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How to Remove Password from PDF Mac? Tips to Decrypt PDF

Published By Satyam Jha
Approved By Anuraag Singh
Published On July 15th, 2024
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Do password-protected PDF files trouble you? If your answer is affirmative then, read this article to discover how to remove password from PDF Mac OS. Here, we will provide the complete tutorial to unencrypt the PDF document on MacBook in 2024 and beyond. Additionally, the perks of reading this blog may help professionals to unlock their PDFs with ease.

PDFs are the modern medium for transferring a chunk of information worldwide. From flexibility to wide compatibility, PDF files ruled over every industry and business professional. Since the lurking threat of data tapering is ubiquitous, it brings the need to encrypt PDF files.

Now to access private or sensitive PDF files many of you need tips to remove PDF password Mac OS. So, walk through this article to unlock the robust PDF remover tool to read the document efficiently on a MacBook.

What is the Need to Secure PDFs with Password-Protection?

Adding encryption permission on PDF files ensures security and maintains data privacy, especially when sharing on different platforms. Additionally, it prevents unwanted editing and omission in the document file, making it secure from any unauthorized access. Here are possible reasons to add passwords to PDF files:-

  • Protect the sensitive information from unwanted access, ensuring limited access.
  • Tends to safeguard documents while sharing them on different channels or platforms.
  • It ensures the originality of information and makes content unchanged or altered.

Overall, it is helpful to ensure that only an authorized person has read the document. Unfortunately, these encryptions can add inconvenience to professionals when it comes to accessing the document instantly. Also, if you lose the encryption key then, viewing the PDF content becomes impossible. Now, let’s find out more reasons to remove password from PDF Mac.

Why Should I Unencrypt PDF Mac OS? Possible Reasons

Whether receive a password-protected file or want to share the encrypted PDF document with any individual, both conditions need to decrypt PDF Mac. Here are a common reason why users search for ways to remove passwords from their PDF documents:-

  • Instant Accessibility:- Removing passwords from PDF files triggers instant access to content. With this, you don’t need to enter the encryption key, especially if you need to access the same file multiple times.
  • Share File Without Password:- After using the methods to remove password from PDF Mac, users can easily share PDF files with ease. Hence, it facilitates Mac users to manage or transmit information quickly.
  • Lost Encryption Key:- Either mugging up or remembering the password is a quite pesky task. Often when you forget the encryption key; it prevents the accessibility of PDF. Decrypting the data helps the user to retrieve the data easily.
  • Need to Change the Exiting Password:- There are several instances where businesses or professionals need to rectify existing passwords on their Mac PDFs. In this case, search for ways to remove PDF password Mac.
  • Frequently Entering Passwords on PDF:- Often unknowingly entering wrong passwords on PDF files triggers access denial or even imposes a temporary lockout on the PDF document on macOS.

Overall, these are the prominent reasons behind unencrypt PDF Mac. Now, wondering how to remove PDF password Mac? So, walk through the next section to know the best go-to solution for removing or editing password settings from your Mac PDF files.

How to Remove Password from PDF Mac with Manual Guide?

In the following section, we will provide the different ways to decrypt PDF Mac. Using the below manual guide, Mac users can easily remove the password from their Adobe PDF files. Now, let’s walk through the methods:-

  1. Remove Password from PDF with Preview App
  2. Decrypt PDF File Using Adobe Acrobat

Now, let’s swim in to learn these methods one after another.

How Do I Remove PDF File Password with Preview App?

The Mac Preview app is one of the effective solutions when it comes to removing passwords from PDF-protected files. Moreover, Preview enables Mac users to make simple edits on Mac OS. Interestingly, this application is pre-installed, allowing users to manage or remove passwords seamlessly.

Now, follow the steps instructions to perform:-

  1. Open a password-protected PDF file on the Preview app.
  2. After this, type the required password.
  3. Switch to the File menu and then, hit Export.
  4. Provide the File name and then, press Save.

How Do I Remove Password from PDF Mac with Adobe Acrobat?

If you don’t need password protection on PDFs anymore; it certainly highlights the need for Adobe Acrobat Pro software. It is typically considered the professionally designed and revolutionary solution to edit password permission, watermark, and many more.

Additionally, it lets Mac users insert and delete chunks of pages from their PDF files. Here is the step-by-step guidance to edit the password restriction on your Mac OS:-

  1. Open Adobe Acrobat Pro software on your Mac OS.
  2. Move to File and then, click on Open.
  3. From the pop-up window, provide the correct password > OK.
  4. Once the PDF file is opened, switch to File > tab on Properties.
  5. From the Properties section, click on Security > No Security.
  6. Here, enter the required Permissions Password and then, OK.
  7. Finally, select File > Save As to archive the file in the desired location.

REMEMBER: Remove Password from PDF Mac with a manual solution is prone to risk, especially loss of crucial data. Additionally, using improper steps is yet another reason that certainly involves losing important files. Besides this, the manual approach needs good technical expertise.

How to Unencrypt PDF Mac with Expert Solution? Open the Any PDF File

To remove PDF password Mac, download MacWareTools Mac PDF Unlocker Tool, one of the simplified way to unlock PDF file without any manual work. This is an effortless solution helping professionals to copy, edit, and print PDF files while decrypting the PDF document.

The uniqueness of this software includes allowing users to remove passwords from locked PDF files without installing Adobe Acrobat. It is a standalone solution to decrypt PDF pages while maintaining the folder integrity and structure.

Additionally, this advanced tool enables professionals to remove password permission from their PDF documents in bulk. It is a hassle-free and completely secure solution for macOS users and is congruent with all Mac systems. So, run this tool to easily decrypt PDF Mac.

Asked Questions on Remove Password from PDF Mac

Q. How do I remove the password from a PDF on Mac?
Follow the below steps to unencrypt PDF Mac OS:-

  1. Install the MacWareTools suggested tool on your macOS.
  2. Choose from Add Files or Add Folders to upload documents.
  3. Preview all the password-protected files at once.
  4. Go to Browse to save the decrypted PDF file.
  5. Lastly, hit the Unlock button.

Q. How to remove PDF password protection?
It is quite simple to remove password from PDF Mac with MacWareTools recommended software. Moreover, it is secure and sleek software, offering numerous feature-packed functionalities to decrypt the password from any PDF file. Here, you just need to add the file and get an unencrypted PDF document in just a few clicks.

Also, read: how to extract text from Adobe PDF file.

Let’s Wrap Up!

There are multiple reasons to remove password from PDF Mac. In any of those cases, using the manual solution to decrypt password-protected PDF files is risky and retains error. Here, the expert-recommended solution is handy and equally reliable for Mac users to easily edit, share, and disable the encrypted PDF document, especially if you have lost the passkey.

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