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Is Mac Outlook Not Syncing with Gmail? 7 Easy Tips to Resync It

Published By Chirag Arora
Approved By Anuraag Singh
Published On June 26th, 2024
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If you’re constantly experiencing the error of Mac Outlook not syncing with Gmail, it might happen due to several factors. The synchronization issue creates a hurdle in sending or receiving emails on Mac Outlook. On the other hand, Outlook is one of the proficient email clients when accessing IMAP-enabled account data.

This technical guide will provide the best and easiest troubleshooting ways to resolve the settings error. Additionally, implementing these steps helps you to manually change the settings of Mac Outlook and Gmail to re-sync the account. Now, let’s walk through it.

Quick Tricks to Fix:

  • Check for a stable internet to get a seamless connection between your Mac Outlook and Gmail account.
  • Update your macOS system to acquire uninterrupted functioning of Outlook for Mac with Gmail webmail.

Why is My Outlook Not Connecting with Gmail Account on macOS? Possible Reasons

There are various reasons combined to bring the issue of Mac Outlook not syncing with Gmail. Here are the most prominent causes behind the occurrence of this temporary error:-

  • Cause 1: Wrong IMAP Account Settings

Sometimes the misconfigured settings IMAP and SMTP prevent Outlook for Mac users from experiencing the error. These glitches caused the issue of Mac Outlook stopped connecting with Gmail accounts.

  • Cause 2: Authentication Error

The authentication issue mainly includes a recently changed password in Gmail but forgetting to reconfigure it on Mac Outlook. Additionally, using the wrong login credentials frequently brings an inaccessible error.

  • Cause 3: Account Storage is Full

Yet another cause behind Gmail stopped syncing with Outlook Mac is due to storage full error. Whether it’s a Mac Outlook or Gmail account, the issue of mailbox size is exceeded preventing users from accessing their inbox.

  • Cause 4: Server Outages

The temporary outage issue with both Microsoft Outlook and Gmail mail servers causes the issue of not connecting or syncing errors. In this case, users should visit the official support center for these email services.

  • Cause 5: Outlook Profile Gets Corrupted

Various factors may lead to issues of Outlook profile corruption and inaccessibility. Hence, it is another reason behind causing Outlook for Mac not syncing with Gmail. Therefore, Outlook users either need to repair or create new profiles on Mac Outlook.

After understanding the causes, let’s find out the consequences of this disruption caused by synchronization on both Outlook for Mac and Gmail. So, move forward to know the impact of this issue.

When Mac Outlook Fails to Sync with Gmail? Know the Consequences

Seeking what happens if Mac Outlook not syncing with Gmail? Certainly, it hurts any Outlook users on macOS. Some of the common consequences include a breakdown in email communication, slowing down Outlook performance, and increasing risk of data loss.

Here are the possible or unfavorable outcomes of this error:-

  • Missing or delays in receiving or sending emails on Mac Outlook.
  • It avoids the syncing of email folders and attachments correctly.
  • Outlook for Mac users frequently receive syncing errors with Gmail.
  • This constant error may disrupt the workflow and productivity efficiently.
  • Unsynced emails lead to the loss of email messages and other mailbox items.

Overall, users should follow the troubleshooting steps to fix this issue from Mac Outlook. Now, let’s walk to the next section to learn the step-by-step guide.

7 Troubleshooting Tips to Fix Mac Outlook Not Syncing with Gmail

In the following section, we will discuss the best go-to solution that may help you to resolve the error of Outlook for Mac not syncing with Gmail account. Most importantly, we will provide quick and advanced ways to fix the synchronization issue on macOS.

Now, let’s try these easy ways to ensure the uninterrupted syncing of Mac Outlook with Gmail on a Mac machine.

  1. Check the Status of Work Offline
  2. Rebuild the Mac Outlook Profile
  3. Use the Latest Version of Mac Outlook
  4. Clear All Corrupted Cache Files
  5. Perform Force Quit
  6. Re-enable Gmail IMAP Settings
  7. Restart the Mac Outlook App

By following these tricks, Mac Outlook users can re-sync the account. Now, let’s understand these ways in a detailed manner.

Pro Tip:- Before opting for the advanced troubleshooting tips, it suggested that users should check for a working network connection. Additionally, create a new Outlook profile if facing issues in the existing account.

Method 1: Check the Status of Work Offline

Often working offline mode on Mac Outlook avoids syncing Gmail emails. Therefore, users should check the status of the Work Offline to ensure uninterrupted or real-time connectivity between Mac Outlook and Gmail. Now, take help of the below steps to deselect the Work Offline mode:-

  1. Launch Mac Outlook on your macOS.
  2. Switch to Menu and disable the Work Offline option from drop-down.

Method 2: Rebuild the Mac Outlook Profile

Implementing the step guidance of rebuilding Outlook profile is quite easy for both untrained and tech-savvy professionals. The benefit of using this troubleshooting feature may help users restore the working of a corrupted profile in just a few simple steps.

Hence, it is the best way to fix the problem of Mac Outlook not syncing with Gmail. So, let’s use the below steps to resolve the error:-

  1. Close all the running identities from the background.
  2. On C Drive, create a backup of Mac Outlook data.
  3. Now, run the application of Microsoft Database Utility by pressing the keys of Outlook App + Alt button.
  4. At last, select the Mac Outlook account to recreate and press Rebuild.

Method 3: Use the Latest Version of Mac Outlook

Encountering the issue of Gmail stopped syncing with Outlook Mac may happen if working on an outdated version of the Mac Outlook app. Use the below guide to check the recent update on Outlook for Mac:-

  1. Switch to Outlook App > go to the Help option.
  2. Select “Check for Updates” > press Automatically.
  3. Now, if there is any update > click on Update to install it instantly.

Method 4: Clear All Corrupted Cache Files

As we have already mentioned, corrupted cache files may lead to Outlook for Mac not syncing with Gmail error. In this case, Outlook users should delete these files to restore the syncing of Gmail emails with Mac Outlook easily. Apply the below-suggested instructions on your Mac OS to resolve the issue:-

  1. Shut down your Mac Outlook app.
  2. Launch Finder on macOS.
  3. Enter command: Cmd + Shift + G at once.
  4. In the window, write ~/Library/Caches and then, press Return (Enter).
  5. From the Caches folder, look for com.microsoft.outlook and delete it simultaneously.

Method 5: Perform Force Quit

Force Quit is one of the simple and effective solutions to resolve the issue of Mac Outlook not syncing with Gmail account. Try these quick steps on your Mac OS system:-

  1. Together press the keys of Options + Command + Esc.
  2. From the Force Quit Application window, tab on Mail.
  3. Now, enter the button of Force Quit.

Method 6: Re-enable Gmail IMAP Settings

To fix the synchronization error, enabling the IMAP settings is one of the basic tips to resume the functioning of Outlook and Gmail. Here’s how you can do it:-

  1. Login to your Google Mail account.
  2. Move to “Settings” > See all settings.
  3. Switch to Forwarding and POP/ IMAP section.
  4. From IMAP access, click on “IMAP is enabled”.
  5. Lastly, press Save Changes.

Method 7: Restart the Mac Outlook App

Facing the issue of Mac Outlook stopped connecting with Gmail is often fixed with easy troubleshooting tips- restarting the Outlook application on macOS. Apply these steps to restart your Outlook app easily:-

  1. Tab on Start and then, switch to Task Manager.
  2. Go to Microsoft Outlook > End Task.
  3. Now, restart your Mac Outlook app.

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Mac Outlook Not Syncing with Gmail – FAQs
Q. Why is my Outlook not syncing with my Gmail account?

Common reasons behind syncing errors include:-

  1. Poor Connection
  2. Using Incorrect Login Password
  3. Working on Outdated Mac Outlook app
  4. Gmail/ Mac Outlook Storage is Full
  5. Corrupted Caches Files
Q. How do I force Outlook to sync with my Gmail?

Here are simple and effective troubleshooting tips to fix the issue of Outlook for Mac not syncing with Gmail:-

  1. Check for Good Network Connection
  2. Change Your Work Offline Mode
  3. Delete All Cached Files
  4. Use the Feature of Force Quit
  5. Restart the Outlook App
The Bottom Line

In summary, we have provided the complete guide to resolve Mac Outlook not syncing with Gmail error. This issue mainly happened due to technical synchronization glitches in Mac Outlook. Implementing the above troubleshooting tips may help Outlook for Mac users to manually fix the issue. Additionally, if you frequently receive this error, contact Microsoft Outlook or Google Help Center to know the best go-to solution.

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