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How to Open PST on Mac With or Without Installing Outlook?

Published By Chirag Arora
Approved By Anuraag Singh
Published On May 24th, 2024
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Microsoft Outlook is an integrated email platform for managing mailboxes including emails, contacts, calendars, etc. This seamless email client is designed for Windows and Mac operating systems. Unfortunately, when switching from Windows to macOS, users simultaneously search for the best ways to open PST on Mac with or without Outlook installation.

Table of Contents 

  1. What is Outlook PST File?
  2. Why to Open PST on Mac?
  3. Methods to View PST on Mac Outlook
  4. Limitations
  5. Conclusion
  6. FAQs

It is just one scenario however, there are multiple factors behind seeking for the methods to view the Outlook PST on Mac. In this article, we will discover different approaches on how to open a PST file in Outlook for Mac. Now, let’s begin the technical discussion to find the step guidance together.

What is an Outlook PST File?

Before diving into the methods to import PST to Outlook Mac, let’s first briefly learn about the PST file. It is the default file format offered by MS Outlook for storing the information of contacts, emails, attachments, and more. Moreover, it is short for “Personal Storage Table” which allows users to read the stored information in the absence of a network connection.

Moreover, this file extension is supported for migrating emails from one email service to another. And, is widely known for its cross-platform compatibility. Most importantly, Outlook for Windows and Mac imports the data in .pst file format. Now, let’s move to find why users search for how to open a PST file in Outlook for Mac.

Why to Open PST on Mac?

There are multiple reasons for opening the PST files on Mac. Here, we have listed the common factors behind looking for this query:-

  • Switching Operating Systems: Moving email data from Windows to Mac Outlook when transitioning between operating systems.
  • Data Archiving: Archiving data in Mac Outlook to prevent accidental deletion and better organize mailboxes across different systems.
  • Access Without Mac Outlook: Import PST files into Mac Mail for backup and quick access to data without using Mac Outlook.

In brief, these are the common reasons to open PST on Mac. It allows Mac users to access the PST file created by Windows Outlook. Now, if searching for ways to view PST files on Outlook Mac. Then, move to the next section.

How to Open a PST file in Outlook for Mac

In the following section, we will provide complete step-by-step guidance to view PST on Mac with Outlook. To perform the steps of these approaches, users first need to install the Mac Outlook on their macOS. Now, read the below step-by-step instructions:-

Method 1- Import PST File Directly into Outlook for Mac

Step 1. Open  Mac Outlook > tab on File.

Step 2. Navigate to the Import option from the file menu.

Step 3. To upload the Outlook Data File, click on the Radio button.

Step 4. Insert the Outlook PST from your local directory after this.

Step 5. Select “Location” to locate the saving path of the PST file.

Step 6. Now, hit “Import” to access the .pst file on Outlook Mac.

Method 2- Use Outlook Web App for Exchange Accounts

You can use Outlook Web App to transfer PST file data if you have an Exchange Account. Follow the steps given below-

Step 1. Open Outlook on a Windows PC and add your Exchange account.

Step 2. Import the PST file to your Exchange Account.

Step 3. Now, Open the same Exchange Account on the Mac.

Now, the data contained by the PST file will be synced with the exchange account and will be visible on Outlook for Mac.

Method 3- Use Apple Mail to open PST on Mac

Step 1. Open Outlook on your Windows PC.

Step 2. Export the necessary emails to MBOX format.

Step 3. Transfer the MBOX files to your Mac and then open Apple Mail.

Step 4. Go to files and click Import Mailboxes.

Step 5. Select the MBOX files and click on Export.

Step 6. Once emails are in Apple Mail, you can drag and drop them into Outlook for Mac folders.

Limitations of the Above Methods

  • The major limitation arises with the time-consumption. Using these methods means ruining time and effort at once. Hence, it is suggested for those users with few files for migration.
  • To use the step-by-step guidance of these solutions, users need to install Mac Outlook and configure the account. For untrained eyes, the configuration of an email account might offer challenges and difficulties.
  • Lastly, users can’t import the PST file on their Mac Outlook, if the file gets corrupted or inaccessible. In this case, users should opt for the automated solution as it is secure and recommended by experts.


A Sure Shot Way!!

To open PST on Mac without Outlook, you can use  MacWareTools Mac PST Converter to convert corrupted or inaccessible PST files into the required file format. The key advantages of this software include a preview of all emails, attachments, contacts, and more. Also, users can convert the PST file data into Mac Mail-supported file format i.e. MBOX file format.

Concluding Words

In this article, we have provided the solutions to open PST on Mac. Since relying on these solutions offers unparalleled challenges including the fear of data loss. For the same, use the expert utility, one of the best ways to read the information of PST files without installing the Mac Outlook. Further, it enables users to preserve the originality of the text and other folder structures.

Questions, Get Quick Solutions!

Q. How to open PST on Mac with Outlook?

Follow the steps to read the PST files on Mac Outlook:-

  • Open Mac Outlook and move to File.
  • Go to the Import to upload the PST file.
  • Here, select the Radio button to add a .pst file.
  • Find the PST file from the local directory.
  • Lastly, press the Import option to access the data.

Q. Why can’t I select import in Outlook for Mac?

You might be unable to select the import option in Outlook for Mac due to outdated software, user permissions, corrupted installation, profile issues, or compatibility problems. Ensure Outlook is updated, check permissions, reinstall Outlook, create a new profile and verify file compatibility. If issues persist, contact Microsoft Support.

For more information, read Import and Export greyed out in Mac.

Q. Why is Outlook not attaching files on Mac? 

Outlook might not be attaching files on Mac for several reasons:

  • Outdated Software: Ensure Outlook is updated to the latest version.
  • File Size Limit: Check if the file exceeds the attachment size limit.
  • Corrupted Installation: Reinstall Outlook to fix any installation issues.
  • Internet Connectivity: Verify your internet connection is stable.

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