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Know How to Save Office 365 Outlook Emails Manually

Jaspreet Singh | Modified: 2020-08-06T10:33:47+00:00
Export Office 365 email to PST

Microsoft Outlook and Office 365 are commonly used by the users across the globe. Office 365 is an advanced cloud-based service which has gained its popularity in the recent years. It is a trust-worthy cloud server to upload the Outlook PST files, hence most of the users are migrating towards Office 365. But, what if the entire emails uploaded in Office 365 is lost or crashed. This could lead to a pathetic situation for the user. Taking this point into consideration, this blog is more focused on the reasons and let the users know on how to save Office 365 Outlook emails.

Reasons Why Users Want to Save Office 365 Outlook Emails

There are various reasons which might lead a user to save Office 365 Outlook emails. Some of the basic reasons are listed below:

  • To Archive: Office 365 provides subscription packages to store the data. If the storage size gets exceeded, either the cloud subscription needs to be upgraded or delete the mailbox data to free up space
  • Backup Purpose: Though Office 365 is a reliable cloud service provider, there are few limitations which could lead to data loss. Data loss in terms of account taping, hacking, network packet analysis, etc.

User Queries

“I have been Office 365 to store all the emails for backup. But, I also need to create a backup on my local drive. Could anyone suggest some best solution to export Office 365 emails to Outlook? Thanks in advance!”

“All my emails are backup to Office 365. But, recently it is not storing due to lack of storage space. To increase the storage space it is asking for further subscription for which I am not interested. So, please let me know to save Office 365 Outlook emails. Any suggestions are appreciated.”

Manual Method to Save Office 365 Outlook Emails

As there is no straightforward method to import PST file to Outlook. So, first export the PST file from an Office 365 account and later import the exported PST file to Microsoft Outlook:

  • Export PST file from Office 365
  • Import the PST file to Microsoft Outlook

Save into PST File from Office 365

  • Firstly, add the source email account to Outlook. For instance, a user can add a Gmail account to Outlook 2016
  • Then, add Office 365 email account to Outlook. After some time, Outlook will automatically sync with Office 365. So that, all the contents from O365 can be viewed in Outlook
  • Now, export your email from the source account to PST file format For eg, Choose Outlook 2016 and export Outlook data items to a PST file

Import the Exported PST File to Outlook

After the email data is exported to a PST file format, now it is the time to import the PST file to an Outlook account which will help to save Office 365 Outlook emails

  • Firstly, launch Outlook and go to File >> Open & Export >> Import/Export
  • From the Import and Export dialog box, select Import from another program or file and click Next
  • Under Import a File wizard, select Outlook Data File (.pst) and click Next
  • Click Browse from the Import Outlook Data File wizard to import the PST file
  • Then, select the required Options and click Next
  • Choose the location of the PST file and Check the Include sub folders option
  • Finally, click Finish which will import the PST file to the Outlook account


  • Time consumption is more as it is a complicated task
  • Naive users fail to execute using this approach
  • Lengthy steps make it a tiresome process for the users
  • Must be technically strong to perform the migration

Alternate Method to Save Office 365 Outlook Emails

In order to save Office 365 to Outlook emails, the manual method can be used first. Though it is a cost-free approach, it is not much reliable as it can lead to data loss and other drawbacks as mentioned above. Hence, to overcome all these, it is advised to use Mac Office 365 Backup tool. It is an effective backup software to archive Office 365 data items to different file formats on Mac OS X. It also provides naming convention to create backup for EML, EMLX, MSG file formats on Mac.

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How to Save Office 365 Outlook Emails using Automated Tool

1. First of all, Download and install tool on your Mac system.


2. Launch the software and provide the credentials of Office 365 account.


3. Select the desired file format eg. PST to which the Office 365 data items will be converted.


4. Browse and select the desired folder into which the converted file will be saved.


5. Finally, click Start Backup which will start the backup process.


6. Then import the converted PST file to an Outlook account which is mentioned in the second section of manual method.

What Users Say About This Tool

Having a second copy of your data on your local storage is always a better option. So, I was looking for a utility that could help me to save Office 365 Outlook emails locally on Mac OS. As I am not a technical person, I was looking for a tool that is easy to use and has simple GUI. And, this is the best utility that I could get to save all my emails and calendars safely in system storage.

Our organization has almost 2000 users running of Microsoft Office 365. Whenever the employee leaves the organization, we always use this software to backup Office 365 business premium and it works exceptionally well as per our requirements. It helps us to save the data locally and then them terminate the license assigned to the mailbox. We would recommend the organization to use this tool to maintain a copy of their data on local system.


One can easily create the backup of all the data items stored in Office 365 ans save Office 365 Outlook emails using both manual and automated approach. As manual been a cost-free method, use that first. If it fails due to its drawbacks which are discussed in this blog. Then, switch to Office 365 Backup- a professional software which is highly recommended by experts. It provides an immediate solution to backup Office 365 emails to the desired file format. It also provides Date filter option to archive office 365 emails as per the selected date range. In addition, this tool is compatible with the latest Mac 10.8 version and above.