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How to Delete Multiple Emails in Yahoo on Mac?

how to delete multiple emails in yahoo on mac
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Do you know how to delete multiple emails in Yahoo on Mac? The deletion process is all same when you are removing the emails from the Yahoo account irrespective of the platform you are accessing the account. There are multiple ways through which you can find the emails to delete from Yahoo mail and here you will get some amazing facts to accomplish your task easily. Here, specifically, we will know the procedures done on a Mac system.

How to Delete Email in Yahoo Account?

If you need to move the unimportant emails to trash, just click on the particular email and then select the Delete icon. This will move the email from the particular email folder to the Trash folder.

For the case you want to free up space, it is better you go to the Trash folder and deletes all the emails from there as well. If you fail to delete it personally, the Yahoo itself will clear the emails in the Trash folder after a period of 7 days. After this period, retrieval of the emails will be very difficult or you can say that these emails in Yahoo mail are permanently deleted from the account. Now, you may know the procedure to delete emails in Yahoo mail account.

If you are accessing the Yahoo account from a Mac system, you need to perform the same procedure to get the emails removed from the account. In case, you have all your data on the Mac system, like you are accessing the Yahoo account from the Mail, then you will need to follow the procedure as shown in the below section.

How to Delete Multiple Emails in Yahoo on Mac Mail?

While you are accessing the Yahoo account through Mac Mail, if you delete the email on your Mac mail, it will be processed in the Yahoo account as well. So, do the process as shown below to successfully delete the emails from the Yahoo mail account.

  1. Access Yahoo Mail in Mac Mail.
  2. Click on the Email to delete it.
  3. Check on the Delete icon on the top.
  4. This will move the emails to the Trash folder. Go to the Trash folder and delete the email again.

This will remove the email permanently from the Yahoo account. For the case of multiple emails deletion, repeat the above steps. For multiple emails deletion in a single instance, check all the emails you need to delete and click on the Delete icon.

Make sure you are not deleting any of your important ones while deleting bulk emails together from the Yahoo account.

Disadvantages of Bulk Email Deletion Process

While we are performing the bulk email deletion using the date filter option or same subject, sender, etc., we must be really active as this can cause real damage as we might unknowingly delete the important ones from the account.

What could be a solution then?

The solution is simple, perform this task very carefully or backup up your Yahoo mail on the mac. This will solve the issue of data loss. How can we do that? Does Yahoo provide a method to back up our data?

You can save your emails from Yahoo in PDF format. Other than this, if you are setting up the account in any of the mac mail clients, that can help you out. Or else, try out any efficient method to professionally help you save all your Yahoo mail data on the Mac system.

Let us know about a simple solution that will work to easily delete emails in the Yahoo account and also save it on Mac.

How to Delete Multiple Emails in Yahoo on Mac System?

While we are talking about an efficient solution, the Mac Yahoo Mail Archive Tool can be taken into consideration. It is one tool that is successful in saving the data from the Yahoo account directly to the Mac system. It gives you the option to delete the emails from the account that are downloaded to the local hard drive. This makes our solution. You can look for the process below to archive the Yahoo mail emails on the Mac system.

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Steps to Archive Multiple Emails in Yahoo on Mac

Step 1: Run Mac Yahoo Archive Tool and Login with Yahoo account.

Step 2: Select an email format to download the emails.

Step 3: Browse a location to save the output file.

Step 4: Enable Delete after download option.

Step 5: Click on Start Backup option.

This process will delete multiple emails in Yahoo and also save the same number of emails on the Mac system. For better archival experience, you get multiple options to perform the process in a more perfect manner. It also offers to give the emails in the Mac system in various email formats like EML, MBOX, EMLX, etc.

It is the perfect solution for you. It will help you to delete multiple emails in Yahoo on mac and make sure all your data is safe. We all are humans and we make mistakes. So it is always suggested by the experts to keep a backup of your personal data.


This article was about the procedures you can take up to delete emails in Yahoo mail. The Mac users system usually face an issue in deleting bulk emails and end up removing some important emails as well. So, follow this article to know how to delete multiple emails in Yahoo on Mac.