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How to Delete All Gmail Email at Once Step-by-Step?

Published By Satyam Jha
Approved By Anuraag Singh
Published On January 2nd, 2024
Reading Time 6 Minutes Reading

Many users do not have the habit of removing unnecessary emails from their inbox at regular intervals. Emails that are not urgent at that time tend to build up over time resulting in the mailbox storage being filled up. And once the storage approaches 100%, you may want to know how to delete all Gmail emails at once.

Multiple solutions are using which you can how to mass delete emails on Gmail easily. This article explains multiple ways that will help you to remove bulk emails under different scenarios like deleting all emails, removing promotional Gmail emails, etc. It will help you to maintain your Gmail account storage and make the best use of it.

An Overview of Gmail Mailbox Storage

Gmail provides a large pooled storage allocation to each user. This storage is extremely useful if you use it with proper management; otherwise, it can cause issues if you are not an expert in using and handling labels. However, the introduction of Gmail tabs has helped a lot in categorizing emails.

Google provides 15 GB of free storage for each free Google account which is your total storage. But that storage is shared with all other Google components as well as Google Drive, Photos, etc.

How to Delete All Gmail Emails at Once via Automated Method?

If you have been using Gmail for a long time, you must have surely faced a situation where you want to delete more than 50 emails in Gmail at a time. Many users do not remove unnecessary emails from their inboxes. It keeps eating up your mailbox storage and can lead to hundreds or even thousands of emails.

So, for this situation, you must delete Gmail emails in bulk as soon as possible. But, removing them all can be a problem if in future you will need any email. Even then, there might be chances of losing some important email messages.

Thus, we recommend you save Gmail emails to computer to prevent any uncertain situation. Therefore, before deleting Gmail messages in bulk, you can take the help of the best Gmail Backup Tool to take out the emails from the mailbox. There is an option of “Delete after Download” in this tool which will make your task quick. You can try the demo version of the utility for free.

Using this professional tool, you will be able to export Gmail messages in PST or multiple other formats. Later on, you can just use those resultant file formats in their supported file formats as necessary.

The most important aspect of the software is to keep all the attachments of Gmail emails on the system.

Steps to Know How to Mass Delete Emails on Gmail

To delete all Gmail emails at once, first download the suggested software. Just after that, install the tool and follow the steps:

  • Step 1: After installing, run the tool and enter your Gmail account login credentials. delete all gmail emails at once
  • Step 2: From the next screen, you can choose any given format from the Select Export Type section, such as EML.choose any format
  • Step 3: Afterwards, tap on the Apply Filters option and set the category as well as date filters as per your need.apply required settings
  • Step 4: Hit the Delete after Download to free up the space in your Gmail account. Hit Yes if any warning messages pop up to delete Gmail emails in bulk.delete all gmail emails at once
  • Step 5: Now, to keep this file on your system, hit the Change button to choose any location.destination for file
  • Step 6: Finally, hit Start Backup to create a copy of your Gmail account emails.delete all gmail emails at once

Manual Method to Mass Delete Gmail Emails Step-by-Step

So, let’s follow the steps mentioned below to remove emails:

  • Click on the given checkbox to select 50 emails that appear on the first screen in the Gmail inbox folder.
  • Now, to select all the emails stored in your Inbox folder, click on Select all XXXX messages in Inbox. This will help you to select all the emails from your Inbox which you received months or years ago.
  • Finally, delete all Gmail emails at once by clicking on the Delete icon available in the bar. But we suggest you check that you are not deleting your important emails while performing this action.

Many users who are not technically sound don’t know this option to delete emails from Gmail. This checkbox option lets you select multiple emails present on the current page. Usually, the default setting of Gmail is 50 messages per page. So, you can either delete 50 emails per page or select all the emails in the Gmail Inbox.

Delete Promotional Emails in Bulk in Gmail

Since Google introduced the predefined tab for the categorization of emails, it made managing emails much easier. All the important emails directly come in the Primary Inbox and other Promotional and Social emails go into those tabs automatically. Usually, these emails are not important ones and it is a good place to start from.

Note: We will suggest you first go through the list and unsubscribe to emails if you can. You won’t get emails from that sender again in the future.

  • Click on the Promotions tab in the Gmail inbox.
  • Check if there are any important emails, if yes, drag those emails to another tab.
  • Enable the empty checkbox to select all the emails in the Promotion tab on the first page.
  • Now, click on Select all XXXX messages in the Promotions option if you want to delete all Gmail emails at once.
  • Hit the Delete icon and it will remove all the messages from it.

Major Drawbacks for Removing Messages Manually

There are a few limitations that you will face while deleting emails from the Gmail account on your Mac system:

  1. It will be a tedious method if you try to remove emails from one page at a time from your Gmail account.
  2. Moreover, there is a high chance of data loss while deleting all messages.
  3. To use this manual method, there is no backup option for your deleted Gmail messages.
  4. Also, it only allows you to select 50 messages per time, in short, it is a time-consuming process.


Nowadays, almost every single user is using a Gmail account either for email communication or as a registration account on multiple websites. Many users use it as a primary account and end up using 100% storage space offered in a free Google account. But sometimes, its storage space gets full and Gmail stops receiving any email. So, in this case, deleting or removing unnecessary emails becomes an important task.

Thus, many users like you want to know how to delete all Gmail emails at once. Here, we have introduced a smart tool to help you bulk delete messages from your Gmail account. The suggested method is short and simple to execute this process from the mailbox.