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Archive Outlook.com Emails to Mac System – Guide to Success

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Outlook.com is a popular free webmail emailing service used all around the world. Many among us as well use it for much professional data sharing and business emailing purposes. The archive option in it will move the email to another folder with label Archive. In this article, we will be moving the emails directly to the Mac system and archive Outlook.com emails on the local machine. In the technique below, we will not be using Outlook for Mac application. We will archive the emails of Outlook.com account without the installation os Outlook for Mac.

A new application for Mac users is here for easy backup of emails in the Mac system. One thing you may know is that Outlook.com free account users can directly create a backup of emails in PST format. The Outlook web app has a new mailbox download feature where it will create a copy of emails on user request in PST format.

But what we will do with the PST file in Mac. PST file does not support any of the Mac mail clients, not even in the Outlook for Mac application. This option is useless for Mac users. For them, there is a prominent utility that has proven to be the best for archiving mailbox Items from Outlook.com. Let us get to know about it in the upcoming section.

Archive Outlook.com Emails on Mac with Outlook.com Backup Tool  

The Outlook.com backup tool for mac application gets all of the requested emails and other mailbox items on the Mac machine in the most efficient time. The best thing about it is the efficiency and the effortless task. We don’t have to do much apart from a few clicks on the application to start up the process.

It has multiple formats of download capability such as EML, EMLX, MBOX, MSG, and PST. You can choose the format you want the backup and the output file will be created in that format itself. We will understand more about the utility in the coming sections. At first, let’s discuss the process for downloading Outlook.com emails and its attachments on Mac.

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Steps to Archive Outlook.com Emails on Mac

Step 1: Run the utility on Mac system and login with Outlook.com account.

Step 2: Select the file format and browse a location to save the Output on Mac.

Step 3: Check for Advance Settings to enable the Delete after download option.

Step 4: Click on Start backup button to archive Outlook.com emails on Mac.

As this process completes, you will have the Outlook.com emails moved directly to the Mac machine. Please note that, the emails archived to the Mac system will no longer be available on the Outlook.com account. Now let us get a deep knowledge about the application and the functions it gives away for an easy and effortless job.

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Features of Mac Outlook.com Archive Tool

File Naming Convention: The application is finely designed to keep all the emails searchable when the emails are copied to Mac in single file formats. The format EML, EMLX, and MSG saves the data in single email files. Thus to avoid difficulty in reaching emails, you can set the naming convention as according to you so that each email is easily recognizable.

Email Filtering: Another import functioning of this utility is the email filtering facility. Using this function, anyone can filter the emails within a date range and skip the rest of the data from the archive process. Through this, you get to save what you wanted and does not need to waste time saving all of them.

Archiving Emails to Mac Machine: The Outlook.com backup tool provides an option of Delete after Download. It facilitates the user to move the emails from the Outlook.com account directly to the Mac system. This will download the emails to Mac machine and at the same time remove the emails from the Outlook.com account.

Perform Smooth Archival Process: Many processes are very time consuming and some may even stop due to no network connection. To deal all these issues, the utility have some download process managing functions. The Pause option will discontinue the process and the Resume option will restore the process from where it was discontinued. This way a smooth process is run to archive Outlook.com emails on Mac.

Selective Mail Folder Download: Another profound option in this facility is the email folder selective download. The Mac users can easily include a particular folder or a number of folders to the folder list and the tool will create a copy of the emails from these folders only. No other emails from any other folder is fetched to download on Mac system.

These are some of the amazing features of this application. Now, you might have got an idea on what all you can do with the application and how easily one can archive Outlook.com emails on Mac without using Outlook for Mac application.

Final Words

The Mac users who want to move their Outlook.com emails to the Mac system can now relax. The solution in the article can work without Outlook for Mac application installation to save emails from Outlook.com on Mac. The users wishing to archive Outlook.com emails on Mac hard drive can hook up the article and follow the method.