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How Migrate From Rediffmail to Gmail Account Quickly?

Published By Chirag Arora
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Published On April 25th, 2024
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Sometimes users face issues while using the Rediffmail server for emailing and want to move to a better platform, especially to Gmail. However, they are not aware of how to migrate from Rediffmail to Gmail. If you’re one of them then follow this article till the end. Cause, here, we’ll discuss some incredible solutions through which you will find the answer to how to transfer all mail from Rediffmail to Gmail account.

From the ease-of-use PoV, if we talk about the Gmail service, then, it is a better webmail email service for all types of users. It is a free email service provided by Google with sufficient message storage. So, because of its multiple features and benefits users like you prefer to switch from a Rediffmail account.

For the same, we have a user query-

User Query: Hi all! Though I have been using Rediffmail, due to storage space and other features I have decided to migrate my data to a more reliable email platform. So, I was planning to switch to a Gmail account. I have been looking for a solution to migrate Rediffmail to Gmail, particularly some selective folders. Is there any solution that can let me transfer the same? Also, for moving my data, can I do it manually or is there any tool available? Please let me know!

Now, without further ado, let’s discuss different methods to export mailbox Rediffmail to Gmail.

Table of Content

    1. Manual Solution to Migrate from Rediffmail to Gmail
    2. Professional Solution on How to Transfer all Mail From Rediffmail to Gmail
    3. Top Features of the Tool
    4. Step by Step Procedure to Convert Rediffmail to Gmail Account
    5. Conclusion
    6. FAQs

Migrate Rediffmail to Gmail – Manually

There is a manual method that you can use to migrate from Rediffmail to Gmail by following-

  1. Initially, go to Rediffmail webmail and sign in to the email account >> “My settings”.
  2. After that, choose “Auto Forward” or “Forward your Emails”. Here, just enter the Gmail account ID into the field and save the settings.
  3. Tap the “Start forwarding my emails” option, this will soon all the emails will migrate to your Gmail account.

Limitations of Manual Method:

Though it seems to be a convenient option some users have shown distress about this method. Such as:

  • This approach allows forwarding only a limited number of email addresses. We can say that if users have multiple accounts they want to forward, they might face issues.
  • Since the auto-forwarding option doesn’t have advanced filtering capabilities, users can’t set specific conditions or rules to forward only certain types of emails or emails from specific senders.
  • The auto-forwarding option sometimes fails to check for potential circular forwarding. As a result, it arises the risk of a never-ending chain of email forwarding.

Migrate From Rediffmail to Gmail Professionally

To avoid any kind of data hamper issue, we recommend you go for a reliable and professional solution. For the same, we would suggest the smart Mac IMAP Migrator Software. This is an automated program that helps you to export mailbox Rediffmail to Gmail without any technical issues.

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Moreover, there will be no changes in any email or its formatting while migration. So, you can simply proceed with the task with this software. When you operate this tool on software, you can apply filters accordingly.

Hence, operate this tool without any installation of other applications, and long procedures. It will quickly migrate from Reidffmail to Gmail account data. In case, you are worrying if this tool can work on the latest versions of the Mac machine, then FYI it can run on all latest or earlier versions of Mac OS.

Top Features of the Tool

There are multiple features embedded into this tool that you get with the licensed and free demo versions of it, such as

  1. Migration Newly Rediffmail Emails – There is an option that all the users get while using this automated software to migrate only newly received messages after the first export. Hence, this feature removes any duplicate possibilities of any email.
  2. Maintain Folder Structure – Any folder structure is important when it comes to transferring data from one account to another. Moreover, this utility is the best go-to solution to preserve the folder structure during the migration process.
  3. Exclude/Include Folders Option– If in case, you ever need to exclude some emails or folders while migrate from Rediffmail to Gmail account.
  4. Show Migration Status – The best thing about this software is it provides migration status for checkout. So, in this way, you can preview the migration report or status of all IMAP accounts.
  5. Date-Filter Options – If you need to export mailbox Rediffmail to Gmail but only to specific emails, then there is a Date Filter option. Many users may need to migrate email from the Rediffmail mailbox selectively. Using this inbuilt feature you can proceed with selectively messages as per a time.
  6. Save Summary Report – This automated and standalone software even provides a report for the migration. So, you can view the summary report or detailed report after the Rediffmail to Gmail migration process is done.

Safely Export Mailbox Rediffmail to Gmail Step by Step

First of all, download and install this tool on your local system. Then, follow the steps to complete the migration-

  • Go through with the instructions as given on the initial screen of the application, and press Continue.

click on Continue

  • Now, choose the Host Name and provide the User Name and Password of the Rediffmail webmail.

 choose the Host and provide User Name

  • Then, in the Destination IMAP Account, select Gmail option from the options, and provide the credentials for the same.


  • After this step, it will show you a mapping list on the screen, so if you want to transfer Rediffmail to Gmail emails from multiple accounts, then select the Add option.

 select Add option

  • In this step, just select the Advance Settings before proceeding with the process.

select the Advance Settings

  • Eventually, click the Start Migration icon from the screen to migrate Rediffmail to Gmail on any version of the Mac machine.

lastly click the Start Migration option


In this article, we have discussed how you can migrate from Rediffmail to Gmail account with all the mailbox emails. Therefore, to ease this task, we have shared the best method that is recommended by experts. So, using this professional application you will be able to transfer Redifmail to Gmail without a hiccup.


Q. Is auto-forwarding emails a risk?

Although email forwarding has its uses, the possibility of information disclosure makes it potentially risky. Attackers can use this information to target your company or business associates.

Q. How long does the migration process take?

Well, it completely depends on the number of emails you have to migrate. The larger the number the longer it will take to complete the migration process.

Q. Is there any risk of data loss during Rediffmail migration?

To avoid losing data when migrating emails manually, carefully follow each step and check both accounts thoroughly after the migration. This ensures a safe and secure transfer of all important emails. That’s why, experts suggest relying on automated solutions to migrate from Rediffmail to Gmail to experience a hassle-free manner.

Q- Can I directly transfer emails from Rediffmail to Gmail?

Unfortunately, there isn’t a direct method provided by Rediffmail for this. However, you can try the tool mentioned above to do Rediffmail to Gmail migration.

Q- Are there any limitations or issues I should be aware of?

Oftentimes certain elements like folder structure, read/unread status, and labels may not transfer perfectly when the migration is done manually. However, you can avoid the uncertainty by opting for a professional tool.

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