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How to Forward Multiple Emails from Hotmail to Mac System?

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This article will discuss the solutions for a key issue of Hotmail users on Mac. How to forward multiple emails from Hotmail to Mac machine? Many raised this query seeking for a perfect and reliable solution. So here we guide you with some possible methods to achieve success in email forwarding from Hotmail on Mac.

You might know that there is a lot of email client and email services available nowadays and users choose the email services as per the requirement. Email services like Hotmail are things of past although Microsoft discontinued this service years ago and replaced it with Outlook.com.

Moreover, there are a lot of users getting an issue while syncing their Hotmail accounts to Mac Mail. And after encountering the syncing issue they, start searching for the solution on how to forward multiple emails from Hotmail to Mac.

So if you are in the same situation, then no need to worry because this article will give you a perfect solution to transfer multiple emails to Mac system from Hotmail account.

How to Forward Multiple Emails from Hotmail to Mac?

There are 3 methods available in order to transfer Hotmail emails to Mac Mail:

  1. Sync Hotmail account to Mac mail
  2. Transfer emails from Hotmail to Mac via forwarding option
  3. Move multiple emails from Hotmail to Mac Mail

Let’s start understanding the significance of each method and also the process to perform it successfully.

#Method 1: Sync Hotmail Account to Mac Mail

If you have an active Hotmail account, then you can easily sync your Hotmail account with Mac Mail.

Here are the steps that show how to sink your Hotmail account to Mac Mail

  • First, go to the mail icon and click on it from Mac dock
  • Now, click on the mail option from the top left menu bar
  • Choose add account option to add your Hotmail account
  • Select other mail option from choose a mail account provider popup and click on the continue button
  • Enter your name, Hotmail email address, and password in the field provided for them
  • After entering all the details click on the sign-in button
  • Now, from select the apps you want to use with the account popup tick on the mail and notes option
  • After all the settings, click on the done button to sync your Hotmail account

If you want to see your mails in Mac Mail, then go to the mailbox slider at the left of the mail window. Open the inbox and click on the new Hotmail mailbox to access your Hotmail account in Mac Mail. This is one way to forward multiple emails from Hotmail to Mac Mail.

#Method 2: Move Hotmail Emails to Mac Mail via Forwarding Option

Email forwarding is a default option provided by Hotmail. In this feature, you can forward your emails to your desired email services. And in our scenario, it is Mac Mail.

Steps for Forwarding Hotmail Account to Mac

Step 1: Open Hotmail.com account

Step 2: Go to settings gear, and click on view all outlook settings.

Step 3: In the Mail section, navigate to the forwarding tab.

Step 4: Check for enabling forwarding and enter an email address. Then click on the save option.

Drawbacks of Manual Method

Most of the users want to go with the manual method because it is free. But money is not the thing you have to pay only, because manual methods come with its own limitations. Some of the limitations are listed below:

  • If you use sync option to forward your Hotmail emails to Mac Mail, then probably you may encounter a problem during the synchronization process like unable to verify account name or password.
  • Sync option only sync your mail and notes item from Hotmail account
  • If you use the forwarding option, then you will not able to get yours backdate emails. It means you will only receive an email until you’ve enabled the forward option.

#Method 3: A Smart Way to Forward Multiple Emails from Hotmail to Mac Mail.

SysTools Hotmail Backup software is a simple method to move emails from Hotmail to Mac system. Using this utility, you can directly forward emails from Hotmail account to Mac. You have the options to transfer Hotmail data in multiple Mac Mail email formats.

Steps to Export Hotmail Emails to Mac

Step 1: First, download and run the tool on your Mac machine

launch tool

Step 2: Enter valid login credentials of Hotmail account


Step 3: Select MBOX option to transfer Hotmail emails.

select mbox format

Step 4: Choose the destination location to save the resultant file

set location to forward hotmail emails on mac

Step 5: Click on the Start Backup button

start process

Process to Import Hotmail MBOX File to Mac Mail

  1. Open your Mac Mail application and click on the file option
  • Now select import mailbox option from the file menu
  • Choose MBOX format option from the import wizard. Click on the Continue
  • Select the MBOX file to start the import process
  • After a few minutes, you will able to see your all emails from Hotmail to your Mac Mail.


Now, it’s time to wrap up and we think that your problem of transferring emails from Hotmail to Mac Mail is now clear. This article contains the entire possible solutions on how to forward multiple emails from Hotmail to Mac.