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Migrate Zimbra to Gmail Account – Discover Best Solutions!

Published By Chirag Arora
Approved By Anuraag Singh
Published On April 26th, 2024
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Summary:- Often migrating from one email client to another is incorporated with the need for better integration and seamless connectivity. In this article, we will discuss the methods to migrate Zimbra to Gmail webmail. Now, read the article to discover the best go-to ways for archiving the Zimbra emails to Gmail account.

Gmail stands out as the top yet most favored choice for professionals to manage emails and other mailbox items. As compared to Zimbra webmail, Gmail is considered the robust email management solution as it offers an intuitive storage solution.

Besides this, Gmail offers extensive functionalities for email management. Now, dive in to understand the quick methods for migrating the Zimbra webmail emails to Gmail.

Reasons to Choose Gmail Compared to Zimbra Webmail

Before delving to address the methods, let’s first list the need for Zimbra to Gmail migration. As we have already mentioned the major factor behind the extensive use of Gmail webmail. Now, unfold the prime needs of users for migrating the Zimbra email data to Gmail.

  • Gmail is a popular web-based email solution, offering intuitive features for organizing complete mailbox items. With each Gmail account, users can use the integrated services of Google such as Drive, Meet, Calendar, and more.
  • Often the error of “Zimbra is not responding” significantly creates hindrances for users in accessing the Zimbra emails. It is yet another reason to migrate Zimbra to Gmail webmail. By choosing Gmail, users can opt for the free storage solution up to 15GB.
  • Lastly, users can archive the Zimbra mailbox items in their Gmail accounts for quick accessibility or backup. Besides this, Gmail offers advanced security solutions to avoid email data tampering.

Manual Way to Zimbra to Gmail Migration

In the following section, we will address the manual approach to migrate Zimbra to Gmail account. Now, let’s move on to understand the step guidance.

  • Zimbra Email Forwarding
  1. To begin the process, sign in to your Zimbra webmail and move to Preferences > Mail.
  2. From the Receiving Message section, insert credentials of your Gmail account in Forward a copy to section.
  3. Lastly, click on “Don’t keep a Local Copy of Messages”.

Note: Enable the setting of IMAP protocol in Gmail. After exercising the above steps, users can access the Zimbra emails in their Gmail account.

Why Do Users Not Depend on Manual Guidance?

  • One of the manual solutions means encountering complexities and error codes. Moreover, it is not considered the direct way to Zimbra to Gmail migration account. Thus, it is not recommended that users opt for this solution.
  • Another disadvantage of manual solutions includes the risk of data loss. In case of unstable connectivity, it automatically breaks the seamless migration of Zimbra webmail data to the Gmail account.
  • For both trained and untrained eyes, using manual guidance is complicated yet brings challenges for accessing the emails of Zimbra to different email platforms. In addition, these are the prominent drawbacks of the manual way to migrate Zimbra to Gmail webmail.

Expert Approach to Migrate Zimbra to Gmail with Attachments

Previously, we have addressed the step guidance of the manual approach and its limitations behind migrating Zimbra emails directly to Gmail. Here, we will unfold the expert way to Zimbra to Gmail migration. Use the advanced software solution named MacWareTools Mac IMAP Migration Software, one of the supreme utilities to seamlessly transfer the data of Zimbra webmail to the Gmail platform. Moreover, it is recognized as the standalone solution that supports IMAP-enabled webmail such as Outlook/ Gmail, etc.

Other functionalities of this tool include the ability to migrate data from multiple email platforms and the feature of a date filter. Moreover, users can migrate Zimbra Emails with attachments in Gmail. Most importantly, it allows users to preserve the structure of the folder and the integrated email properties. Now, move forward to uncover the step guidance.

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Follow Quick Steps of Automated Software

Note:- To start the steps guidance, first enable the IMAP setting and simultaneously, generate the app-password.

  1. Launch the above-suggested tool on your machine.
  2. From the Source section, choose another IMAP account from the drop-down option of  Host Name.
    choose IMAP account from drop-down option
  3. Now, enter the credential of Zimbra and hit Validate.
  4. In the Destination IMAP account, select Gmail and then, add login details, and press Validate.
    click on Gmail from destination option
  5. After this, the mapping list will automatically appear, and then, click on Add.
    map the account
  6. Now, choose the required Advance Settings.
    move to Advanced settings
  7. Lastly, move to Start Migration.

Commonly Asked Questions

Q. How to transfer/ migrate Zimbra to Gmail account?

Here is the quick step guidance for migrating the Zimbra emails to Gmail:-

  1. To begin the process, launch the automated tool on your system.
  2. From Source, select IMAP account in the below option of drop-down.
  3. Now, add the login details and press Validate.
  4. From the Destination section, move to Gmail and add credential > Validate.
  5. With this, map the account and hit the Add button.
  6. To complete the process, click on Start Migration.

Q. Can I transfer the Zimbra emails with attachments to Gmail?
Yes, using the aforementioned tool, users can easily Zimbra to Gmail migration with all embedded attachments.

Q. Is there any fear of data loss while using this automated tool?
No, users can seamlessly migrate the mailbox data of Zimbra webmail to Gmail without the fear of data loss.

Also, check out the methods to backup Zimbra mailbox emails.

Concluding Words

In summary, we have discussed the methods to migrate Zimbra to Gmail using two methods. As the manual one offers complexities and changes in error configuration. Therefore, consider the expert-recommended software, one of the most secure yet profound solutions to easily migrate the data of IMAP-supported webmail i.e. Zimbra to multiple Gmail accounts.

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