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Import Gmail to Thunderbird Account- Know Best Solutions!

Published By Chirag Arora
Approved By Anuraag Singh
Published On April 11th, 2024
Reading Time 6 Minutes Reading

Gmail— a profound webmail platform for managing emails and growing communication across like-minded professionals. Unfortunately, it only offers a 15GB free storage solution for organizing the mailbox and other drive data. Hence, the issues of Gmail storage full may impact accessing emails. Now, seeking ways to import Gmail to Thunderbird email client.

For backup support or even managing the data offline, there are various reasons behind exporting Gmail emails to desktop-based email services i.e. Thunderbird. Similar to other email clients, Thunderbird is a commonly popular yet most favored choice for professionals for organizing emails efficiently.

Now, delve in to discover the best go-to ways for importing Gmail data to Mozilla Thunderbird.

Why Do Users Search for Exporting Gmail Emails to Thunderbird?

In the following section, we will explore the common need of users behind transferring Gmail emails with attachments to Thunderbird. As we have already mentioned the problem of exceeding the Gmail space.

In this case, users search for methods to export Gmail to Thunderbird account. Although, this it just one reason, now move down to discover more in the below sections:-

  • Email Backup:- Importing data from the Gmail mailbox to Thunderbird enables users to have additional backup support email messages. Moreover, if there is accidental deletion of email data then, users can instantly access it through Thunderbird.
  • Data Migration:- Another benefit of transferring the Gmail email messages to Thunderbird includes the need for migration of data from one email client to another. Moreover, this email service offers intuitive integrated add-ons for managing or sharing emails.
  • Offline Accessibility:- Lastly, users import Gmail to Thunderbird to access the webmail email data locally. Hence, it significantly enhances the aspects of security and privacy. With this, users can easily secure their mailbox data on the local server.

Overall, these are the common grounds to export Gmail emails to Thunderbird accounts. With this, let’s move forward to understand the different approaches for accessing the data of Gmail webmail to Thunderbird email clients.

Import Gmail to Thunderbird with Email Attachments

In the following section, we will discover a standalone yet expert-suggested way to export Gmail emails to Thunderbird with attachments. For the same, download MacwareTools Gmail Backup Software, one of the robust and top-notch utilities for exporting Gmail data to different email clients such as Thunderbird. Besides this, the key functionalities of this robust software include backup Gmail mailbox to multiple file extensions named MBOX, EML, and more.

Other prime features of this tool involve preserving folder hierarchy during the backup process. Further, it provides a quick and secure way to save Gmail emails to computer or different email services. Besides this, it allows users to delete after backup to manage the error of Gmail quota getting full. Now, let’s delve into learning the steps to export Gmail to Thunderbird account.

Detailed Steps of Expert-Recommended Automated Software

Prerequisite Instruction:- Users need to enable the IMAP settings and then, generate the app password through two-step verification.

  1. Run the automated tool on your Mac machine.
    download tool
  2. Select the required folder from the displayed folder list.
    choose folders
  3. From Select Export Type, move the cursor on the MBOX file.
    select MBOX file
  4. Go to Change to custom set the saving path of the resultant file.
    move to Change button
  5. Lastly, press the button Start Backup.
    now start backup to import Gmail to Thunderbird

Once the process is completed, users can import the .mbox file format into Thunderbird while using the add-ons of ImportExportToolsNG. Hence, in these few countable steps, users can import Gmail to Thunderbird email client. Since we have discussed the automated step guidance. Now, let’s dive into unfolding the stepwise instructions of the manual way.

Export Gmail Emails to Thunderbird with Manual Method

Previously, we have explained the one-stop approach to accessing Gmail emails into the Thunderbird email client. In this section, we will uncover two different free ways to easily import the data of a Gmail account to the Thunderbird platform. Now, let’s learn them closely.

  • Configure Gmail Account into Mozilla Thunderbird

Using the step-by-step guidance of this method, users can easily add/ forward Gmail emails to their Thunderbird account. Firstly, users need to enable the settings of the IMAP protocol of Gmail webmail. Now, let’s learn the curated list of step guidance:-

  1. Use any web browser to open your Gmail account.
  2. Click on the Gear icon named Settings and then, go to Forwarding and POP/IMAP.
  3. After this, select the option of Enable IMAP from IMAP Access > hit on Save Changes.
  4. Now, open the interface of Thunderbird and then, move to Account Settings.
  5. Select the option of Add Mail Account.
  6. To configure the account, enter the Gmail email address and password > Continue.
  7. Lastly, to import Gmail to Thunderbird, users need to select the Protocol i.e. IMAP > Done.
  • Opt for Google Takeout Services

For exporting the Gmail data to Thunderbird, users can use Google-designed services called Takeout for archiving the Gmail email data into .mbox file format. Using this option, users can directly download the complete mailbox data in a Thunderbird-supported file format.

For the same, users need to search for Google Takeout and then, choose the required folders for export. Lastly, select the file format and hit the export button. Moreover, it will provide the .zip file hence, users need to extract the file to make an MBOX file format. Now, users can import this data to their required Thunderbird account.

Top 3 Challenges Occur in Manual Approach

  • Using the manual solution increases the risk of losing the data integrity. In the absence of the required knowledge of technicalities, users might fall into the trap of confusion and lastly, opt for mistaken steps and wrong configuration of account.
  • If choosing the second option then, again users should have an understanding of the different features of Gmail. Most importantly, users have only 2-3 chances to export the Gmail data locally while using the Takeout services. Once the limit is exceeded, it will automatically pause the process.
  • To export Gmail to Thunderbird using manual solutions, users need to sit for hours just to transfer their mailbox data. Sometimes the backup process of Google Takeout services takes days to export the data into a .mbox file. Due to these major causes, it is not suggested to use the free solutions.

Concluding Words

In summary, we have explained two ways to import Gmail to Thunderbird account. The manual ones offer unprecedented challenges and increase the chances of error. Therefore, it is recommended for the users to expert favored utility, one of the best go-to choices for professionals to easily export the data of Gmail mailbox to Thunderbird account. Using this solution, users can save Gmail emails with attachments to Thunderbird.