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How to Convert MBOX to TXT File in Easy Steps

Published By Satyam Jha
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Published On May 27th, 2024
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There are times when users ask about the ways to convert MBOX to TXT files with or without attachments on the internet. So, for that, you will need to have an efficient MBOX to TEXT conversion method. For this, down below are some user queries that would help you understand better.

Regardless of the reason behind this conversion scenario, the fact that converting TXT on Mac is not a simple task. If you have Mozilla Thunderbird, then you can achieve the intended TXT files. Here, you will learn the various methods to do this task with ease. Hence, to know more about them in detail, go through the next section.

MBOX & TXT file on Mac – Comparison

Before learning how to convert MBOX to TXT file on Mac, you must know-

MBOX Format: MBOX is used to store email messages, mostly in clients like Mozilla Thunderbird and Apple Mail. It carries multiple emails into a single file with each email starting with the “From” header and separated by a blank line. The file includes the email text, headers, encoded attachments, and other metadata.

TXT Format: TXT is a standard text file format used for storing plain text without any formatting. It contains unformatted text and can be opened and edited with any text editor. Text format also does not support images, different fonts, or styles.


  • Complexity- MBOX is more complex due to its ability to store multiple emails with metadata and attachments, while TXT is pretty straightforward.
  • Accessibility- TXT files are easily readable and editable on any device, whereas MBOX files typically require specific email clients or viewers.
  • Specialization- MBOX is specialized for email storage, while TXT is versatile for any plain text data.
  • Data Content- MBOX can hold a richer set of data (emails with headers, attachments, etc.), unlike the plain text nature of TXT files.”

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Ways to Convert MBOX to TXT File Format

There are certain methods one can use to export MBOX files in text format. They are mentioned below-

Method 1- Converting TXT file on Mac via TextEdit

Follow the Steps given below-

Step 1. Open the MBOX file in a Text editor and Copy (cmd+C) all the plain text.

Step 2.  Now, Paste (cmd+V) the text in a new file.

Step 3. Lastly, Save the new file with a .txt extension (e.g. emails.txt).

Method 2- Convert MBOX to TXT using Thunderbird

For this method, you must have Mozilla Thunderbird on your Mac, follow the step-by-step guide to proceed-

Step 1. Open Thunderbird and go to the main menu.

Step 2.  Select “Add-ons” and search for “ImportExportTools NG” and install it.

Step 3. Once Installed, restart Thunderbird.

Step 4. Go to “Tools” > “ImportExportTools NG” > “Import MBOX file.”

Step 5. Select the MBOX file you want to import and choose the correct import option.

Now, To Export Emails as Plain Text 

Step 6. After the MBOX file is imported, go to the folder containing the emails and select the emails.

Step 7. Right-click on the message and select Save selected messages” and then, Plain Text” from the context menu.

Step 8. Choose the Destination and your files will be saved in text format.

Method 3- Using Apple Mail to TXT file on Mac 

You can use Apple Mail to convert MBOX to TXT, follow the steps given below-

Step 1. Open Apple Mail and go to File.

Step 2. Select Import Mailboxes and then, select Files in MBOX format and choose the MBOX files you want to import. The emails will be imported into a new folder in “On my Mac”.

Step 3. To export the Emails, select the imported mailbox and go to File.

Step 4. Click on Save As and choose Format: Plain Text.

Step 5. Select a destination to save the text files.

Expert Solution!!

Users can use MBOX Converter for Mac as it allows users to convert multiple MBOX files into TXT file on Mac. It provides you with an option to export multiple MBOX emails into Plain text format. During the conversion, you can choose to keep or delete the MBOX email attachments as per your requirements. Also, it keeps the folder structure intact without any data manipulation.

Observational Verdict

In this article, we discussed ways to convert MBOX to TXT process in detail. For processing this procedure, you can go with the methods mentioned above but they do have certain limitations. We recommend you go with the expert solution as the tool saves a lot of time and you don’t need to worry about any kind of data loss. The software completes the task in seconds with 100% accuracy.

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