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“Attachments Not Showing in Outlook Mac” – How to Fix Error?

Published By Chirag Arora
Approved By Anuraag Singh
Published On April 30th, 2024
Reading Time 6 Minutes Reading

Either seeking the solution of “why attachments not showing in Outlook Mac” or “Outlook Mac preview not working”. Often these issues of the reading pane certainly create hindrance for users to access their emails with embedded attachments in the same interface. Most importantly, this error can be addressed in any Mac OS version irrespective of its series.

However, there are multiple reasons behind this error. If you’re looking for ways to fix this issue, read this technical write-up. Here, we will discuss the possibility behind this problem and later, curate the go-to methods to resolve the issue. Now, let’s begin the discussion.

Understanding of Mac Outlook Previewer

Before delving into the reasons behind Outlook email not showing attachments, let’s first quickly unfold the significance of using Mac Outlook Previewer. The preview attachments in Outlook is a built-in feature that enables users to view the attachments in the Reading Pane. With this, it facilitates users to preview the files by just clicking on attachments irrespective of opening them in separate interfaces.

However, the attachments not showing in Outlook Mac include various reasons. Now, let’s move down to discover those errors in detail.

Tip to Remember:- The feature of Mac Outlook attachments previewer only works when users have installed the version of Word, Excel, and PowerPoint i.e. similar to the version of MS Outlook.

Why Does Mac Outlook Email Not Showing Attachments in the Preview Pane?

Previously, we have explained the use of the attachments previewer of Mac Outlook. Here, we will find out the reason behind attachments not showing in Outlook Mac with Reading Pane. Since there are multiple factors incorporated with this error. Now, let’s dive into it.

  • Use of an outdated version of Mac Outlook in your system
  • Attachments get damaged or inaccessible while opening
  • The error of file compatibility error with Outlook macOS
  • Issue of file format i.e. not supported by Mac Outlook
  • Corrupted installation of plugins, causing malfunctioning of attachment previewer

Moreover, these are the prominent reasons that cause the issue of Outlook not showing attachments in Reading Pane. Now, if you’re searching for an approach to fix these issues, then let’s move forward to list the possible ways to resolve this temporary issue.

Top Solutions to Fix the Error of Attachments Not Showing in Outlook Mac

In the following section, we will suggest different ways to resolve the issues with Preview Pane in Outlook Mac. For the same, users should sign out from their email accounts and then, log in simultaneously. If you still address the error of Outlook email not showing attachments, then follow the below guidance:-

  • Quickly Clear Cache on Outlook Mac

Often the synchronization error also creates hindrance for users while accessing the attachments or files in Reading Pane. To resolve this issue, users first need to empty all the caches on Mac. Now, read the step guidance for the same:-

  1. Go to the Navigation Pane and then, perform a right-click for Menu.
  2. Click on Properties > Move to Empty Cache.
  3. After this, choose the folders where Mac Outlook attachments not showing errors.
  4. Lastly, hit on Synchronize Now.
  • Check Updation of Mac Outlook

After checking the caching, users must check the updated version of Mac Outlook. The error of attachments not showing in Outlook Mac happens due to the use of the outdated version of MS Outlook. Now, closely follow these steps guidance to discover the latest updates:-

  1. Launch Mac Outlook on your operating system.
  2. Move to the Help option from the displayed interface.
  3. Press on “Check for Update” to know the recent updates.
  4. If found any update then, perform the update task.

Note:- After performing these two simple methods, if you’re facing the same issue of Outlook not showing attachments in Preview Pane. Then, it is suggested to extract the data from attachments as the error might take a long period to fix.

Expert Approach to Fix Outlook Email Not Showing Attachments

As the attachments carry crucial data, however, addressing these errors causes hindrances while accessing the information on Preview Pane. For the same, it is suggested to look for an alternative approach i.e. expert-favored solution. Download MacWareTools Outlook Attachments Extractor for Mac, one of the profound and secure solutions to access attachments without installing Mac Outlook. This pro utility allows users to extract the attachments into different file extensions such as OLK/ PST.

Other prime functionalities of this software include date filter features, preserving the folder structure, and file size options to break down the size of attachments. Instead of fixing the issue of attachments not showing in Outlook Mac, users can instantly extract the required attachments using this robust software. Now, let’s closely understand the workings of this tool.

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Follow the Steps of Expert-Favored Utility

  1. Download the above tool on your machine.
    download the software
  2. Now, select the version for auto-locate mode > Next.
    choose the required profiles
  3. Perform scanning to start the recovery of data.
    run the scanning process
  4. After this, choose the required Folder Options.
    click on folder options
  5. Now, tap on Change to find the saving location.
    click on change button
  6. Lastly, move to Export to begin the process.
    hit export

Put Questions, Know Solutions!

Q. Why is my Mac Outlook email not showing attachments?
This error can occur due to several factors such as file corruption, network issues, incorrect configuration of plugins, and use of outdated versions.

Q. Is there any way to fix the issue of Outlook Mac preview not working in the future?
Yes, it is recommended to do regular updation of Microsoft Outlook and macOS along with clearing the caches. Further, use the automated software to extract the crucial data of attachments.

Q. Does this expert-suggested utility support Mac Outlook 2019?
Yes, this software supports all the latest versions of Mac Outlook including 2021, 2019, and below editions.

Also, read about methods for Outlook download all attachments from multiple emails Mac.

Concluding Words

In summary, we have addressed the issue of attachments not showing in Outlook Mac with Reading Pane. Moreover, this temporary issue certainly brings unprecedented issues for users while accessing the attachment files. For the same, it is recommended that users download the aforementioned expert-proclaimed solution, one of the best ways to extract the required attachments without using the Mac Outlook environment.

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