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“Gmail Quota Exceeded”—Fix the Error Message Quickly

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Published On May 1st, 2024
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Gmail, one of the most widespread and most chosen choices of professionals for managing the data of their mailbox. Interestingly, every Google Account only offers 15 GB of free storage. If you are receiving the error message “Gmail quota exceeded” or “Gmail storage full”. Then, users are left with no choice but to either purchase the plan or quickly clean up the mailbox.

Moreover, the shared storage of Google accounts is divided among Gmail, Google Photos, and Drive. Unfortunately, the paramount space of Gmail storage gradually fills due to large-size attachments, duplicate emails, and more.

In this article, we will discuss the major reasons behind exceeding the limit and how to fix the error of Gmail email storage full.

What are the Reasons Behind Gmail Quota Exceeded Limit?

The Gmail storage full due to various reasons. Before delving to understand the solution, let’s first unfold the causes behind exceeding the limit of storage:

  • Large Size Attachments:- Often large attachments such as files, images, videos, etc, certainly acquire the major portion of Google storage. And, if you have an ample amount of data then, it will show the Gmail email storage full once the threshold is the limit.
  • Archiving Redundant Emails:- Instead of permanently deleting the redundant emails, users perhaps archive the data. Moreover, this abundant data of old emails and attachments consumes an abundance of storage space.
  • Duplicate Emails:- Besides the above-mentioned reason yet another factor behind Gmail quota exceeded includes the copy of similar emails. Moreover, users unknowingly send/receive the same emails which leads to create replicated data of emails.

Overall, these are common factors behind Gmail storage getting full. Besides this, the adverse impact of these errors eventually creates hindrances while accessing the mailbox. Hence, the issue of storage resulted in a complete halt of Gmail services. Moreover, users get Gmail storage full not receiving emails error. Now, let’s move to understanding the methods to fix this issue.

How to Fix the Gmail Email Storage Full Error? Know Manual Guidance

Since we have discussed the major causes behind Gmail storage full. Here, we will uncover the manual solution to resolve the display message of Gmail quota exceeded. Let’s dive in to learn the method:-

  • Remove Large Attachments, Files, and Emails

As we have already mentioned the large size email attachments and files certainly fill the 15GB free storage. To clear the storage of the mailbox, users need to delete unnecessary emails, attachments, and files.

For the same, users can deploy specific prompts such as “Larger:4m” and “Older_than:5y” in their search bar. After finding those emails, delete them permanently to empty the space.

  • Configure Gmail Account in Other Email Client

To resolve the issue of Gmail email storage full, users can configure the same account in different email clients for backup. For example, users can access their Gmail email account in Outlook which is yet another intuitive and proficient email solution. Moreover, after configuring the account, users can directly delete the redundant data from Gmail.

Now, move to set up the Gmail account in MS Outlook:-

  1. Open your Gmail email account and click on the Gear icon.
  2. After clicking on Settings > See All Settings.
  3. Move to the Forwarding and POP/ IMAP section and then, enable the IMAP.
  4. Lastly, click on Save Changes.
  5. To configure the same, account in Outlook then, open MS Outlook.
  6. Navigate to File and then, Account Settings.
  7. Now, click on New and enter the email address > hit Connect.
  8. In the next pop-up window, insert the password and press Connect.
  9. Now, click on OK and restart Outlook to find the Gmail account.
  • Backup Gmail Emails Via Google Takeout

To manage the Gmail quota exceeded error, users can opt for the built-in services of Google Takeout —one of the best go-to solutions to easily backup the data of a complete mailbox. After archiving the data locally, users can subsequently delete the redundant emails from Gmail. Now, let’s understand the steps for the same:-

  1. Sign to your Gmail account > Data & Privacy.
  2. Move to Download Your Data and in the popup interface of Google Takeout, click on Deselect All.
  3. Now, manually choose the needed checkbox > Next Step.
  4. In the next window, choose the file type and size.
  5. Lastly, navigate to Create Export.

Overall, these are the manual ways to manage the storage of Gmail mailboxes. However, there are major disadvantages to using these free solutions. So, move to closely understand them.

Why Don’t You Choose Manual Solution for Gmail Email Storage Full?

  • Implementing the step guidance manual way is quite complex and tiresome for both skilled and untrained professionals. Moreover, there is no direct way to easily delete a specific range of email data from the mailbox.
  • Choosing the Google Takeout method for fixing the issue of the Gmail quota exceeded, then, there are a few numbers of attempts to backup the data. Moreover, if users have crossed the limit then, it will simultaneously halt the process. Hence, it holds the fear of data loss if there is an unstable network connection.
  • Lastly, it is a repetitive process for fixing the problem of Gmail storage. Moreover, users need to implement the same procedure till the display message of full space disappears. Due to these prominent issues, users should opt for the automated solution.

Expert Way to Resolve the Issue of Gmail Quota Exceeded

In the following section, we will explain the best go-to approach to managing errors in Gmail email storage full. For the same, use the MacwareTools Gmail Backup Software, one of the advanced solutions to easily resolve the Gmail storage issue. Using this utility, users can delete all emails at once. Moreover, it is considered the standalone solution to archive the Gmail email data with attachments and other mailbox items.

The other prime functionalities of this tool include a user-centric interface, incremental backup, email filter, and most importantly, a secure way to fix the error. Besides this, it allows users to backup the email data in different file extensions. With this, let’s head to discover the step guidance.

Follow Steps Guidance of Automated Tool

Prerequisite:- Firstly, enable the IMAP protocol and secondly, generate the app password through two-step authentication.

  1. Open the above tool on your system.
    enter credentials
  2. Add credentials and move to Login.
    select file format from drop down
  3. Go to the “Select Email Format” section and select the necessary file extension from the drop-down list.
    choose category
  4. Select a category for export.
    browse the file location
  5. Navigate to “Browse” to save the resultant file.
    go to delete after download
  6. Click on “Delete after download” to free up the mailbox.
    click on start
  7. Lastly, hit the Start button.

Concluding Words

In summary, we have addressed the different methods to fix the error message of Gmail quota exceeded. Moreover, users can opt for any of the two choices i.e. manual or automated solution. However, using the free solution, users need to bear the unfavorable challenges. Therefore, choose the automated utility, one of the intuitive yet reliable solutions to resolve the storage quota of Gmail.

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