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Download IMAP Email to PST – Non-Tech Guide for Mac OS Users

Jaspreet Singh | Published: 2021-11-25T11:50:04+00:00

The easiest way to download IMAP email to PST would be by using an expert’s recommended solution. In this blog, an expert solution along with a manual solution is explained so that you can easily compare the both. Weigh the advantages & disadvantages of the methods & choose the right one.

Take a look at this user query & find out the different scenarios faced by users:

Query: My IMAP account is full with messages that are crucial for my work and I cannot afford to lose them at any cost. I need to know how I can export IMAP email to PST so that I can keep these messages at a safe place.

Wondering why a lot of users prefer converting their data to PST? Well, that’s because Outlook, being a product of Microsoft, is a highly trusted & preferred email client used for backups by large enterprises.

And because of the popularly known brand name, a majority of vertical prefers using Microsoft’s services rather than moving to another client.

About the working methods, we will be learning about the techniques in the upcoming segments.

Let’s jump right into it!

Swiftly Download IMAP Email to PST by Applying Professional Approach

Start by downloading the IMAP Backup Tool on any of the prior or latest versions of Mac OS. The software is embedded with various features that allow a successful backup without any data-loss or corruption issues.

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Let’s take a look at the steps of the tool and later on find out about the features:

1. Run the tool and choose the domain you have your account on. Enter the credentials for your account & the IMAP server ID & Port Number to login.

ldif file

2. To start the process to export IMAP email to PST, choose the export type as PST and click on the Advance Settings option.


3. Set the Date-Filter and mark the Split PST Option to divide the large files into smaller parts.


4. Click on the Change button to set the destination for end location & mark the Maintain Folder Hierarchy & Delete after Download options.


5. Press the Start Backup button to initiate the export.


Several Functions of the Software to Backup Data Without Failure

As you can see, there are several functions discussed in the working of the tool to download IMAP email to PST. Let’s find out how these work.

  • Facility to backup data from all the supported IMAP accounts
  • Export emails in various file formats such as MBOX, PDF, EML, HTML, TXT, PST, etc.
  • Option to remove emails from mailbox after export via Delete after Download
  • You can download messages selectively on a time-period basis using Date-Filter
  • Maintain Folder Hierarchy option is provided to keep the structure the same
  • Split Outlook data file option to divide large files in MB or GB sizes
  • Incremental Backup feature export newly arrived emails after the first process

Export IMAP Email to PST Using the Manual Method

To start with this process, you need to make sure that your IMAP account is configured with the Outlook desktop application.

If not, configure it first and view all the data on Outlook’s interface. Synchronization may take a lot of time so we will have to wait.

Once all the data is visible on the interface, start with the following steps:

1. Launch Outlook on your desktop and navigate to the File menu.

2. From the extended menu, choose the Open & Export option and hit Import & Export.


3. Download IMAP email to PST by clicking on the Export to a file option from the Import/Export wizard.


4. Choose the Outlook data file (.pst) option and click on the Next button.


5. After that, navigate to the location of the files in the Browse field and include the sub-folders as well if required.


6. Tap on Finish to end the procedure.

This method is easy to learn but has a few limitations associated with it.

Disadvantages of Using Manual Method to Create An Archive

  • Risk of data-loss is increased due to severe inconsistency errors
  • If you export IMAP email to PST manually, selective migration is not an option.
  • This method will export data from one mailbox folder at a time.
  • For bulk migration, this technique is not a great option for it requires you to repeat the procedure for each folder.
  • Since bulk migration is not supported, using this method will take a lot of time and energy of a user making it an even more complicated & lengthy procedure.
  • There are high chances of receiving an improper backup.

To Sum It Up

You should always know the ways to download IMAP email to PST as there can arise a need at any time. The methods explained are the majorly known solutions by experts from which they recommend the software.

The manual method has a few limitations associated with it and can lead to damage or data-loss situations. The software is a better proposition as it provides fruitful results and a guarantee of data safety.