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Transfer Emails from Gmail to ProtonMail – Secure Solution

Written By
Jaspreet Singh
Published On
August 25th, 2023
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8 Minutes Reading

By far, Gmail is the most popular email platform among users for its flexible usability. And, when it comes to a comparatively secure email platform, ProtonMail tops the list. Therefore, users who are concerned about the safety of their sensitive emails, want to transfer Gmail to ProtonMail. Here is one of the user queries that perfectly explains the concern.

User Query: Hey, I am using my Gmail account to send and receive emails to my customers. But, for added security, I want to move those emails to my ProtonMail account. So, can I transfer emails from Gmail to ProtonMail? I would like to go for a manual method for this migration. So, please suggest a manual way to transfer all required Gmail emails with attachments to ProtonMail.

If you’re one of the users who don’t know how to migrate from Gmail to Protonmail. Then, keep on reading the article till the end. Cause here we’ll discuss manual as well as automated methods so that you will have different options to choose from.

Table of Content

  1. Steps to Transfer Gmail to ProtonMail
  2. Why do Users Choose ProtonMail?
  3. Manually Forward Gmail Emails to ProtonMail
  4. Automated Secure Method
  5. Why Choose Tool over Manual Method
  6. Detailed Steps to Migrate
  7. Ending Lines of the Blog
  8. Common Asked Questions

Five Easy  Steps Transfer Gmail to ProtonMail Account?

  1. Download Mac based tool on desktop.
  2. Run the tool, choose Gmail and validate it.
  3. Choose Other, validate ProtonMail user details.
  4. Apply advanced filters, include Folders.
  5. Tap Start Migration from below to begin.

Why do Users Choose ProtonMail Platform?

For several reasons, users choose ProtonMail and want to transfer Gmail to Protonmail. A few of them are listed below.

  • The most fundamental reason for data migration is always the security of mailbox emails. In this case, ProtonMail provides High Security to its users as compared to  Gmail. Moreover, it is an ad-free email service that protects personal conversations with strong encryption.
  • Along with security, ProtonMail also securely manages user data including emails, attachments, contacts, calendars, etc. Therefore, users want to migrate from Gmail to ProtonMail.
  • However, Google Mail does track your information and store the data in accordance with their privacy terms and conditions. On the other hand, ProtonMail also cannot read any email from the mailbox of the ProtonMail user account.

Manually Forward Gmail Emails to ProtonMail Account

  1. To execute the manual process, first of all, open your Gmail account and navigate to Settings
  2. Then, select the “See All Settings” option and click the “Forwarding and POP/IMAP” section from the new window
  3. Now, in the “Add your forwarding Address” section, provide your ProtonMail email address and click Next.
  4. After adding, you will get a verification link in your ProtonMail account, verify the link to confirm forwarding
  5. Once it is verified, just refresh your Gmail account.
  6. In the “Forwarding and POP/IMAP” section, check the “Forward a copy of incoming mail” for your ProtonMail address. Finish this manual process, by tapping on the save changes option.
  7. As a result, the upcoming Gmail emails will be forwarded to the ProtonMail account. But the question is what about old Gmail emails? To resolve this issue we will be sharing the safest method in the next section.

Securely Migrate Gmail to ProtonMail with Attachments

If you are planning to systematically transfer emails from Gmail to ProtonMail with attachments, then you should consider professional software. You can proceed with this migration using Secure IMAP Migration Software for Mac operating systems. This method is great because the software will automatically transfer old and new emails from your Gmail account to your chosen destination.

Moreover, the whole process will be safe and secure to migrate mail from Gmail account to destination ProtonMail. After migration, you can access all emails from your Gmail source account in ProtonMail account. This software will execute the migration process instantly without affecting the folder hierarchy.

In addition to migrating Gmail emails to ProtonMail, you can successfully transfer attached files as well. It offers the easiest interface in case you are wondering how the tool works. So, you can easily run this tool if you have high core technical knowledge or not.

Why Choose Automated Over Manual Method?

Going for this suggested automated tool, when transferring Gmail emails to ProtonMail, will provide you with multiple benefits. 

  1. Full Mac OS Support – To reduce the pain of the user, this automated tool is designed in that way. So, you can easily access it on any version of Mac operating system. Since this smart utility is compatible to work with all Mac OS 10.8, and all versions below, Mac OS X 11.0 and Mac OS X 12.0. However, you will need to have Java JDK 1.8.0 and JRE 8 installed on the computer, of any version. Additionally, enable IMAP for the source and destination accounts for secure migration.
  2. Helpful to Migrate messages from Gmail – This tool is best to use when there is a need to migrate Gmail to IMAP mail server.
  3. Migrate Selective Gmail Emails – If need to transfer Gmail to ProtonMail but only for some emails. Then the best solution would be to use this tool to solve this problem. As it has a built-in date filter option that allows setting a date range. To do this, just enter the required dates in the “To” and “From” fields for the specific email migration. As a result, the software will only transfer emails from the Gmail account which falls in the selected date range.
  4. Free Demo Version – This tool comes with a free demo version for Gmail to ProtonMail migration. Hence, the free trial will help you know the working of the tool and will allow you to perform a limited number of email migrations.
  5. Options to Transfer Gmail Emails with Attachments – This advanced software allows you to migrate batch emails with attachments from Gmail. So, it’s easy to migrate emails and then you can access emails in your ProtonMail account. It also provides the facility to add multiple host and destination accounts in its licensed version to transfer emails.
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How to Transfer Gmail to ProtonMail Step by Step Guide?

To initiate the migration process, first, download the software on your Mac desktop. After then, follow the step-by-step process for Gmail emails to ProtonMail migration process-

  • Run the downloaded application, read the given prerequisites to implement them, and hit Continue.

gmail to protonmail migration

  • From the next window, pick the Gmail option as a Host Account and enter the credentials of the required Gmail account for account validation.

enter source details to transfer gmail to protonmail

  • After that, in the Destination Account section, select the ProtonMail option. But, if in case, the option is not available in the list, then choose the “Other” option. After that, enter the active ProtonMail username and password to proceed.

choose protonmail

  • If in case, you want to add more host and destination accounts, tap on the Add option and map them accordingly. You can also manually map which mailbox email from the source account should be migrated to the destination account first.

add filter

  • Finally, click on the Start Migration option, and then the tool will start the process of transferring emails from Gmail to ProtonMail. You also get the migration report as a detailed report or summary report which contains all the details. After migration, you can easily access all your emails with attachments in your ProtonMail account on your desktop.

transfer gmail to protonmail


There can be different situations as per the different user requirements when they want to transfer Gmail to ProtonMail with all email Attachments. Therefore, in this article, we have explained the step by step process for this migration. Using the above methods you can easily migrate Gmail to ProtonMail mailbox. But what if there comes a technical issue while transferring emails manually? Hence, to prevent any uncertainties we have also shared an automated method. The mentioned application will easily help in the secure migration on any Mac operating system.

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Q- Do I need to install applications while using this migration tool on a Mac desktop?

No, not at all, it is a standalone application to transfer Gmail to ProtonMail account. Hence, no other application installation will be required while performing the migration job.

Q- Can I properly trust ProtonMail for storing my data?

Yes, it is okay to trust the ProtonMail email service because it makes sure that your data is completely safe. In fact, it even provides encryption and zero-access encryption to protect users’ data. This facility influences users to store data in ProtonMail because only users can read their emails. Also, no one else gets access to your email.

Q- Can I download the above-mentioned migrator on Mac OS X 12.0 to perform the process?

Yes, definitely, this software is perfect for all Mac users for ProtonMail migrate from Gmail, therefore, you can download it on any latest or old versions of Mac OS including Mac OS 12.0, and Mac OS 13.0.

Q- Can I create two free ProtonMail accounts?

Technically, no, as ProtonMail allows you to create only one free account and unlimited paid accounts.