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How to Save Emails from Yahoo to Computer Effectively

Stuart Williams | Modified: 2020-06-05T12:15:31+00:00
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I am tensed that free email services are not proved to be trustworthy as compared to the paid ones. So, I want to take a backup of all my mails from Yahoo account for data security. Being a Novice user, I am not aware of any of the backup procedures. Can anyone guide me on how to save emails from Yahoo to computer? Thanks in advance for the help.


Yahoo mail has the largest cloud storage space but doesn’t offer any email backup options. It gives function to export Yahoo contacts to the local computer. Thus, if you need to create a copy of your important data in Yahoo mail, then try out the other possible ways to backup Yahoo emails on computer.

Multiple proven approaches are given to choose the most comfortable method to save Yahoo emails to computer on Mac. It will efficiently create a copy of the important data in Yahoo mail and secure your data for future reference. You can also save the data in an email format so that this file could be accessed by a supported mail client when needed.

Method for Downloading Emails from Yahoo to Mac System

As mentioned above, Yahoo does not have an in-built facility to backup Yahoo emails to computer. So, users can utilize the copy and paste operation on each email which you need to save to the Mac machine using a Text editor.

In case, if you find it a time-consuming task, then it is better to configure the Yahoo Mail account to another email client. Yahoo permits direct IMAP connectivity for all of its users. Many stuck up with the server configuration of the Yahoo account and fail to accomplish the task.

Follow the given steps that are listed below to perform the task properly and save emails from Yahoo to desktop on Mac:

Step 1: First, go to the “Account Settings” and disable the “Two-factor Authentication” or “Generate an App Password

Step 2: Now, you have to allow access to “Less Secure Apps sign in

Step 3: In the desired desktop-based email application, make sure you enter the proper mail server configuration settings. If not sure about the server settings use the below-shown configuration settings.

Yahoo mail server configuration

Step 4: After the completion of the configuration, you can access all Yahoo emails from the desktop-based email. Use the “Drag & Drop” facility to save important Yahoo emails on the Mac system to store emails at a known location.

Now let us check out some desktop mail client setup configurations to access Yahoo mail in offline as well.

Configure Yahoo Mail Account in Mozilla Thunderbird

In the Mozilla Thunderbird application, you can set up your Yahoo account utilizing POP / IMAP. Simply follow these easy steps to execute this task:

Step 1: In Thunderbird application, go to the “Tools” menu, then hit on “Account Settings”.

Step 2: Now, select “Add New Account” from the “Account Actions” drop-down.

Step 3: Enter your Name, Yahoo mail ID, and Password. Then, click on Continue.

Step 4: Click on Done to configure Yahoo mail on Thunderbird in the Mac system.

If you have the Microsoft Outlook for Mac application installed on your system then you can perform the below process to access Yahoo mail in Mac Outlook.

Steps to Add Yahoo Mail Account to Outlook For Mac

Step 1: Select “Accounts” option first, then in its wizard, in the left menu opt “Yahoo Mail account

Step 2: Afterwards, insert “pop.mail.yahoo.com” in server information in “Incoming Server” label

Step 3: Here, add “Port as 995” under adjacent field following “Incoming Server

Note: After completing the configuration process of the Yahoo Mail account in Mac Outlook, all emails will be received in the email client. Once this is done, the mailbox itself creates a file in the mac system and is stored at the default mailbox storage location.

If you find any issue interrupting these procedures or failing you to save a copy of Yahoo mailbox on Mac computer, you can go for an efficient method. It is discussed in the section down below.

Effortless Approach to Save Emails from Yahoo to Computer

This is a tested and proven approach to download the emails from the Yahoo mail account to Mac desktop. The secured transmission of data and novice intractability makes it easy to use by all the Yahoo mail users. We call it by name, Yahoo Backup for Mac.

This facility easily downloads the Yahoo mail for Mac and directly saves emails on the system. In addition, it offers to save the mail data in multiple email formats for successful access of emails in various mail clients. Now, you may be wondering about the process you need to process for accomplishing this task.

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Steps to Save All Emails from Yahoo to Computer

Step 1: Download and launch the application in your Mac machine.

launch software

Step 2: Login with Yahoo mail account credentials.

login to tool

Step 3: Select an email format to export Yahoo emails.

select format

Step 4: Browse a location to save emails from Yahoo to computer.

browse location

Step 5: Finally, start process to download Yahoo emails on Mac.

save emails from yahoo to computer

Final Verdict

Yahoo mail is a very popular webmail client. It doesn’t have any mailbox backup procedure. So the users, who wish to save emails from Yahoo to computer have their queries resolved here. Multiple approaches described for user ease to download and create a backup copy of important data in Yahoo mail.