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How to Migrate Gmail Account to Google Workspace in Simple Way?

Jaspreet Singh | Modified: 2023-02-23T07:18:37+00:00

Migration from one platform to another is such a long and sometimes scary task. If you’re using webmail clients and want to switch then this article will be helpful. Here, we will be mainly discussing the ways for how to migrate Gmail to G Suite in an effortless manner. So, read the article to know the direct solution to migrate Gmail account to Google Workspace easily.

For this migration, there are multiple users like you who want to switch to Google Workspace, like-

User Query: Though I have been using the Gmail account for personal use for a long time. But, I have decided to switch from it to Google Workspace. As I have got a personal domain for my startup and want to set up a G Suite account. Therefore, I would like to migrate as much email data as possible. Is there any quick solution that can help me with this Gmail to G Suite migration? If anyone has some ideas then please share them with me. It would be a great help, thanks in advance.

Top Approach to Migrate Gmail to G Suite Directly

When it comes to secure migration that too without losing any information or folder hierarchy. Then, the MacWareTools Mac IMAP Migration Software comes as a savior to transfer emails from a Gmail account. Using this advanced solution, one can simply add on the Gmail and Google Workspace user accounts and perform the migration.

Using this software, one can easily go for multiple Gmail to G Suite migration and apply filters as needed. As this software even provides different features that provide the facility to only migrate selective emails.

Hence, it is an easy and quick solution to migrate emails data with attachments from a Gmail account to Google Workspace. With this professional utility you can even migrate Gmail account to Amazon WorkMail for better migration.

Integrated Features of the Software

  1. Migrate New Gmail Emails – With the help of this automated software, you can easily migrate only newly received messages to your Gmail account after the first export. Hence, using the Delta Migration option, it will be too easy to only transfer the email data that you haven’t migrated yet. In short, this option helps in preventing any duplicates in emails along with attached files.
  2. Keeps Folder Structure – Moreover, using this smart tool will never impact on any folder structure while switching from Gmail to Google Workspace. As this utility is designed with features that can simply preserve the folder structure and keeps the metadata the same.
  3. Options to Exclude/Include Folders– In case, you want to exclude some folders from your Gmail account, like Sent Items, Spam/Bulk/Junk, or Deleted Items while switching. Then, using this advanced software you can check this feature and just include only the necessary folders for migrating into G Suite.
  4. Check Status of Migration Process – Moreover, this software can even help you to check the report or status of all Gmail accounts as in progress and completed entries. This is even helpful for a smooth and safe Gmail to Office 365 migration process.
  5. Date-Filter Option – There maybe a situation when you want for Gmail to G Suite migration but with some specific emails. So, if this is the case, then this software will help you in doing this with the Date Filter feature. Hence, it will be quite an easy task to selectively migrate messages as per a time period.
  6. Transfer Multiple Gmail Accounts Messages – If you’re having multiple Gmail accounts, then you can simply add all here for migrating. Then, this tool will migrate emails of all the added Gmail accounts by mapping to multiple Google Workspace (G Suite).
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Step by Step Guide to Migrate Gmail to G Suite Account

To know the working, first, download this migrator on your respective Mac system. Then, follow the below step-by-step guide –

  • Read the given instructions from the initial screen of this automated software, tap Continue


  • After that, add the Host Name as Gmail and provide the active User Name and Password of the Gmail account.


  • Here, in the Destination IMAP Account, choose the G Suite option from the given options, and provide the User Name and Password for the same.


  • If you want to migrate emails from multiple Gmail to multiple Google Workspace accounts, then select the Add option.


  • Here, select the Advance Settings before Gmail to G Suite migration process as necessary.


  • Eventually, hit the Start Migration option from the screen to transfer from Gmail with any number of emails.



Q- How to migrate only some emails from Gmail account to Google Workspace with this tool?

For a specific migration, there is a date filter that allows you to set a date range in the field. Then, the tool will move only those Gmail emails to the selected Google Workspace account that fall into that category.

Q- Can I go for bulk Gmail to G Suite migration without email duplication?

Yes absolutely, this tool provides you a delta migration feature which always skips the already migrated emails from the mailbox.


In this article, we have shared the best method to migrate Gmail to G Suite or Google Workplace. Using the mentioned automated solution you can simply transfer all email data with all formatting and data intact. So, use this professional software and move the required email data without any modification.