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How to Perform cPanel Email Migration Safely without Any Data Loss?

Published By Chirag Arora
Approved By Anuraag Singh
Published On November 23rd, 2023
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cPanel Email Migration to Other Platform

cPanel server does the work of managing your hosting account effectively. However, at some point in time, there arises a need for cPanel email migration where users want to move emails from one cPanel to another or to a completely different/secure cloud server. Here are some queries where users are searching for relevant solutions to export emails from cPanel.

User Query 1: Hi there, recently I bought the subscription plan for Microsoft 365 and I want to migrate cPanel email to Office 365. But, I didn’t find any robust solution for migrating my emails from cPanel. If anyone could share their best method, I would really appreciate it.
User Query 2: Hello everyone! I have been using cPanel for a long time but decided to switch to a more user-friendly platform, Gmail. But, the thing is I am unable to find any reliable solution to transfer emails from cPanel to Gmail. Please help me find a solution for transferring my emails.

After going through such queries, we thought of compiling a technical guide explaining a one-stop solution through which users can easily migrate their emails from cPanel. Interestingly, we’ve also received some queries asking about performing cPanel email migration manually. But, is it possible? Let’s find out!

Table of Content

    1. Can You Move Emails from cPanel Manually?
    2. Best Solution for cPanel Email Migration to Other Platforms
    3. Quick & Easy Steps of cPanel All Email Migration
    4. Top Features of the Software
    5. Step by Step Guide for cPanel Email Migration
    6. Conclusion
    7. FAQs

Can You Export Emails from cPanel to Another Manually?

Unfortunately, there is no such direct manual method that you can opt for migrating emails from your cPanel mailbox and transfer them to another. If you are up for doing indirect cPanel email migration manually then here is an overview of the steps you need to follow. (The below steps are applicable for migrating emails from cPanel to cPanel)

  • Prepare the destination cPanel account for the email migration.
  • Backup your cPanel emails from your old account. (The process would take a while if you have a large number of emails)
  • Transfer the downloaded file to your new cPanel.
  • Update DNS records.
  • Check the final result by sending a test mail.

The above steps are highly technical and hands-on experience people would attempt the manual approach. If not done correctly, there might be a chance for data loss. Therefore, we recommend you go straight for another method for migrating your cPanel emails.

Best Solution for cPanel Email Migration to Other Platforms

When it comes to using a professional solution, only the MacWareTools IMAP Migration for Mac comes as a savior. This is the best software that allows you all to migrate all emails from the cPanel to other or different platforms directly.

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Moreover, you don’t need to install or operate any other application while using this migration software. As it is a standalone software that will do the entire migration on its own. So, for migrating your all emails along with their attachments, this tool is good to go.

In case, you have multiple cPanel accounts then it is easy to migrate emails from multiple accounts simultaneously. Also, you can run this automated software for migrating all mailboxes to other platforms on all versions of Mac machines.

Quick & Easy Steps of cPanel Email Migration

  1. Download and run the cPanel migration software on your Mac.
  2. Enter the Source & Destination account details & validate.
  3. Add the email accounts for migration.
  4. Apply Advanced settings if any.
  5. Click on Start Migration.

Top Features of the Software

  1. Migration Newly Emails from cPanel – While using this automated software you get an option to migrate only newly received messages after the first export. So, it becomes easy once you already export the data from the mailbox. So, it prevents any duplicates of any emails.
  2. Folder Structure – This software is best to choose as this tool can simply preserve the folder structure and keeps the metadata the same during the migration process. Thus, you get the exact structure as it was before migration.
  3. Options to Exclude/Include Folders – however, there may be chances that you may want to exclude some folders, like Sent Items, Spam/Bulk/Junk, and Deleted Items. So, in this software, you can check this feature and just include there required one for cPanel email migration.
  4. Check Migration Status – Also, if you need to check the migration report or status of all IMAP accounts as in-progress and completed entry then it is possible too.
  5. Apply Date-Filter – Most of you may only require to export emails from cPanel mailbox selectively. Therefore, this tool provides a Date Filter feature for selectively moving messages as per a time-period
  6. Save Summary Report – When you operate this software for cPanel migration for emails, it provides a report for the same task. So, you can have and save the summary report or detailed report after the migration process is done on your computer.

Step-by-Step Guide for cPanel Email Migration

First of all, download this migrator software on your respective system. Then, just follow the steps to complete the migration-

  • First, read the instructions as given on the initial screen of the software, tap Continue


  • Now, just add the Source Host Name and User Name and Password for cPanel email migration.

enter source info for cpanel email migration

  • Choose the Destination IMAP Account as given in the options, and provide the credentials for the same


  • Now, you can have the list of the mapping list on the screen, in case you want to migrate emails from multiple accounts, then select Add option


  • After that, if required you can even select the Advance Settings before the cPanel email migration process

apply advance settings for cpanel email migration

  • Finally, hit the Start Migration icon from the screen to migrate emails from cPanel server to other platform with entire mailbox.



If you have cPanel web hosting and you’re planning to migrate to other platforms. Then, in this article, we have shared the best method that will help you with cPanel email migration. The suggested solution is good to go with all the versions of the Mac machine. Above all, it comes in handy even migrating emails of multiple accounts and different platforms.


Q. Can I migrate only specific email accounts, or does it have to be all accounts at once?

It completely depends on your requirement, whether you want to migrate specific email accounts or all at once. Whatever, maybe the case, if you are opting for the above-mentioned tool, you’ll not face any trouble.

Q. What data can be migrated during the cPanel email migration process?

All the data residing in your cPanel account will be transferred to the destination. Further, you’ll find your email folder structure and its content intact after the migration.

Q. Is it possible to access my emails while migrating the cPanel account?

Yes, you can access your cPanel emails when the migration process is going on.