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How to Clear Mail Storage on Mac? Go Through All the Methods

Jaspreet Singh | Modified: 2021-03-31T10:47:49+00:00

All the Mac OS users have an account of the Mac Mail which secretly takes up a lot of space. This causes the users to find methods on how to clear mail storage on Mac. Emails being an important part of our lives as professionals, students, novice users, we are always afraid of losing them and the attachments these consist of.

When talking about attachments, they are of many types like images, videos, documents, spreadsheets, logos, etc. Even the images in the email signature are attachments and these take a lot of space in our mailbox. If you download these images, they are anyway going to take space somewhere. You can only do one thing in this scenario which is to delete these emails to clear up the space.

Now, there are a lot of methods to free up space on Mac Mail which is why we are writing this blog. We have brought in the most useful methods that a user can undertake to clear the storage space. You will find these methods as explained one-by-one in the upcoming section. Find these out and checkout which one meets your requirements.

How to Clear Mail Storage on Mac by Removing the Attachments?

As we all know, it’s not the emails that take up most of the space in a mailbox, it’s always the attachments associated with them. Since these attachments are of all kinds, it is important to keep your mailbox free of them to save storage space. Here is how you can remove these attachments from your mailbox:

1. Open Mac mail and click on the emails you want to delete attachments from. If you can’t find the emails, click on the View menu and choose Sort by > Attachments.

2. Now, open the email with the attachment and click on the Message menu.

3. Select the Remove Attachment option from there and the attachment will be removed.


4. If you want to free up space from Mac Mail by removing multiple attachments then you can click on the message you want to remove attachment from and press Shift + Mouse click on the email till where you want them to be deleted.

5. Choose the Message option and click on the Remove Attachment option and all the attachments from the selected emails will be deleted.

Now, you must be thinking what if there are some emails that are important to you and can’t afford to lose, what to do in such a case? Don’t worry. We have a solution for that as well. Checkout the next section to know what this solution is to learn how to clear mail storage on Mac without actually losing the attachments.

How to Save Attachments Before Deleting Them?

You can download the MBOX Attachments Extractor Tool that will help you to save only the attachments of your choice. Follow these simple steps to get the task done quickly and safely:

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1. Install and run the software and click on the Add File(s) option.

Launch MBOX Attachment Extractor Mac

2. Select the Folder options and apply Naming Convention as per your desire.

Set attachment filters

3. Apply filters and Advance Settings to save attachments according to the needs.

Apply advanced settings

4. Set a destination path and hit Export button to download the attachments.

MBOX attachment Extraction Completed

Now, once you have saved all the required attachments, you can go delete all the attachments from your mailbox.

How to Clear Mail Storage on Mac by Deleting Attachments Altogether?

It has been seen that the new versions of Mac OS provide a feature to the users that allows you to clear out some space on your mailbox. Following are the steps for it:

1. Select the Apple Menu and click on the About this Mac option.

2. Now, press the Storage tab where you have to choose the Manage option.


3. Choose the Mail button and there you will be able to see how much space the attachments are taking up.

4. Mark the attachments to be removed and click on the Delete button.

Now, once you have deleted the attachments, you can clear out the space by removing the emails from the junk folder as well.

Free Up Space from Mac Mail by Removing Email from the Junk Mail

The emails that you have deleted from the mailbox are stored in the Junk Folder for a certain time-period. You can delete these emails as well by following the listed steps:

1. Go to your Mac mail account and click on the Mailbox you want to remove junk emails from in the upper menu.

2. Now, you will find two options here; Erase Junk Mail and Delete Items.


3. Click on either of them to remove the emails from junk to free up some space.

This way, all the emails and the attachments that you want removed will be gone from your mailbox.

Parting Words

Not many people know how to clear mail storage on Mac which makes it a difficult job for them to keep the space free for future emails. This write-up is created especially for the users who have no idea on how to get the storage space cleared and have been going through related troubles. If you want to save the attachments that are of importance, you can get them extracted with the help of the tool as mentioned and then delete them along with the emails.