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How to Send Gmail to WhatsApp with Attachments Instantly?

Published By Satyam Jha
Approved By Anuraag Singh
Published On April 15th, 2024
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Gmail— one of the easy-to-use webmail solutions, making it one of the popular choices for professionals to instantly manage their emails. In the digital age, every individual uses a diverse range of devices for streamlining communication. Here, WhatsApp Messenger is considered the game-changer platform in this arena. Now, if you’re seeking methods to send Gmail to WhatsApp to foster instant accessibility and integration.

However, there are various needs and benefits behind forwarding Gmail messages to WhatsApp Messenger. In this article, we will explain the best go-to ways for sharing Gmail emails with attachments to WhatsApp. Now, let’s begin the technical discussion.

What are the Benefits Behind Sharing Gmail Emails to WhatsApp Platform?

WhatsApp Messenger offers unprecedented benefits, ensuring user convenience, cross-platform compatibility, and more. Hence, there are several benefits to forward Gmail to WhatsApp. Now, let’s delve into knowing them one after another.

  • Instant & Fast Communication:- WhatsApp application offers instant messaging and hassle-free yet fastest communication. Hence, sharing Gmail messages on WhatsApp increases connectivity with security.
  • Quick Messaging:- WhatsApp allows users to engage with groups, chats, and more while maintaining an end-to-end encryption policy. Moreover, users can send Gmail to WhatsApp groups and communities to share crucial email messages.
  • Accessibility Factor:- Another benefit of transferring Gmail data to WhatsApp is reducing the dependency on webmail. Besides this, it offers mobile accessibility where users can check, share, and read emails without any hindrance or risk.

Overall, sharing Gmail emails on WhatsApp offers seamless integration, compatibility, security, visualization of email messages, and even increases collaboration or facilitates discussions. Now, seeking how to send Gmail message to WhatsApp, then read the below methods.

Manual Methods to Send Gmail to WhatsApp Messenger

There are different ways to forward Gmail email messages to WhatsApp platform. In this section, we will discuss multiple approaches for sharing the Gmail mailbox data on WhatsApp messages instantly:

  • How to Forward Gmail to WhatsApp Application Using Desktop?
  1. Open your Gmail email account.
  2. Select any email and then, go to the Print icon.
  3. From Destination, click on Save as PDF.
  4. Lastly, move to Save and choose the saving path > Save.

After this, users can open the Gmail email in WhatsApp. Similar to this method, there is yet another way to send Gmail messages to a multimedia platform named WhatsApp. Now, let’s read the detailed step guidance:-

  1. Access your Gmail and then, choose email.
  2. Select three vertical dots and then, from the drop-down menu > Print.
  3. Then, again Save as PDF > Save.
  • How to Send Gmail to WhatsApp Using Phone?
  1. Open your Gmail account > select required email.
  2. Move to the three vertical dots and then, select Print.
  3. After this, choose Save as PDF and hit the Save button.

With this, users can easily access the Gmail email message to WhatsApp Messenger. Beside this, users will share the email document on any WhatsApp chat, groups, or more. Now, if you’re seeking methods to archive Gmail attachments to your WhatsApp, then follow the below steps.

  • Share/ Download Gmail Email Attachments to WhatsApp
  1. Gmail > move to email having attachments.
  2. Now, open the attachments > click on Print.
  3. After this, go to Save as PDF and then Save.

Implementing the aforementioned manual step guidance, users can easily view or access Gmail emails on WhatsApp instantly. However, there are major limitations to using this method to forward Gmail to WhatsApp. So, let’s closely understand them.

What Don’t Rely on Manual Step Guidance?

  • To send Gmail to WhatsApp via manual approach, users need to perform the same step guidance till the completion of the procedure. Hence, it is among the major challenges for any individual to implement the repetitive process.
  • Another limitation of the free solution is no direct way to batch export Gmail emails with attachments to WhatsApp Messenger. Unfortunately, users need to spend hours just to access their emails, attachments, contacts, etc, on WhatsApp.
  • Lastly, repetition leads to error and leaves anyone in chaos. Moreover, it is a time-consuming task that users need to patiently follow a similar step instruction. To eliminate these errors look for expert solutions.

Batch Forward Gmail Messages to WhatsApp with Attachments

Previously, we have addressed challenges in manual solutions. Here, know the one-stop way to instantly access your Gmail emails with attachments to WhatsApp. For the same, download MacwareTools Gmail Backup Software, one of the intuitive yet secure solutions where users can batch archive Gmail emails with attachments. To forward Gmail to WhatsApp, users can download the emails in PDF or different file extensions at once.

Moreover, the prime functionalities of this tool include a user-centric interface and support backup of all Gmail emails with attachments & inline images. Besides this, users can set an email filter to export a specific range of Gmail email data to WhatsApp. Now, quickly move to learn the step directions.

Quick Steps to Send Gmail to WhatsApp

Prerequisite of Software:- First, enable the IMAP settings, and second, generate the Gmail app password.

  1. Run the tool on any machine.
    run tool on machine
  2. Insert the login details > Login.
    add credential
  3. Now, select the necessary folders.
    choose folders
  4. From the Export Type, choose PDF.
    select PDF file
  5. “Change” to save the location of the file.
    move to change
  6. Lastly, move to Start Backup.
    lastly, click on Backup

After downloading the PDF files, users can instantly open Gmail messages or attachments in WhatsApp. Moreover, it is considered the best way to access Gmail emails without any data loss.

Why is it Better to Choose Automated Solution Over Manual?

There are multiple reasons to choose professional software instead of manual one:

  1. Compatibility with All Mac Machines: The software is fully efficient to work on a Mac machine, as it is compatible with all the versions of the Mac operating system, such as Mac OS 10.8, and all below versions like Mac OS X 11.0 and Mac OS X 12.0.
  2. Free Version Available: Any Mac & Windows users can download the freeware version of the tool to know its working before moving to the licensed version.
  3. Facility to Send New Emails: This automated software even eliminates the chances of duplicating any email by using the Incremental Backup feature. It helps you to take out new Gmail emails from the mailbox only.

Also, check out the article to fix the Gmail quota exceeded error.

The Bottom Line

In this article, we have discovered two approaches to send Gmail to WhatsApp. As the manual one offers changes of misconfiguration and error. Therefore, WhatsApp users can look for an automated solution, one of the secure and fastest ways to archive or access Gmail emails with all attachments on mobile or web-based WhatsApp applications. With this, users can even open Gmail emails to WhatsApp without depending on Gmail webmail.

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