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Is “Gmail Not Working on Mac OS”? Tips to Fix the Error

Published By Chirag Arora
Approved By Anuraag Singh
Published On May 20th, 2024
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Gmail is one of the most used email clients used for seamless email management. Unfortunately, if addressing the status of “Gmail not working on Mac OS, ” several factors trigger this error. However, the impact of these issues is that anyone is unable to connect or access their emails.

Table of Contents 

  1. Common Reason Behind Gmail Working Issue in Mac OS
  2. Way to Resolve the Error of Gmail Not Working on MacBook
  3. Tips to Fix the Gmail Not Opening on Mac
  4. Read Common Users Queries
  5. Conclusion

To fix this error in Gmail, let’s first find out some common reasons that could be addressing these errors. In this article, we will list the reasons along with the troubleshooting step guidance to resolve these errors. Now, let’s delve into addressing the misconfiguration that happens in the Gmail webmail account.


Why is Gmail Not Opening on Mac OS? Know the Common Reasons

Several possibilities bring working issues with Gmail on macOS. Here are a few factors that may cause the error status of Gmail not working on Mac systems. Now, let’s dive into it.

  • Unstable network connectivity
  • Issue with browser compatibility
  • Setting of Cookies and Cache
  • Ignorant to the System Update
  • Account Configuration Error

Overall, these are potential reasons behind the issue of Gmail not sending emails on MacBook. Now, let’s move to find out the troubleshooting step guidance to restore the functioning of Gmail.

Approaches to Fix Gmail Not Working on Mac Error

In the following section, we will uncover different methods to resolve the issue of Gmail not opening on Mac along with how to access it on Mac Mail. As it enables users to access the mailbox data on other email services. So, let’s delve to understand them closely.

  • Check Internet Stability

To fix the Gmail working error on Mac, users first need to check the network stability. Often the connectivity issue leads to misconfiguration while accessing the webmail account. Hence, users need to diagnose network connections to rebuild the accessibility of Gmail email. Besides this, users can look for recent updates related to the macOS versions.

  • Clear Caches and Update Web Browser if Needed

Another troubleshooting guidance is to clear the cookies and caches. Besides this, users can use different browsers or even update it if necessary. With this, users can resolve the issue of Gmail not working on Mac OS. However, if the error still prevails then, configure the Gmail account on Mac Mail.

  • Update macOS and Apple Mail

Make sure that your operating system and Mail app are up to date.

  1. Open the Apple menu and select System Preferences.
  2. Click on Software Update.
  3. Install updates, if available.
  • Repair Apple Mail Permissions

Repairing disk permissions can sometimes fix issues.

  1. Open Disk Utility from Applications > Utilities.
  2. Select your startup disk and click First Aid.

Additional Tips to Resolve Gmail Not Sending Emails on MacBook Error

As we have already mentioned, users can access the data of Gmail on their Mac Mail account. With this, users easily access the email data irrespective of opening it on Gmail. Here, is the step guidance for the same:-

  1. Login to your Gmail email account while using any browser
  2. Click the gear icon (Settings), select See all settings, and select Forwarding and POP/ IMAP
  3. After this, Add a Forwarding Address and insert the iCloud credentials > Next.
  4. Make sure Enable IMAP is selected.
  5. Press Agree for verification and then, OK.
  6. Now, mark on Forward a copy of the Incoming Mail for migration of data on Mac Mail.
  7. Lastly, hit the Save Changes button.

Point to Remember: The issue of Gmail not working with Apple Mail is a common problem where users cannot access their Gmail data. Multiple factors can cause this error, so it’s essential for users to follow step-by-step guidance to correct any misconfigurations.

Reasons Behind Gmail Not Working in Apple Mail

Similar to the reasons for Gmail not working on Mac, the possible causes behind not working Gmail on Mac Mail include:-

  • Glitches in Email Server
  • Poor Network Connections
  • Restart the Mac OS System
  • Wrong Configuration in IMAP Settings

In a nutshell, these are common causes that enable users to access Gmail emails on Mac Mail. 

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Questions, Know the Answers!

  1. Why am I not getting Gmail emails on Mac?
    Due to multiple factors Gmail not working on Mac i.e. unstable network connectivity, browser issues, wrong configuration in Mac Mail, and other errors.
  2. Can I access my Gmail email account on Mac Mail?
    Yes, users can configure the Gmail account on Mac Mail while configuring the step guidance of IMAP settings or forwarding emails.
  3. How do I fix the issues of Gmail not working with Apple Mail?
    To resolve the error of Gmail not opening in Mac Mail, check updates, and configure the correct settings of the IMAP protocol while accessing the account on Apple Mail.

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Here, we have addressed some common reasons behind the error of Gmail not working on Mac. Besides this, we have encountered a similar error with Mac Mail. However, to overcome these challenges, users can go with the easy solution as it is a secure yet standalone way to back up the data of Gmail emails with all attachments into the required file format.

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