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Batch Archive Yahoo Emails with Attachments at Once

Published By Chirag Arora
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Published On April 15th, 2024
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The clutter of email messages in your inbox keeps you from instantly accessing crucial emails. In this case, users either delete emails or find ways to archive them in separate folders. Now, read this article to know how to archive Yahoo emails in bulk without removing them from the mail server.

Archiving the emails helps users unclutter their inbox emails into other folders. With this, users can instantly access the necessary emails without searching them on inbox messages. Hence, it enables users to save emails instead of permanently deleting them.

Now, let’s closely understand the methods for archiving Yahoo Mail emails with all attachments.

What is the Difference Between Saving and Archiving Yahoo Emails?

Here, we will explain the common difference between saving or archiving email messages on Yahoo. The archive Yahoo email revolves around organizing or cleaning the inbox folder by moving required emails to separate archive folders. Moreover, the Yahoo emails in archive methods remain in the Yahoo Mail server.

On the other hand, the significance of saving Yahoo emails allows downloading the Yahoo email messages to a local hard drive or another platform instead of a Yahoo mail server. With this, users can access the email data without login into Yahoo webmail. Thus, it is the prime difference behind archiving or saving the email messages of Yahoo.

Need for Archiving Yahoo Emails to Keep Messages Accessible

As we have already mentioned the a major need for archiving Yahoo email messages. In this section, we will explain other reasons behind moving the Yahoo inbox email to the archive folder. So, let’s dive into it.

  • Unclutter Inbox:- Often inbox gets filled with promotional, primary, and other email messages. Here, finding the important emails at once is yet another tiresome task. For the same, users search for ways to archive multiple Yahoo email as it allows them to easily access the emails by just moving them to separate archive folders.
  • Another Backup:- Archiving emails is considered the backup of the inbox folder. With this, users can easily find, read, or access the necessary email messages rather than searching for them in their inbox.
  • Clean up Inbox Folder:- Yet another benefit of archiving email allows users to easily clean their inbox and organize the messages in other folders. Hence, these are the prominent reasons to archive Yahoo emails with attachments.

Overall, archiving Yahoo Mail emails provides email management of inbox folders. With this, users can improve integration and effective organization of emails. Now, let’s move down to learn the methods for archiving emails.

Yahoo Mail Integrated Process to Archive Multiple Yahoo Email

Previously, we have explained the reason for archiving email messages from Yahoo Mail. In the following section, we will highlight the manual ways to archive Yahoo emails. With this, users can access Yahoo Mail emails from the mail server. Hence, it is considered the moving process for cleaning or managing the inbox emails to an archive folder. Now, let’s read the detailed step guidance:-

  • Archiving Yahoo Emails Via Mobile Devices

Here, we will explore the step directions for archiving the Yahoo Mail messages via mobile devices. Now, follow the same steps while moving your inbox emails to an archive folder.

  1. Open the Yahoo Mail application.
  2. Select any Yahoo Mail email message.
  3. Now, tap on the displayed Archive icon from the button toolbar.
  4. Repeat these steps till archiving the necessary Yahoo emails.
  • Archive Multiple Yahoo Email Using Desktop

After learning the steps of the mobile app for archiving Yahoo emails. Here, know the steps to archive multiple Yahoo emails with attachments via Desktop.

  1. Open your Yahoo Mail and login to it.
  2. Choose the required Yahoo emails for archiving.
  3. From the top menu, select the Archive option.
  4. With this, users can archive Yahoo emails with embedded attachments.

In a nutshell, these are the complete manual step guidance for archiving Yahoo email messages. Unfortunately, if there is an issue with the Yahoo Mail server then, there is no way to access the archive folder. Besides this, there are other impurities in the free solution, let’s move to find them.

What are the Limitations of Using Manual Solutions?

  • Repetition causes the chances of errors. Hence, implementing the same step guidance for accessing Yahoo emails in archive folders increases the possibility of misconfiguration.
  • The method to archive Yahoo emails certainly archives the inbox email to another folder. Unfortunately, in the case of Yahoo Mail down or Yahoo Mail is not opening, in both scenarios, users can’t access the emails as they are archived on the mail server.
  • Since the archive folder is just akin to an inbox. Therefore, it increases the storage issue which later results in spacing error. With this, users are unable to send and receive new emails in Yahoo Mail.

Expert Methods to Save/ Archive Yahoo Emails at Once

Earlier, we have highlighted the major drawback behind using the manual solution. Since the methods of archiving Yahoo inbox, emails completely fail in the case of server down error. Therefore, it is recommended that users save or archive multiple Yahoo email on a local server. Now, download MacwareTools Yahoo Backup Software; one of the best go-to ways to save Yahoo emails locally. Moreover, the robust functionalities of this tool include backup of Yahoo emails in multiple file extensions.

Besides this, users can easily print Yahoo emails or even download them to their computer. Hence, it is a profound solution that helps to preserve the folder structure of Yahoo Mail during the backup process. Moreover, users can easily save all Yahoo emails with embedded attachments in bulk. Now, let’s move ahead to discover the step-by-step instructions of this software.

Quick Step Guidance of Automated Utility

Prerequisite of Tool:- Users need to generate an App password before running the tool.

  1. Download the aforementioned automated software on your machine.
  2. Enter the login details and move to Login.
    add Yahoo login details
  3. From the displayed folder list, choose the required folders.
    choose folders
  4. Go to Select Export Type and then, click on any file format for backup.
    select any export file extension
  5. After this, select the destination path via Change.
    click on Change to save location of resultant file
  6. Lastly, press Start Backup.
    hit Start Backup

Instead of using the archive Yahoo emails method, users can opt for this step guidance to save the Yahoo emails and access them anytime. Most importantly, it allows users to avail or read emails in case of Yahoo downtime error.

The Bottom Line

In this technical article, we have explained two different ways to archive Yahoo emails. Since using the manual step guidance, users can only access Yahoo emails when the webmail is in working status. Therefore, look for the automated tool as it enables users to instantly download Yahoo email data in different file formats. Besides this, it is a secure and proactive way for archiving multiple Yahoo Mail emails locally.

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