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How to Delete Bulk Emails in Gmail Account? Free & Best Ways

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Published On May 28th, 2024
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Does Gmail quota exceeded brings trouble in accessing the mailbox items, you’re not the one. To fix this issue, either delete bulk emails in Gmail or upgrade the Gmail storage solution. Often users search for the free solution to clean up the clutter of old email messages. In this article, we will discover a simple yet manual solution to mass remove Gmail email messages.

There are several benefits of mass deleting emails from different categories of Gmail mailboxes. It enables users to clean up unnecessary or redundant old email data. With this, users can easily manage emails and resolve the pop-up message of running out of storage. Now, let’s begin the technical discussion.

What is the Need for Bulk Delete Gmail Emails?

Before finding the methods to delete bulk emails in Gmail. It is equally important to know how Google’s storage works. The 15GB of free and shared space is divided among Gmail, Google Photos, and Google Drive.

Unfortunately, the count of your storage quota gradually fills due to high-quality images, videos, large email attachments, documents, meeting records, and more. Hence, it brings the need to delete multiple emails in Gmail. Now, here is the reason for seeking methods to clean Gmail emails.

  • Since Gmail offers only limited storage for free accounts. Therefore, reaching the full storage error prevents accessibility of email messages i.e. sending or receiving new email messages.
  • Another reason to bulk delete Gmail emails is to manage the clutter of inboxes. Moreover, mass clean up of email messages allows users to instantly read, audit, and view crucial email data with attachments.
  • Keeping unnecessary emails certainly increases spam emails in the mailbox. Moreover, deleting the old email enables users to secure themselves from the risk of becoming victims of phishing attacks.

Overall, these are the prominent reasons to delete multiple emails in Gmail. However, it offers several benefits so, let’s move down to discover them closely.

Discover Benefits of Delete Bulk Emails in Gmail

Here’s the curated list of advantages behind mass cleaning emails from Gmail accounts. Now, read the below points:-

  • Deleting old emails offers instant free space along with the accessibility of new email messages.
  • Another advantage of cleaning Gmail emails helps to streamline the inbox folder without any hassle.
  • The clutter-free mailbox allows users to boost productivity and improve the accessibility of email data.

Now, seeking how to delete Gmail emails in bulk. So, let’s move to the next section to find out the simple methods for removing emails from Gmail accounts. Now, discover them closely.

Best Ways to Bulk Delete Gmail Emails

In the following section, we will highlight multiple methods to delete bulk emails in Gmail account. Moreover, these are free solutions for cleaning the clutter of mailbox email messages. Now, let’s move ahead to know them briefly.

  1. Delete All Conversations
  2. Use Different Category Types
  3. Mass Delete Email Messages with Android Devices

In a nutshell, these are the different ways to delete emails from Gmail account at once. Now, let’s find out the complete step-by-step guidance of each solution.

Steps to Delete Bulk Emails in Gmail at Once

Gmail is a professional favored choice irrespective of different industries. And, it is widely known for offering intuitive features for organizing the mailbox. When it comes to bulk delete Gmail emails, there is a built-in feature for instant deletion of data. Now, here is the detailed step guidance for the same:-

  1. Open Gmail with any web browser and login it.
  2. From the left corner, select the square box.
  3. After this, move the cursor to blue-colored text displaying the number of conversations i.e. “Select All Conversions in Primary”.
  4. At last, hit Delete.

Tip to Remember:- Despite Delete, users can use the Archive option. Moreover, it is mainly used for hiding emails in other folders. However, it is not considered the direct way to delete bulk emails in Gmail.

How to Delete Gmail Emails in Bulk Using Category Types?

Instead of removing all conversions of Gmail at once, users can delete selective Gmail email messages. Now, read the different categories to bulk delete Gmail emails:

  • Integrated Email Categories
  • Labels Category
  • Set Date Range
  • Specify Sender
  • Read & Unread Emails
  • Spam Folder

Now, let’s delve into understanding the step guidance of each category for cleaning email conversations.

  • Integrated Email Category
  1. Login to your Gmail account and move to Categories.
  2. From drop-down categories i.e. Social, Forums, Updates, and Promotions, select any of these
  3. categories to delete bulk emails in Gmail.
  4. Now, move the cursor on the displayed blue-colored text.
  5. Lastly, click on Delete.
  • Use Category: Labels
  1. Open Gmail > Go to Labels from the category folder.
  2. Now, select the desired Labels for deletion of the conversation.
  3. Lastly, check the number of conversations > Delete.
  • Set Date Range

For bulk delete Gmail emails, users can set a date filter using the search bar. Here are the quick steps for the same.

  1. Access your Gmail account.
  2. Enter this format on the displayed Search Bar— before:2024/2/11.
  3. Lastly, press Delete.

Pro Tip: The Before prompt helps to delete email conversations before the specific date.

  1. Like Before, enter— after:2024/2/12.
  2.  Lastly, enter Delete.

Remember:- The After prompt allows users to clean all emails after the inserted date.

  1. Insert— after:2024/2/12 before:after:2024/2/12.
  2. Now, tab Delete.

Note:- Setting the date range helps users delete bulk emails in Gmail between the given date range.

  • Specify Sender
  1. Insert the specific sender address on the search bar as from:sender@gmail.com.
  2. Lastly, select the Delete button.
  • Read & Unread Emails
  1. To delete multiple emails in Gmail from Unread emails, enter this format on the displayed bar— is:unread.
  2. Similar to this, clear the messages of read emails > write is:read.
  3. Lastly, hit on the Delete.
  • Spam Folder
  1. Sign in to Gmail > Spam category.
  2. To bulk delete Gmail emails from the Spam folder > Delete All Spam Message Now.
  3. Lastly, hit on Delete Forever to clean up instantly.

Delete Bulk Emails in Gmail on Android and iOS Devices

Earlier, we discussed the multiple methods for deleting Gmail emails. Here, we will provide step-by-step instructions for cleaning the old email conversations from Android and iOS devices. Now, let’s read them below:-

  1. Open the Gmail application on your phone.
  2. Navigate to the Hamburger Menu from the search bar.
  3. After this, scroll down to find Settings and then, General Settings.
  4. Now, select Swipe Actions.
  5. Choose the Right Swipe or Left Swipe for Delete/ Trash.
  6. Again move to the mailbox, now swipe in the chosen direction for deletion.

Drawbacks Behind Using Free Solution for Deleting Gmail Emails

  • Relying on the manual solution means the absence of advanced features for mass deleting Gmail conversations at once. Hence, users need to perform all the step guidance manually.
  • Another limitation of the free method is that it is not a direct way to clean cluttered mailboxes. Moreover, deleted emails are dumped in the Trash folder so, it will again be a tiresome task for users.
  • After implementing all the recommended methods, still face the same error. Then, it is suggested that users use an expert-favored utility to delete bulk emails in Gmail without any further data loss.

Expert Approach for Deleting All Gmail Emails in Bulk

After recognizing the challenges of free solutions, let’s find out the expert way to bulk delete Gmail emails. Install MacWareTools Gmail Backup Software, one of the pro utilities for backup of Gmail email messages in standard file format. This software offers the Delete After Download option that allows users to clean up the mailbox and provide backup of data locally on the system.

Other prime features of this utility include incremental backup and date filter options for the backup of all conversations with a specific date range. Besides this, it helps to preserve the folder structure after the completion of the process. Most importantly, this software is suited to all macOS X series. Now, opt for this solution for a clutter-free inbox.

Concluding Words

In summary, we have provided the best go-to ways to delete bulk emails in Gmail. Hence, implementing the aforementioned solution allows individuals to clean up old or unnecessary email conversations instantly. Since the free solution doesn’t offer seamless features to delete the Gmail emails at once. So, download the above-suggested utility for secure and quick results.

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