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Learn How to Save Hotmail Emails as PDF on Mac System

how to save Hotmail email as PDF
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Are you looking out for how to save Hotmail email as PDF on Mac? If it is so, you can stay in this article and find some simple tricks to save Hotmail emails in PDF format.

how to save Hotmail email as PDF

You know Hotmail itself gives away the option to copy an email in the PDF format. To do so, you just need to perform the following step procedure

  1. Login to Hotmail account
  2. Open the email and click on More (…) option
  3. Click on the Print option and choose the option Save as PDF
  4. Browse a location and click Save to copy the Hotmail email in PDF file

This process will easily download the Hotmail email individually to the local system in PDF format. This is the most efficient solution when you want a few emails to be saved in PDF format. But we can’t rely on this process while the count of emails gets large and as a result, the process becomes a mess.

At that moment, what we can do to accomplish the task of saving emails in PDF on a Mac system? We know, not all sorts of applications are compatible to work on the Mac system. To release your effort, we suggest you add Hotmail to Mac Mail and then perform the PDF conversion process. This process will not require any internet access and your email will be converted to PDF easily.

In case you are searching for a professional utility, you can try the Hotmail backup Tool for Windows. It is one efficient utility that gives you the facility to download Hotmail emails in PDF format.

How to Save Hotmail Email as PDF?

The Hotmail Backup Tool is efficient to work and save data in multiple file formats. It gives a wide range of functionalities to give the best security while converting the Hotmail email into PDF. In addition, there are some other functions available to filter emails within a folder or between a date range. The application is capable to download all the Hotmail emails into a PDF file in a single instance. You just need to follow the steps shown below and the rest is done without any human effort.

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Steps to Save Hotmail Email as PDF

Step 1: Run Hotmail Backup and log in with the Hotmail account.

login to hotmail backup tool

Step 2: Select the PDF option to save the Hotmail email.

select PDF option

Step 3: Browse a location to Save Hotmail email as PDF.

location to save Hotmail email as PDF

Step 4: Click on the Start option.

start the process

This will download all the emails of the Hotmail account converting each email into PDF file format. You can access this PDF file on Mac after porting the email data to the Mac machine using a USB device.


In this article, we had a discussion on the methods we can choose to save Hotmail email as PDF on Mac. Though the process may seem lengthy, it is easy to execute and no data loss is driven throughout the processing of email data into PDF format.