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Combine PDF files on Mac in 3 Simple Ways

Published By Chirag Arora
Approved By Anuraag Singh
Published On May 20th, 2024
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Are you finding it troublesome to combine PDF files on Mac? If yes, then this blog will solve all your queries related to this issue.

PDF serves as a standard file format in the digital age for seamlessly sharing data across the web or email. Today, PDFs are the independent source for managing, reviewing, and editing multiple files. Merging PDF files adds convenience and efficiency to share and organize the files in one go. Users often face problems in merging PDF files and as a result, they search for ways to combine PDFs.

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Why Merge PDF Files on Mac?

The purpose to combine PDF files on Mac refers to compiling many files into one document. Some of the advantages are-

  • Quick Sharing:- Merging documents offers instant sharing and accessing the information.
  • Easy File Management:- Merging PDF files offers easy organization of data. 
  • Instant Printing:- Having a single document enables users to easily print selective documents and saves a lot of time.

Overall, these are the major benefits of merging multiple PDF files into a single PDF file. Now, below are the methods you can use to effectively merge PDF files on Mac.

Combine PDF files on Mac using Preview

We can merge PDF files with the built-in feature of Mac OS machine i.e. Preview tool. Follow the steps to proceed-

Step 1. Open Preview and go to View.

Step 2. Select Thumbnails to view the pages on the sidebar.

Step 3. Now, Choose the thumbnail pages where you need to insert the PDF.

Step 4. Navigate to the Edit tab > click Insert, and then Page from files.

Step 5. From the pop-up box, click on “Open” and choose the PDFs to be merged.

Step 6. Click on File and save the merged file & press Export.

Note:- The common reason behind not recommending this solution is that users get confused while applying these steps and it ends with a mess up in formatting or even loss of data. Also, it offers a lack of advanced features to combine PDF preview Mac.

How to Merge PDF files on Mac Using Adobe Reader?

The second approach is to combine PDF files on Mac via Adobe Reader. Let’s move down to  the step-by-step guide:-

Step 1. Launch Adobe Reader on your Mac.

Step 2. Go to File and click on Create PDF Online.

Step 3. Now, Upload the PDF files along with Adobe Reader ID.

Your files will be combined and you can save a copy by selecting Retrieve PDF file.

Note:- Adobe Reader is a free tool to install; however, to perform some advanced functionality, users need to opt for standard or paid versions. Besides this, it is a secure and seamless solution to quickly merge the PDF data while mitigating the complexities issues.

Join PDF files on Mac with Terminal

Terminal is the command line of macOS and it can be used to merge PDF files on Mac, as it is quick and quite straightforward. Follow the steps below to proceed-

Step 1. Open Terminal in the Utilities folder or, Cmd+ Space

Step 2. Use the ‘cd’ command to navigate to the directory of the PDF files. E.g. If PDF files are on the desktop, type cd Desktop

Step 3.  To combine PDF files into a single file, use the ‘pdfunite’ command. E.g. pdfunite input1.pdf input2.pdf output.pdf

Note- Replace ‘input1.pdf’ and ‘input2.pdf’ with the names of the PDF files and ‘output.pdf’ with the desired merging file. 

Step 4. Press Enter to execute the command.

Additional Method

Users can use MacWareTools PDF File Merger to combine PDF files on Mac as it is one of the effective and standalone solutions to merge PDF files. This pro utility offers several benefits including no file size limitation, allowing page range, and keeping the exact structure of the folders.


In summary, we have discussed some simple approaches to combine PDF files on Mac. The rest of the methods bring unprecedented challenges for users to merge multiple PDF data at once. I would recommend you go with the professional method as it is one of the best go-to ways to quickly merge PDF files without disturbing the text formatting and layout. Besides this, it enables users to maintain the folder structure and integrity of the data at once.

Put Questions, Get Simple Answers!

Q. Does Microsoft have a PDF merge tool?

Yes, Microsoft doesn’t offer a built-in PDF merge tool in its Office suite. You can merge PDF files using third-party software or online services. There are several PDF editing tools available that can handle merging tasks, like Adobe Acrobat.

Q. Can you merge the PDF for free?

Yes, there are several free options available for merging PDF files. You can use online PDF merging services. These services allow you to upload multiple PDF files, arrange them in the desired order, and merge them into a single PDF file at no cost.

Q. What is the Google app for PDF merger?

Google itself doesn’t provide a specific app dedicated solely to merging PDF files. However, you can achieve PDF merging using Google Drive, Google’s cloud storage service.

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