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How to Split PDF Pages on Mac? – Easy Ways

Published By Satyam Jha
Approved By Anuraag Singh
Published On May 20th, 2024
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Do you want to split PDF pages on Mac? Do you have a PDF document that only needs some odd pages to use? If yes, and you are looking for a solution, here is the answer. This article will give you all the possible answers related to this particular query.

We use PDF files for sharing crucial data. The PDF file format is considered a safe and secure form to save data. Almost every user uses a PDF file to store their data, But sometimes, situations arise where users might need to share a particular set of data with someone. Well, in that case, splitting PDF pages on Mac becomes a necessity.

Table Of Contents:

Reasons to Separate Odd and Even Pages in PDF 

There can be multiple situations where a user might have to Split PDF pages on Mac, such as:

  • Printing Efficiency: Splitting pages allows easier handling during printing, especially for double-sided printing, reducing the risk of errors.
  • Document Organization: The user can maintain a clear structure in lengthy documents.
  • Focused Editing: Users get an easy way to edit a set of pages, which will be less time-consuming.
  • Document Security: When we split Odd and Even Pages in PDF, it enhances document security, keeping the users’ sensitive data safe.

How to Split PDF Pages on Mac? – Methods

It is a challenge to extract odd and even pages in PDF. But, not if you have the right solutions,  Here are some methods with a step-by-step guide that will help you split even and odd pages in PDF separately.

Using Adobe Acrobat to Separate Odd and Even Pages in PDF

Follow the steps given below- 

Step 1. Open the PDF file in Adobe Acrobat Reader.

Step 2. Go to “Print”, and select “More Options”.

Step 3. Choose “Odd pages only” and select “Print to PDF”.

Save the file with a name indicating Odd pages (e.g. ‘DocumentName_Odd.pdf’).

Now, repeat the process by choosing “Even pages only” and save the file with a name indicating even pages.

Split PDF pages on Mac via Preview 

Follow the steps given below to proceed-

Step 1. Open the PDF in Preview.

Step 2. Click on “View” and select “Thumbnails”.

Step 3. Click on the first-page thumbnail and select it. Then, click on the command key and select the odd pages.

Step 4. Copy the selected pages and create a new document by clicking on “File” and then, “New from Clipboard”.

A new document will be created containing all the odd pages. You can repeat the same process, selecting the even pages this time and saving them in another document to separate odd and even pages in PDF.


While splitting all the information in bulk, it is very important that none of your precious data gets lost. For that, you may require a professional software solution. You can use MacWareTools PDF Splitter Software for Mac to Split PDF pages on Mac. The tool provides features to split into pages, numbers, ranges, odd and even pages, etc. This application can perform the entire task on your Mac without any chances of data loss.


There are multiple situations where you may be required to use or share some particular information from PDF. Therefore, it becomes necessary to separate odd and even pages in PDF separately. To ease your pain, I have shared some simple methods that would help you Split PDF pages on Mac without any further issues.

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