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How to Print Email from Apple Mail – Secrets Revealed

Jaspreet Singh | Modified: 2021-02-26T04:27:17+00:00

There are various ways to share data digitally. But sometimes having a physical copy of data is best, hence here in this blog we are going to discuss the best way to print email from Apple Mail. So, stick with the blog to know the complete procedure

Moreover, to understand the scenario let’s see a real-life user query.

The above query is asked by the user on the Apple Community and this not the single user who facing this error. In our research, we have found that many users encountering this issue. So after considering the requirement here in this write-up we are going to elaborate two best methods to complete this task. But before going towards the procedure first understand the best format for the printing emails.

How to Print Email from Apple Mail Manually

Yes, you can easily print your emails directly from Apple Mail. And here in this section, we are going to discuss the step-by-step procedure to complete this task. But keep in mind that if you have fewer emails to print, then this is one of the best solutions. Now, let’s move towards the steps:

1. First, you have to open Apple Mail on your machine

2. Now, choose the email that you want to print

3. After that click on the File option

4. Now, from the File drop-down menu click on the Print option

5. At last, from the Print pop-up, click on the Print to print the emails

By using the above process you can easily save your Apple Mail emails in PDF. And we know that PDF is one of the most preferred formats for printing. Because PDF always preserves the format of the document and you will not notice any changes in your printed document.

Drawbacks of the Manual Method

Well, the manual method is free but it comes with some limitations and some of the major once discussed here:

  • The manual method to print email from Apple Mail is only feasible l for those users who have fewer emails to print. Because in the manual method you have to each and every email one by one which makes this process very long-winded or time-consuming.

  • Sometimes you will face the page formation issue while printing the emails from Apple Mail like the below the user faced.

Best Alternative Way to Print Email From Apple Mail

As we see the manual method comes with some limitations such as time-consuming and alteration in the format of data. So if you are looking for a solution that can print your Apple Mail easily then you can try the Mac MBOX Converter tool.

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The tool gives you the option to save Apple Mail emails into PDF in bulk. it means you can easily export multiple emails from Apple Mail to PDF file format without losing any data integrity and structure of the emails. The tool also provides a date filter option for those users who wants to print specific date range emails. The tool supports all the version of Mac OS

After knowing about the tool let’s see how to use this tool:

1. To use this tool first download and install the tool on your mac machine.

2. Once the installation is completed run the tool

3. After opening the tool click on the Add File(s) or Add Folder option

4. Once the files are uploaded in the software you can easily view them in the software preview pane and then click on the Next button

5. Choose the PDF option from the export option and choose Maintain Folder Hierarchy

6. Click on the Advance Setting option to choose the advance option such as Naming Convention, Date Filter, Page Layout, and Bates Number

7. After that, choose the destination location to save the file

8. At last click on the Export button to start the process

Once you finished with the process go to the destination location and choose the PDF email file that you want to print

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Why this Tool?

Well, the manual method is capable enough to print email from Apple Mail but only for fewer emails. And here the tool comes with its features such as:

  • It is capable to export multiple Apple Mail emails into PDF
  • Comes with various filter options such as naming conventions, date filter, include internet header, page layout, and bates number.
  • This tool saves the Apple Mail emails with attachments
  • The tool is compatible with all the version of Mac OS


How to print email from Apple Mail is a very common query asked by many users because sometimes users encounter some error. So here in this blog, we have discussed manual as well as automated methods to complete this task. Now, it up to to you to choose the right solution as per your requirement.