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Know the Solution Why is My AOL Email Not Working on Mac

Published By Chirag Arora
Approved By Anuraag Singh
Published On September 13th, 2022
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Are you surfing the Internet for an eminent solution to solve AOL email not working on Mac mail account? Do not worry! Read this write-up and get the multiple techniques to fix AOL mail stopped working on Mac desktop platform issue. Stay connected!

Among the many email clients available for different operating systems and offered by different companies, AOL mail is one of them. But the AOL account that stores many important emails and other items is very common. This makes managing emails a bit tricky. So, what can a user do in this kind of situation?

However, just like you, most users prefer Apple mail account to fix such issue. But what if  you’re unable to add AOL account to Mac mail on any Mac desktop? So today, after considering this problem, we came up with this write-up to get rid of this issue.

However, proceed further and read all the segment to understand this topic in depth.

AOL Mail User’s Scenario

I have been looking for a solution for a long time to solve AOL email not working on Mac problem. A few days ago, it was working correctly on my Mac machine. Even, I have already tried to add the account manually, but when I select IMAP it fails. Now, I can’t process this task further to use those emails in Apple mail account. So, please suggest me an instant method to fix this problem as soon as possible. Thanks in advance.
Hey, I’m a AOL mail user, however it is a webmail account. So, I have decided to switch into Apple mail account on my Mac machine. But, when I tried to login, it shows error every time, eventually I’m unable to add AOL account to Mac mail. I have plenty of emails that are important and need to review them for some further work. It would be great if anyone suggest me to a professional solution to resolve it.

Just like these users, there must me multiple AOL users who are having the same issue. So, for you all we are here with a proven and tested solution.

Fix ‘AOL Email Not Working on Mac’ Issue Professionally

After reading the above-mentioned user’s real-time query. You can understand that the free solution does not have the ability to provide you an expected outcome. But do not worry, using the ‘Mac AOL Backup Software’ you can easily get rid of this issue. With the help of this application, you can fix the unable to add AOL email account to Mac mail. Likewise, this standalone utility will let you the process without any data loss.

This software is easy to know the process of AOL download all attachments on machine. Moreover, you can operate this utility on any Windows machine as well. It extensively supports all editions of both the operating machine. In fact, it does not matter what version you’re currently working on, this software works on all versions of Mac OS.

Here, we will disclose the steps to resolve this issue. Let’s have a look.

Are Unable to Add AOL Account to Mac Mail? Get Simple Solution

To Fix this problem you can simply go with a few manual methods on your Mac desktop, like-

  • Verify Account Settings Once Again –  If you are having the same issue then there are chances that you have put wrong credentials, or applied wrong settings. Therefore, you can just verify your account settings once again, or enter the AOL mail password once again.
  • Make Sure to Refresh the Mailbox – If after verifying the settings you are still having the issue, then you can refresh your Apple mail account. So, refresh it and check if the AOL mail working or not.

But if none of these manual tactics works well, then we suggest you to opt the above mentioned software. Here, to resolve the AOL email not working on Mac mail issue, we have divided the connecting procedure into two different parts. You have to follow both of them to execute the process successfully. In the first step, you need to take out all the emails from AOL emails in a Apple mail based file format. For that, you can take the help of the mentioned software to download AOL emails to computer. After getting the file, you can easily add AOL account to Apple mail.

When you get the resultant file in a Mac mail supported file format you will get all the data as earlier. So, to know this entire procedure go through with the upcoming section.

#Part 1: Export AOL Account Emails to MBOX

If you’re unable to add AOL account to Mac mail then firstly download the mentioned software. Follow the steps to resolve this  query on any version of Mac machine-

  • First of all, add AOL mail credentials and login to your account

unable to add AOL account to Mac mail

  • From the appeared screen, select MBOX format & Apply filters option


  • Here, tap the Incremental Backup option to prevent any future uncertainties


  • After that, hit the Change button to securely get all emails on your respective machine


  • Finally, tap the Start Backup option to initiate the process, you will get notified for the completion of the process.


After executing the part 1, you will get an output file in MBOX file format. Now, follow the upcoming part 2 to complete this procedure.

#Part 2: Import AOL Email to Mac Mail

1. Start Mac Mail and press the file, then choose Import Mailboxes
2. From the import wizard, choose the Files in MBOX radio button and click the Continue button to continue.
3. Choose the file created in part 1 and click the Choose button.
4. When you click the Choose button, a new pop-up wizard will appear on your screen indicating the path of the chosen data file.
5. Finally, click Done to finish connecting both the accounts on Mac OS.

Final Words

After implementing the solutions mentioned above, you can solve AOL email not working on Mac issue. But please note that the free method always have some limitations. So, in this situation, it’s better to go with the solution suggested above. The tool is specially programmed for AOL account emails, that can work on all Mac machine without data loss. After getting the file through this tool you will understand what to do when you’re unable to add AOL account to Mac mail. Hence, choose this software without a second thought and make the best out of it.

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