: Here you can select any merge option as you like. Also, choose to create a new PDF file or add in the existing PDF. Click “Merge”.
Note: The original PDFs will be retained.

preview won't combine pdfs- solution

See how easy and effortless this tool is!

See Full Steps here: How to Combine PDFs on Mac

Hence Solved: Preview Won’t Combine PDFs

If you are experiencing any technical problems with the Preview application on your Mac, kindly contact the Apple Support team. While dragging the PDF thumbnail make sure it does not go beyond the divider line. But if you want a professional solution nothing comes before this PDF combine software.