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How to Open EML on Mac OS? Know the Best Ways!

Published By Chirag Arora
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Published On May 21st, 2024
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Summary:- Read this article if you’re seeking ways to open EML on Mac in the easiest ways. Here, we have provided different approaches for Mac OS users to access the email data of EML files, and by the end of this article, you will get the answer to “How to open EML files on Mac”.

There are numerous reasons behind opening the .eml file into the macOS system. So, let’s delve into understanding the secure yet free methods closely.

EML files are electronic mail formats that are used to store information on email messages, email bodies, and attachments. Moreover, this versatile file format helps to transfer single email messages from one platform to another. Now, let’s explore the methods to avail the information of EML files on the macOS system.

Need to Open EML files on Mac with Attachments

Opening the EML file emails on Mac offers several benefits. Now, read the list below to find reasons for searching the methods to access the EML files on any Mac OS system.

  • Forwarding Emails: Users often need to open EML files on Mac to forward emails between platforms by accessing the required email client.
  • Archiving Emails: Accessing EML files locally on Mac allows users to read, audit, and preview crucial email data without risk of alteration.
  • Migrating Email Data: Opening EML files on Mac enables seamless integration with other applications, allowing easy management of emails and attachments.

Methods to Open EML on Mac OS Instantly

In the following section, we will provide multiple solutions to view EML files on Mac. Implementing these step guidance will allow users to access the email data with or without using email services. Now, let’s understand them closely.

Read EML Files on Mac Using Apple Mail

Here are the simple steps to open EML files on macOS while using Apple Mail. So, follow the guidance below:-

Step 1. Launch the Apple Mail application and go to the “File” menu.

Step 2. Select “Import Mailboxes” and choose “Files in mbox format”.

Step 3. Click “Continue” and navigate to the location of your EML file, select it, and click “Choose”.

The imported EML file will appear in a new folder under “On My Mac” in Apple Mail.

Using Microsoft Outlook for Mac

To open EML files on Mac OS using Microsoft Outlook for Mac, follow these steps:

Step 1. Launch Microsoft Outlook.

Step 2. Open the Finder and locate your EML file.

Step 3. Drag the EML file and drop it into the Outlook window.

The EML file will open in a new message window within Outlook.


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Change the File Extention

It is yet another way to open EML on Mac while changing the file extension of the EML file. Shifting the file format enables users to access the EML file without any email client on Mac. Follow the below-mentioned step guidance:-

Step 1. Select the EML file, and enter the Command + I button.

Step 2. From the Menu options, choose the Name & Extension.

Step 3. Now, rectify the name of the .eml file to .mht & .html.

Step 4. After this, the pop message asks to switch the file.

Step 5. At last, save the changes to get the EML file on Mac.

Limitation- Changing the file extensions arbitrarily can cause conflicts errors or even corruption in the system which may lead to data loss. For example, a script that processes .csv files will fail if the files are incorrectly renamed to .txt.

Limitation Behind Choosing Manual Solution

Above were some Manual Methods one can use to Open EML Files on Mac. Although they do have certain limitations that can lead to problems, let us discuss them in detail.

  • Free solution means increasing the chances of errors and opting for unfavorable challenges. To open EML on Mac using a manual approach is considered to burn time and effort at once.
  • In the repetition of tasks, users certainly opt for the wrong configuration or steps. Unfortunately, it leads to the loss of EML files along with time. Further, advanced features are absent.
  • For both trained and unskilled professionals, implementing the repetitive step guidance is quite tiresome. Hence, it is suggested that users don’t rely on free methods for opening the EML files.


Users can use the expert-favored solution, MacWareTools EML Converter for Mac, one of the solitary software for converting EML files on multiple file formats. Some of its features include batch conversion of EML files, preserving the folder structure, and converting emails with attachments. Moreover, it lets users open EML files on Mac without installing any email client. 


In a nutshell, we talked about multiple ways to open EML on Mac. Unfortunately, the free methods are incorporated with the risk of data modification or deletion. Hence, keep these points in mind before choosing the manual ways to open the EML files on macOS. To eliminate these challenges, consider the expert-recommended method, one of the secure and proficient ways for accessing the EML data on Mac without any fear.

Common Questions, Here’s the Answers

Q. How can I open EML files on Mac OS?
Follow the quick step instructions to access the EML files on the Mac:-

  1. Launch the expert-suggested software on macOS.
  2. Choose any file from the displayed dual options > Next.
  3. Select the necessary file format from the export file type.
  4. Lastly, navigate to Change and then, press Export.

Q. Can you convert EML to PDF on Mac?

Initially, launch the Apple Mail application on your Mac. Further, choose the targeted email you want to convert to PDF. Now, navigate to the “File” menu and click on the “Export to a PDF” option. After that, give the PDF file a name and select where you want to save it.

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