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How to Transfer Gmail to Zoho Mail Securely?

Published By Chirag Arora
Approved By Anuraag Singh
Published On January 8th, 2024
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Undoubtedly, both Zoho Mail and Gmail are common cloud-based email clients that users prefer for their email communication. But, based on changed needs and some other reasons users want to switch from Gmail to the Zoho platform. That’s why they search for ways to transfer Gmail to Zoho Mail effortlessly. Therefore, we came up with this article where we covered the best solution to migrate emails from Gmail to Zoho.

Let’s first take a look at one user query asking for a solution to effectively execute the migration.

Earlier, I was using a Gmail account only for personal. I’ve been working on some Zoho products lately and found it suitable for my work needs. So, I’ve decided to transfer all my Gmail emails to Zoho. I searched for some solutions on the internet but couldn’t find any direct solution. As a matter of fact, I am looking for a straightforward solution that can perform this entire migration instantly. But, I don’t have any clue where to begin to migrate Gmail to Zoho mail. I would appreciate it if anyone could help me find a reliable solution.

Table of Content

  1. Migrate Emails from Gmail to Zoho Account Directly
  2. Multiple Features of the Advanced Utility
  3. Guide for Gmail to Zoho Mail on Mac
  4. FAQs
  5. Conclusion

Migrate Gmail to Zoho Mail Account Directly

However, there is no such manual solution that can directly perform Gmail email to Zoho mail migration. Therefore, we have come up with a solution that you can rely on to transfer emails safely. So, using the Secure IMAP Migration Software for Mac migrate Gmail to Zoho mail with complete data security.

After performing this task, you will be able to access all the migrated emails in Zoho Mail later with the same folder structure. Apart from this, this application also provides multiple features which help in filtering the data for migration. To export Gmail to Zoho mail, you can also check out the free demo version of the software. So, get the benefits first and then go for the license version after you are satisfied.

Even using this tool you can transfer your emails from Gmail to AWS WorkMail. This software is an advanced solution that provides multiple email clients to migrate your email data.

Similarly, if you have multiple Gmail accounts, and you want to migrate emails from Gmail to multiple Zoho accounts. Then you can add all the required accounts here and map them to do Zoho mail migration to Gmail.

Multiple Features of the Advanced Utility

  1. Transfer Selected Emails – This automated software can easily migrate all newly received messages from the required Gmail account after the first export. There is an option as Delta migration which will transfer Gmail to Zoho mail which you have not migrated yet. This feature helps prevent any duplicates in email data during migration.
  2. Folder Structure Intact– No one wants any modification in the hierarchy of the data. Therefore, this tool will never affect any folder structure during the entire migration. It is designed by top technical professionals keeping in mind all the hierarchy needs of the users. Furthermore, it is also capable of keeping the metadata the same.
  3. Exclude/Include Folders- Sometimes, when you don’t need some folders while transferring Gmail email data, this tool seems helpful. Using this tool, you can migrate emails from Gmail to Zoho by excluding certain folders from your Gmail account, such as Sent Items, Spam/Bulk/Junk, or Deleted Items. Hence, it allows to inclusion of only required folders to be migrated to Zoho Mail.
  4. Check Status/Report of Migration Process – It can also help you to report or check the status of migration in the form of progress and completed entries. In short, this feature will guide you to know the exact migration progress.
  5. Transfer Selected Emails– In case, you want to migrate Gmail to Zoho Mail but only some specific emails on a Mac desktop. Then this software will help to migrate only selected emails using the date filter feature. Therefore, it eases the task of selective migration from one webmail client to another without data modification.
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Guide to Transfer Gmail to Zoho Mail on Mac

To execute this transfer of email data from one web-based email client to another, first download the software. Follow the basic steps for a successful migration on a Mac desktop-

  • There are some instructions given on the initial screen of this software, read them and tap Continue.

Log in to tool

  • In the next screen, add the Host Name as Gmail and enter the User Name and Password of the required Gmail account.


  • Now, in the Destination IMAP Account, select the Zoho mail option. After that, provide the User Name and Password for the same to validate so that you can transfer Gmail to Zoho Mail. : If you don’t find Zoho, then simply select others.

choose zoho

  • If you want to migrate emails from multiple Gmail accounts to destination Zoho, then select the Add option.

click add to transfer gmail to zoho mail

  • If necessary, choose the Advance Settings option to filter out the email data to transfer Gmail to Zoho.

select filters

  • Finally, mouse-click the Start Migration option to migrate emails from Gmail to Zoho with all the selected emails.

click on start migrato to transfer gmail to zoho mail


Q- How do I migrate only certain emails from my Gmail account to Zoho Mail?

To move specific emails from the Gmail mailbox, you can apply the date filter option which will transfer only emails that fall in that category to the Zoho account.

Q- Will I get the same folder structure in my Zoho Mail account while using this migration tool?

Definitely yes, this advanced solution can transfer Gmail to Zoho Mail account while retaining all folder structure and meta properties.

Q- Does this migrator work on Mac OS 13.0 to migrate multiple emails?

Yes, it is a tried and tested software to perform migration that is compatible with all latest and old versions of Mac OS including Mac OS 13.0, 12.0, etc.

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In this article, we have discussed migration from one web-based email client i.e. Gmail to another i.e. Zoho Mail. Here, we have shared the best and most reliable solution for the same. This suggested method will help you to perform this migration without any data modification. This automated software will transfer Gmail to Zoho mail with all the folder hierarchies. So, download it, operate it, and transfer all Gmail emails to Zoho on a Mac desktop.

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