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How to Perform Batch Archive Yahoo Emails Process Securely?

Jaspreet Singh | Published: 2022-11-25T12:52:10+00:00

Taking out the emails from a webmail service can be the reason due to different needs. However, when it comes to Yahoo mail which has been used by multiple users for managing their data. But, Yahoo mail has undergone various changes over the period. Hence, most users prefer to archive Yahoo emails to hard drive. But the question arises, how?

So, to keep this query in mind we have come up with all the possible solutions in this article. Here, we will be discussing the possible solution that will help you to take out required emails from Yahoo mail.

User Query: Hi, though I have been using Yahoo mail for a long time but for the last few days I’m having issues. Whenever I try to open Yahoo mail and access old emails. It suddenly stops working and I have to login again. To save my data from any loss I have decided to archive them into the hard drive. But, I have searched on the internet where I have found configuration methods. I don’t want to configure into another application to archive Yahoo mail to hard drive. Therefore, I am looking for a solution through which I can take out bulk emails in one go. If anyone has any idea about it then do let me know, please.

Manual Solution to Archive Yahoo Emails

To use this manual method you will have to follow the below guidelines carefully on your desktop-

  • First and foremost, enter your Yahoo mail user Id and Password to login, and tap Next.
  • From the welcome screen, click on the Mail option on the right side of the mailbox
  • It will take you to the Inbox folder of Yahoo mail, where you can select the required email to archive
  • Preview the email, tap on the three horizontal dots and click on the Print Message from the drop-down menu
  • After that, you can set the page accordingly and tap on the Save button to save Yahoo emails to PDF format to the hard drive.
  • Finally, you can decide the Designation path for the archived file and hit the Save icon.

Limitations of Using Manual Technique for Yahoo Mail

  1. This method is only capable to archive one Yahoo email at a time to your computer hard drive.
  2. Moreover, this manual method does not provide a facility for archiving bulk Yahoo mail emails.
  3. On top of it, you will have to repeat the process to archive Yahoo mail to hard drive again and again. As a result, this method is a bit lengthy to perform for multiple emails.
  4. If in case, you don’t want the extracted email in PDF format, then you will have no choice. As this manual method only offers a PDF format with this printing option.

How to Archive Yahoo Emails to Hard Drive in Bulk?

With the above manual method as you can only be allowed to archive a single email from Yahoo mail. But, when there is a need for bulk archiving it doesn’t fit well. Therefore, you should go for the professional solution for multiple archiving emails.

Hence, using the Mac Yahoo Mail Backup Tool you can easily complete the process in batch. If there is a need to archive attachments as well from a Yahoo mail. Then, this software even allows that. In short, you can go for this automated tool blindly.

Moreover, it even has various file formats as required, hence, you can export yahoo emails to PST, EML, MSG, etc. For user convenience, this tool is pre-tested and provides an easy GUI interface. Because of its simple graphical user interface, even non-technical users can operate this tool and make the best out of it.

Advantages of Choosing this Software

For user convenience, this tool offers multiple advantages such as-

  1. Compatibility of All Mac Machines – Choosing this automated tool is feasible because of its working capability. In short, this tool is capable enough to work on any version of the Mac operating system. Because it fully supports all the Mac OS 10.8, and all below versions, Mac OS X 11.0, and Mac OS X 12.0.
  2. Free Trial Version Available– To archive Yahoo emails securely and to know the software before going further with the licensed version. This tool has a free demo version that you can use and check out its working of it.
  3. Selectively Archive Emails from Yahoo Mail – If there is a need for archiving multiple Yahoo emails but on a specific term. Then using this automated tool you can only take out the required emails. For that, this utility offers a Date Filter option where you can set the date range. After selecting the “To” and “From” fields as per the requirement, the tool will only archive emails that come into the selected date range. It is even capable enough to delete all emails in Yahoo mail after completing the process.
  4. Availability to Take out New Emails – This automated application not just allows you to archive multiple emails from Yahoo mail but it prevents any email duplicates. As there is an Incremental Backup feature that helps in only take out new emails along with attachments from the Yahoo mailbox.

Step by Step Guide for Batch Archiving Yahoo Mail

For the execution of this task, just download the mentioned software on your Mac desktop. After proper installation, follow the below instructions –

  • Enter the email address and password of your active Yahoo Mail account on the initial screen, hit Login


  • Now, you can select any file format for archiving, such as PST file

archive yahoo emails

  • After that, mouse-click on the Advance Settings for the date filter or any other available options

apply filters

  • Then, you can browse the location path on the computer to preserve the file at any location, tap on the Change button

save to location

  • Eventually, hit the Start backup to begin the bulk process to archive Yahoo emails with attachments.

start archive yahoo emails


In this article, we have discussed how to archive Yahoo emails to hard drive easily. Moreover, for doing this task, we have shared all the possible methods. So, you can easily choose any method from above. However, if you have a large Yahoo mail mailbox and you want to archive emails from them, then choose an automated solution. As the suggested software is capable enough to archive all emails in bulk mode. Moreover, it has a free trial version to know the archiving process with limited trials.