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The Effortless Way to Import Office 365 Contacts to icloud Account

Brandon Smith | Modified: 2021-02-11T06:23:54+00:00
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I was thinking if it is possible that I could save MS Office 365 contacts on iCloud for staying linked and connected with my employees on places without having an internet connectivity. It would be a great help to me, if I learn the procedure of migrating Office 365 contacts to iCloud. Can anybody help me with this? Thanks in advance for any helpful advice.


So, One of the most common issue faced by the users i.e., import Outlook 2016 contacts to iCloud so, that contacts of O365 can view in any iDevice and Mac machines. Furthermore, contacts playing an important role in anyone’s life because, it helps a user to stay connected with each other. So, users try to import their contacts into VCF file format. Business cards helps to have the details of the personal client at work, at home, outside, at meetings, on-site locations.

Moreover, in the upcoming section we are going to discuss a reliable approach to export Outlook 2016 contacts to iCloud Mac efficiently. Before that let us explore few reasons behind data migration.

Reasons Behind Import O365 Contacts to iCloud

There are following reasons behind that a user need to perform the migration procedure so, below we mentioned some of them. Have a look:

  • Your iTunes account will use the same credentials (Username and password)
  • An iPhone & iPod touch Mac Operating System or above, and the latest iTunes
  • An iCloud application facilitates better security as compare to Other programs.

Professional Method to Export Outlook 2016 Contacts to iCloud Mac

If you want to get rid off from the tiresome problem i.e., import Office 365 contacts to iCloud. Then you can go with an alternate method to migrate Outlook 2016 contacts to iCloud. One of such a secure and reliable solution is Office 365 Backup for Mac.

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Step by Step Procedure to Import O365 Contacts to iCloud

Step 1: First download and launch Office 365 Backup for Mac into your machine.


Step 2: Afterwards, insert the MS Office 365 Account username and password in the given field to Login and then select “Login” Button.


Step 3: Now, you have to select one EML file format in which, you need to migrate your contacts from the following:


Step 4: Choose the radio button parallel to “EML

Step 5: Select “Apply Advance Setting” & hit on “Setting” button to apply filters


Step 6: Here, Advance Setting wizard will start. So, you can apply filters as per your requirement. After applying the filter, you have to opt “OK” to move forward


Step 7: Click on “Naming Convention”: This defines to the naming of the final migrated files like Subject+Date, From+Subject+Date, Autoincrement, etc. Afterwards, select the “Browse” button to locate the final spot for the backup procedure. The software opt by Default, “/Users/Mac/Desktop” Path


Step 8: Find and choose the destination and hit on “OK” button. So, the specified files will be appeared in the text box parallel to the “Browse” button

Step 9: Opt the “Start Backup” button to move ahead.


Step 10: The Office 365 backup for Mac software will now begin the process


Step 11: If you already have backup of Office 365 before then, this option of “Incremental Backup” window pop-up. So, Yes or No option are appears, it is depends on your choice, you can choose anyone. For example, in this we opted NO option


Step 12: When the backup procedure being completed, then a wizard will appear. You have to hit “Ok” button.


Step 13: Select the “View Report” button to preview the converted files.


Step 14: Created report includes Folder Path, Source Account, Contacts, Calendars and much more.


Step 15: Finally, you can see the Office 365 contacts to VCF successfully. As shown below:


Import VCF to iCloud Account

Step 1: Firstly, you have to go the webpage and sign in with Apple credentials

Step 2: Now, double-click on “Contacts App” option


Step 3: Here, opt the gear icon and choose “Import vCard” option

Step 4: Upload the extracted VCF once at a time to migrate Office 365 contacts to iCloud


Step 5: At final, let the information synchronize via all the devices

Final Words

In the above section, we have described professional method through which users can import Outlook 2016 contacts to iCloud effectively. With the help of the software you can easily and simply migrate Office 365 contacts to iCloud account, without putting extra efforts. You can go with the manual way also but, that contains some disadvantages that affect the conversion procedure positively. So, it better to opt the reliable approach to get rid off from the problem.