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hMailServer Alternative – Know the Best Replacement Option

Published By Chirag Arora
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Published On April 25th, 2024
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Are you looking for hMailServer Alternative and planning to migrate your crucial emails to another email client or server? If yes, then leave all your worries because you have landed on the right blog. 

Here, we will do a deep technical discussion on this topic, so that by the end of this article your doubts will be clear in a proper manner. Let’s understand through users’ queries.

I see that hMailServer will not be actively developed any longer. I have to set up a new mail server on Mac shortly. I searched for alternatives but did not find a good solution so far. What alternatives to hMailServer are you suggesting to me for the next Mac server?

Before explaining the methods for hMailServer replacement, let’s first try to understand the meaning of this email server in a pretty easy manner.

What is hMailServer

Anyone can download and use the open-source email server hMailServer without paying a dime. Internet service providers, businesses, governments, institutions of higher learning, and fans utilize the service on a global scale.

Moreover, the most well-liked email protocols (IMAP, SMTP, and POP3) are supported, and it is also simple to incorporate into many other online mail systems that are already in use.

What Would be the Driving Factors for Alternative to hMailServer

Well, there are numerous reasons behind migration to another email client.

1. Security: It is the most common reason for migration because everyone wants to ensure their essential data security from hacking or cyberattacks. Having a secure email client can increase security and ensure the best management of your important emails.   

2. Integration: The majority of email clients provide options that enable you to connect with other tools. The end-user’s experience may be improved by these integration features.

3. Efficiency: Some users migrate their emails to another server to increase efficiency. Sometimes moving to reputable email clients may offer 24-hour services, preventing any disruptions to your activities. 

This was a quick discussion on factors. Now, let’s come to our main topic which is “hMailServer Alternative.” There are some best replacement email clients for it such as Gmail, Yahoo, Hotmail, AOL, Outlook, etc and for this, you need a professional tool. 

Well, as you know there are so many migration tools available in the market. But before selecting any tool this question is tricked in your mind whether the tool is enough capable to fulfil my needs or not, right? 

If you’re eagerly searching for the best tool then “MacWareTools IMAP Migration Tool Mac.” It is made up with having prominent features. 

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Why Choose This Professional Software for hMailServer Alternative

Some rich features of the tried and tested tool are given below: 

1. Provides Multiple Options to Filter Emails: Firstly, when you use this tool you will find an amazing feature that you get so many options to filter your emails such as you can select your specified emails with a date filter. 

2. Migrate IMAP Emails from Mailbox: By entering your valid and correct credentials in the field of IMAP host domain you can proceed to migrate. It also supports any domain like Hotmail, Outlook, Gmail, and so on. 

3. Several Migration Modes: Suppose you are in the process of hMailServer replacement and you only need to migrate your newly arrived emails or want to retry the failed emails again then in also this software helps you to do it simply and easily. There are other effective migration modes tools.

4. Concurrent Email Migration: If you have to migrate other IMAP accounts in one go, then this trustworthy tool allows you. 

5. Maintenance of Folder Structure: Additionally, it can maintain each folder structure throughout the process. 

6. Works with All Mac OS Edition: It is structured in a way that supports every Mac edition. So, without any worry, you can use this software.

Process of taking Alternative to hMailServer Step-By-Step

This could be the best way to migrate using this tool. To understand how to operate this software then read the following steps carefully and make sure not to skip any step in between. 

Step 1: Launch the tool, now in this interface select your IMAP host account from the given options. 

select IMAP host name (hmailserver alternative)

Step 2: Now, enter the credentials, then click on the “Validate” button.

enter login details (hmailserver alternative)

Step 3: After that, from the drop-down menu choose your destination IMAP account. 

select destination IMAP host name (hmailserver alternative)

Step 4: Similarly, fill up your login details and select “Validate.”


Step 5: Then, the user mapping list will then show up. You can perform concurrent migration and add more IMAP accounts by clicking on the “Add” button.

add more IMAP accounts

Step 6: Now, let’s come to the selection of “Advance Settings” In this you have to apply the filter for your emails. This function makes your hMailServer alternative process pretty easy.

select advance settings

Step 7: In this interface select your date and folder. 

date filter and folder filter

Step 8: Check for the “Attach Source Account Tree” option for maintaining your folder structure with the source account name. 

attach source account tree

Step 9: You can also go for the “Delta Migration” option which will help you to skip your previous migrated emails. 

delta migration

Step 10: Click on the “Start Migration” button to proceed your the process. 

click on start migration


In conclusion, by following a few simple steps that we have discussed, the hMailServer alternative to a new server becomes easy for you. And using this tool for the same will help you to keep your important data secure. Moreover, it directly changes the server you do not need to change it any other file format.  

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Q – Can hMailServer emails be migrated to an Outlook.com online account?
A – Yes, this application allows you to convert hMailServer to both Outlook.com online and Outlook desktop email clients.

Q – Is selective email migration possible with this tool from a particular period?
A- Yes, the Mac IMAP server migration software has a date filter option that helps the user during the migration of emails from the chosen period.

Q – How can I transfer IMAP emails to other webmail on Mac OS?
A – Follow these quick steps to migrate IMAP account to another:

Step 1: To begin the process, download the utility on your Mac application.
Step 2: Insert required credentials for both Source and Destination email accounts.
Step 3: After this, select Date Filter for selective data migration.
Step 4: Tap the Start Migration button.

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