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Apple Mail Not Working on Mac – 7 Easy Tips to Fix the Error

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Published On June 26th, 2024
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Apple Mail —one of the terrific email clients for Mac OS users. It offers some of the top-notch yet advanced for effective email management. Unfortunately, the issue of Apple Mail not working on Mac certainly causes a complete disruption of productivity and workflow. Further, it prevents Mac Mail users from seamlessly accessing their mailbox items.

Many of you might get frustrated when dealing with this pesky issue. However, reading this article will provide some of the simple yet manual troubleshooting guidance to fix this problem. Further, we will list the reason behind facing this difficulty. Now, let’s walk into the discussion.

What are the Consequences of If Mac Mail Stopped Connecting With Mac?

Before delving to understand the troubleshooting steps, let’s first find out the impact of Apple Mail not working on Mac OS. The uncertain consequences of this problem include missing out on important meeting emails, skipping meeting updates, and most importantly, barriers to making smooth communication.

The outcomes of the issue bring challenges for both professional and business users, offering delays in email responses. However, multiple reasons let Mac users experience this issue. Now, seeking the causes of “why my Apple Mail not opening on Mac” so, move down to the next section to closely understand it.

Why Does My Apple Mail Not Working on Mac? Common Reasons

Facing the issue of Apple Mail won’t open on Mac Sonoma, Ventura, Big Sur, and below editions. There are various factors incorporated with this issue. Here, we have created a curated list of potential reasons, read them thoroughly.

  • Poor Internet Connectivity:- It is one of the basic issues that generally causes the problem of Mac Mail stopped working on macOS. Many users are ignorant when cross-checking their network connection. Eventually, it certainly offers the compatibility issue of not opening or working Apple Mail on Mac machine.
  • Apple Mail Gets Crashes:- Often the software glitches unable Mac users to connect with their Apple Mail inbox. In this case, users might experience the issue of Mac Mail stopping or not loading on macOS. Additionally, the corrupt files of the mailbox are yet another factor causing the issue.
  • Lack of Updation:- As we have already mentioned multiple factors offer incompatibility issues. Using the outdated application also leads to Apple Mail not working on Mac OS. Therefore, ensure that you’re working on the up-to-date version of both macOS and Mac Mail.
  • Wrong Mail Settings:- Making changes to mail settings consequently results in preventing the smooth working of Mac Mail on macOS. It mainly happens due to adding incorrect port numbers, syncing errors, and playing with mail rule settings. For untrained eyes, it is essential to first understand the advanced features of Mac Mail.
  • Mac Storage is Full:- Insufficient storage of Mac machines and Apple Mail certainly impacts when it comes to accessing Mac Mail. It also disrupts the receiving and sending of emails on Apple Mail. Unfortunately, Mac users can experience clogging of new email on Mac Mail.

In a nutshell, these are the prominent reasons behind Apple Mail not working on Mac. This issue can be addressed on any email client. Now, let’s move forward to closely understand the simple troubleshooting step guidance to fix this issue.

7 Easy Ways to Fix Mac Mail Stopped Working on Mac

In this section, we will provide the best manual ways to resolve the issue of Apple Mail won’t open on the Mac system. Following the below step guidance allows users to streamline their mailbox irrespective of any challenges.

Method 1: Check Uninterrupted Connection

Connecting with an uninterrupted internet connection enables users to fix the issue of Apple Mail not working on Mac OS. In this case, users need to reconnect with the working connection. For the same, get turned Off and On the internet to resume the services. With this, Mac users can easily avail the functionalities of Mac Mail.

Method 2: Restart Your Mac Mail

Similar to a network connection, it is another basic troubleshooting guidance for those facing the issue of Mac Mail not loading on macOS. To sort out this difficulty, users can either restart or refresh the Mac Mail to instantly fix the issue. Using this simple guidance can help Mac users to resolve the minor syncing problem.

To refresh the Apple Mail inbox, users need to navigate to their inbox and enter the keys of Command + Shift + N. This will allow users to access the data if there are temporary bugs in the mailbox.

Method 3: Feature of Force Quit

To correct the issue of Mac Mail stopped working on macOS. Users can use another manual troubleshooting guidance i.e. Force Quit the Mac Mail. Here is the quick step-by-step guidance to perform the steps of the Force Quit Application.

  1. Open the Apple Menu, and navigate to Force Quit.
  2. Now, click on the Mail App from the Force Quit Application.
  3. At last, press Force Quit.

Method 4: Update Your macOS and Apple Mail

To mitigate these errors or glitches, ensure working on the latest version of Mac OS and Mail App. Here are the easy ways to check if there is any update on macOS or Apple Mail. Now, read the below steps:-

  1. Navigate to System Preferences > Software Update.
  2. If there is any update, press Update.

Method 5: Review the Mail Rules

Changing the Mail rules means inviting trouble and stress. Unknowingly, users may alter the Rules which may result in chaos in the mailbox. It also causes difficulty in receiving or sending email in Mac Mail. Now, seeking ways to fix the Apple Mail not working on Mac issue. Here are the quick steps to correct the Mail Rules:-

  1. Navigate to Mail and then, click on Preferences.
  2. Select Rules and choose any of the displayed options i.e. Remove or Edit.
  3. With this, users can rebuild the services.

Method 6: Free Up Storage on Mac

If the storage is insufficient then, certainly, the user might experience Apple Mail not opening on Mac. For the same, users need to check the space on their Mac OS. Here are the quick steps to check or manage the storage:-

  1. Select the Apple Logo from the top corner.
  2. After this, click on About This Mac from the menu.
  3. Select the Storage tab and find if the storage is full or not.

Method 7: Mail Server Outage

The issue of Apple Mail won’t open on Mac is quite disturbing. Moreover, it mainly happens with sudden server Outages. In this case, visit the main page of Apple support to check the latest updates and problems related to Apple Mail. Now, if you find any update, then wait for some time to resume the services of Mac Mail.

For more read: know why Gmail not working on Mac.

If Questions, Get Answers!
Q. Why is my Apple Mail not working on Mac OS?

There are multiple factors behind the issue of Mac Mail stopping opening on Mac:-

  1. Apple Mail Server Outage
  2. Use of Outdated Mail Application
  3. Incorrect Mail Rules
  4. Mac Mail Gets Crashes
  5. Apple Mail Storage is Full
Q. How do I fix the working of my Mac Mail?

Mac users can follow the below tips to fix the issue of Apple Mail not working:-

  1. Get Internet Connection
  2. Manage Mac Storage Space
  3. Correct Mail Settings
  4. Update Your Mac Mail
  5. Use the Option of Force Quit
Concluding Words

In conclusion, we have provided some of the best go-to yet simple guidance to fix the issue of Apple Mail not working on Mac. Implementing these troubleshooting tips may help any Mac users resolve the incompatibility issue with Mac Mail. Additionally, users can take backup of their Apple Mail inbox to get seamless accessibility of mailbox data.

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