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How to Remove Password Protection from PDF on Mac Desktop?

Stuart Williams | Modified: September 1st, 2022 | 4 Minutes Reading
How to Remove Password Protection from PDF

Summary: No matter what and how large protected PDF you have on a Mac system. Here, in this article, we will share the best methods to remove password protection from PDF mac. So, if you’re wondering to know the steps to delete password from PDF then this article will help you out.

Many organizations use PDF documents encrypted with a password for sending so that only the authorized user can read and have the access permissions. If you want to access the contents of the file, you will need the password to open the document on your Mac machine.

But if you don’t remember one then it would be tragic situation because it keeps asking for the password. It is not only annoying, but also cumbersome, depending on the length of the password used, and thus involves the frustration. And once you’ve protected a PDF with a password on mac OS, you will not be able to remove it. But with a little trick, this lock can be unlocked.

So, here we will discuss all the possible solutions to delete password from PDF Mac.

How to Remove Password Protection from PDF Mac?

1 Option:

To decrypt a document or to remove the security password from PDF file. Firstly, you must first open the document with the Mac Preview App and then unlock it with the appropriate password.

Then, select in the menu bar under the “File” menu. Click on “Export” or “Save As…” (the Alt key must be held).

A dialog box opens in which you can select a storage location for the new, decrypted PDF document and then create it directly by clicking on the ”Save” button. – Finished.

2 Option:

If the above method does not work, printing is always worth an alternative attempt.
Select the menu item “Print…” or use the print shortcut (CMD + P). In the print dialog, you will find a drop-down menu in the lower-left corner, select “Save as PDF…” and save the document in a location of your choice.

But remember if your PDF file is having a print restriction. Then this method is completely useless.

3 Option:

Adobe Acrobat Pro is a paid application that can be used to remove protection from PDF Mac. This is another program by Adobe that helps to perform multiple tasks. Acrobat Pro offers a free trial of Acrobat Pro for a week.

Now, to remove the security password from PDF document follow these steps:

  • Open the PDF file in Adobe Acrobat Pro and specify the password to view it. Click the lock icon in the left side of the window and click on “Permissions” to remove password from PDF Mac. You can also go to File > Properties and click on the “Security” tab.
  • Click on the “Security Method” box, select “No security“, and click “OK” to remove the password.
  • Now, mouse-click the File > Save to save your changes. You can also close the Adobe Acrobat Pro DC window and then you can save your changes. Once you have the password, it will be removed from the original PDF file.

Quick Solution to Delete Protection from PDF File

PDF Unlocker Software Mac is the best utility to remove the owner as well as a known user password from the PDF. The software is capable to remove permission from PDF documents in batch. It does not require Adobe Acrobat installation to removing any kind of password from a PDF file.

Not only this the software allows you to copy text from secured PDF documents but it also generates the report containing all details. It also previews the status of the PDF document i.e. (Pending or Completed) during the unlocking process.

How to Remove Password Protection from PDF Mac

Download the software, follow these simple steps and learn how to delete password from PDF on Mac OS X:

1. Open the software and click on the Add Files or Add Folder for adding required PDF files

2. Click on Next and you will get the following screen. Click the Change to give the location for saving output unprotected PDF files. Just after that, click on Unlock option to initiate the remove permission from PDF file process.

3. The status will get completed and you can successfully view the report by clicking on View Report.


This blog provides various methods to remove password protection from PDF Mac. However, deleting the security password from PDF documents is quite tricky, but with some tricks, you can do it. The blog emphasizes all possible solutions that you can use to delete password from PDF file on the Mac Operating system. So, choose the best solution wisely.