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How to Backup Zimbra Mailbox Emails along with Attachments?

Published By Chirag Arora
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Published On December 22nd, 2023
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This article guides the user to easily backup Zimbra mailbox from the Zimbra mail server following a few simple steps. Here, we will explain how you can even backup the email attachments from the Zimbra mail server on your PC.

A large vertical around the globe prefers taking a backup of their data from any cloud-based email service which is said to be a good practice.

Though there are certain security measures provided by the Zimbra webmail to its users, they do not guarantee safety from external threats.

Here are the threats leading to data loss, corruption situations, or delays in your work if you do not backup Zimbra emails:

  • Anonymous hackers remove messages from your account after hacking it.
  • Delay in work due to outages.
  • Virus attacks corrupt your mailbox.
  • Malware like ransomware attacks encrypt emails until the ransom is paid.
  • Deleting data without knowing or thinking it’s not useful in the future.
  • In these cases, no email service will make up for the damage caused due to external or human errors.

Quick Steps to Backup Zimbra Email

Step 1. Download the tool mentioned and log in using Zimbra credentials.

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Step 2. Select the desired file format type.

Step 3. Apply date filter as per your need.

Step 4. Change the path where you want to save the email backup.

Step 5. Finally, Start the process.

Anyway, to overcome such situations or avoid falling into one, take a backup of your data using the methods given here.

Easy Techniques to Backup Zimbra Mailbox

For those who want to use the manual method, you can learn the steps explained below.

If you are looking for a non-tech and professional solution, there is an advanced technique that can easily be implemented and no risk of failure is involved.

Remember, the manual solution to backup mailbox might have a few drawbacks that can lead to corruption or data-loss scenarios.

Moreover, experts never suggest this solution for bulk backup of Zimbra mail server data.

est assured, the software will complete the procedure and keep the data in one piece.

Steps of Manual Method to Backup Zimbra Mailbox Server

Refer to the steps given below to backup of emails from Zimbra webmail manually:

    1. Login to your Zimbra account and choose the Preferences option.
    2. Click on the Import/Export button and choose the Type as Account in the Export panel.
    3. Check out all the data, and all the folders that display on the screen.
    4. Press the Export button and hit the Save File option in the dialog box that appears.
    5. Choose the destination location for the files and hit Save.

However, when you backup Zimbra mailbox using this method, the available risks can cause damage to the files.

Also, if you want to export the files selectively, you will need to perform different types of steps for it as mentioned in the next section.

Advanced Settings to Backup Zimbra Email Data 

Execute the listed instructions:

  1. Once you log in to your account, navigate to the Preferences section and hit the Import/Export option.
  2. In the Export section, choose Type as Account.
  3. Go to the Source field and choose the folder to backup Zimbra mail.

If you choose the Source as All Folders, the data types field will be used to export the data via the folder type. In case, you did not choose a specific folder, the data types are not of concern.

  1. Select a Start and End Date to export the emails falling between this time.
  2. Hit the Export button & choose the Save File Set the destination for it in the dialog box that appears.

Now, let’s find out about the professional solution to make this operation a rather easier one.

Zimbra Email Backup on Desktop Instantly

Is the Professional Method to Backup Zimbra Mailbox Easy in Technical Terms?

Well, to first answer the question, it is indeed an easier solution.

With the safe and secure Mac IMAP Email Backup Tool, you get the capability of exporting all data to the local storage in the desired file format.  This software has its benefits for backing up the data from the Zimbra Server. You just have to put in the credentials and perform some easy steps. In just a few seconds, it will start the backup process of Zimba mail server emails to the PC.

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Moreover, this tool provides you with various facilities that help in a secure backup of emails. So, you won’t face any data loss situation or modification while using this tool.

How to Backup Zimbra Mailbox Emails Step by Step?

Want to know how the tool works? Let’s take a look at it:

1. Launch the tool and provide the credentials of the Zimbra mail server account and give in the details for the IMAP server and port No. Hit Login.

download software and login

2. Choose the export format as per your requirement. These steps are for EML format and just click on the Advance Settings button.

Backup Zimbra Mailbox from server

3. Now, set the Naming Convention to rename the file and set the dates in the Date-Filter for a selective Zimbra email backup.


4. Choose the Delete after Download option to remove the emails from the Zimbra server mailbox. Then, click the Change button to pick the destination location for your exported data.


5. Begin the backup task by clicking on the Start Backup option.

Start Backup Zimbra Mailbox

Features of this Smart Professional Utility

  • Allows to backup Zimbra mailbox emails from the Zimbra server in formats; PST, PDF, MBOX, EMLX, MSG, HTML, etc.
  • Selective data export is made possible by applying the Date-Filter feature
  • Option to reset names of emails like Subject, Date + Subject via Naming Convention
  • Delete After Download permits to free up space by removing emails after export
  • Keep the folder structure & data integrity Intact using Maintain Folder Hierarchy
  • Export the new data files via the Incremental Backup feature & avoid duplicity errors
  • Compatibility with Mac OS X 11 and all the lower versions

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If you are wondering are there any shortcut ways to backup Zimbra mailbox? Then, No, but, it is a free approach.

Caution: The steps mentioned below could be a time-consuming process since it allows exporting one mailbox folder at a time. The steps are as follows:

Open your Zimbra account >> Right-click on an email folder >> Click on Export

Once the above is done, Go to your Downloads folder >> Right-click on the ZIP file & click Extract here.

After that, you can see that how do I download all emails from Zimbra data in EML format with its meta details. You consider this as one of its limitations cause it exports the emails in only one file format. Thus, it’s advised to go with the method that was discussed earlier.


Q- How much time it’s going to take for a complete Zimbra email backup?

The time taken to complete the entire process depends on the number of emails you have in your mailbox. With the above-mentioned tool, you will require less time even if you have a large number of emails to back up.

Q- Can still access my emails after taking the Zimbra backup?

Yes. The emails will remain there until and unless you have selected the delete after download option if using the tool. 

Q- Is it possible to take backup Zimbra mailbox in PDF format?

Yes. If you use the tool for the backup process, then it provides PDF as export file format. So, you can choose the same and back up all your emails.

To Conclude

Exploring solutions to backup Zimbra mailbox from the Zimbra Server but can’t find the right one? Well, this blog has covered it all. In this article, we have shared the efficient methods in detail. Hence, you can simply use them without any technical assistance. However, we kept the risks in mind that hover over the user’s head and cause data loss or corruption situations. Since nobody likes their data being damaged, we have suggested software for a successful & safe backup.


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