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Know How to Import OLM to Thunderbird Mac in a Trouble-Free Way

Kayla Johnson | Modified: 2018-10-06T11:34:43+00:00
Import OLM to Thunderbird

Now a days different people use different email client for personal and professional needs. Also there are multiple email clients that are available like web-based and desktop-based.

Here we are discussing about two desktop-based email clients. The email clients are Outlook and Thunderbird. The Outlook creates OLM file for Mac and Thunderbird creates MBOX File. Both are major files for respective desktop-based email application.

In this article we are discussing about the easiest approach of how to import OLM to Thunderbird for Mac. It is a two step process and i.e. first, the conversion has to take place between Mac Outlook OLM file to Mozilla Thunderbird MBOX and second, the import of MBOX into Thunderbird has to take place using import/export extension.

Reasons For Conversion from Mac Outlook to Thunderbird

Let us try to understand the scenario where conversion of OLM to Thunderbird can take place.

I have been using Outlook for Mac for a very long time, but recently due to change in organization I have to switch from Outlook To Thunderbird. I have to transfer my entire data to Thunderbird. Could anyone tell me how to convert my Mac Outlook OLM file to Mozilla Thunderbird MBOX. As I have my crucial file installed in Outlook for Mac. Thanks.

Outlook became a popular desktop-based email client for people to use for Windows. Similarly it was believed that Outlook for Mac will also gain same popularity.

So people who don’t have much technical knowledge about Mac Outlook, for them moving to Thunderbird is a better option by converting OLM file to Mozilla Thunderbird MBOX. It is an easy to operate email client.

A Tool for Conversion of OLM to Thunderbird

The tool to be used for conversion of OLM to Thunderbird is MAC OLM to MBOX Converter. The steps involved in the functioning of Outlook for Mac to Thunderbird are:

  • Download and Launch MAC OLM Converter
  • Afterwards Click on Add files or Folder button
  • Then navigate and choose the file/folder on the system
  • Moment the file has been added, it will be listed on the software. Then Click “Next” button
  • After that, choose MBOX button to convert OLM files into MBOX format
  • Some filters can be specified like date filter which includes from and to Or creation of MBOX per folder
  • To select final destination of exported MBOX file. Click on Browse
  • Afterwards select choose and for exported MBOX file click navigate and select Then click on Export button
  • At the specific location the MBOX file can be viewed

Steps to Import MBOX to Thunderbird

  • Open Thunderbird and go to Tools from Menu bar
  • After that, click on Import Export Tools >> Import MBOX file option
  • Then, choose Import directly one or more MBOX files option
  • Now, navigate to the location where MBOX file is stored and click on Open button
  • Finally, your MBOX file is imported successfully to Mozilla Thunderbird

This is how the steps has to be followed in order to perform function with the help of tool.


Here we are discussing about how to import OLM to Thunderbird. The major reason of conversion of OLM to Thunderbird is that it is easier to use and does not require deep technical skill unlike Outlook for Mac. The tool has been used i.e. the MAC OLM Converter in order to convert Mac OLM file into Thunderbird MBOX. The tool is great to use and does not involve much hassles. But it is up to the user to decide whether to use the tool or not.