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How to Migrate Gmail Emails to iCloud Mail with Attachments?

Jaspreet Singh | Modified: 2023-02-23T07:08:34+00:00
migrate gmail to icloud

The question is why there was a need to switch from Gmail account to iCloud. But, every user has their own reasons, therefore, most of you prefer to migrate Gmail to iCloud. However, Gmail is the primary email service that almost everyone uses for their cloud computing needs. But, turning to iCloud for this sort of task isn’t a bad idea.

But email migration should be safe with all email assets along with their attachments. Otherwise, there will be problems if there is any modification while transferring the email. Due care should be taken when migration is required for bulk emails.

Hence, we have come up with a trusted and expert-tested solution that will help all Mac users out in this situation.

We went through several forum sites where users were asking how to transfer emails from Gmail to iCloud, such as-

User Query: Hi, I am Vibhu, I have been using Gmail on my Windows since a long time. But, I recently bought a Mac desktop, where I now want to access my emails. So, to do this, I am looking for a way to migrate Gmail emails to iCloud. Is there any systematic or professional solution that can move bulk emails and their attachments? If so, please recommend it.

Migrate Gmail to iCloud with All Emails on Mac

Having a safe and reliable solution for the whole migration is a major concern for all Mac users. Therefore, for this task, we suggest you to choose the Secure IMAP Migration Software for Mac OS. Using this solution, all Mac users can migrate multiple emails from Google account to iCloud.

Moreover, operating this application is the easiest way to migrate mailbox emails in bulk mode. This tool is helpful if you have different email accounts to transfer. As it provides an option to add multiple Gmail accounts and transfer their emails in one go.

Even the process through this software is quite easy as you only need to login to your Google Mail and iCloud accounts. You just need to provide the credentials for your active accounts such as email address and password for verification. Also, there is no need to use any iCloud device to perform the migration process. You can simply take help of this tool to migrate Gmail to another Gmail account.

Common Features of the Tool to Transfer Bulk Emails

There are multiple situations when this tool helps to migrate Gmail to iCloud, such as-

  1. Export Selective Emails – If in case, if you only want to transfer a few Gmail account emails. Then, using the Date Filter option by setting the date range you can proceed with the migration. However, there will be a need to enter the “To” and “From” fields to move only required emails. Once done, this automated software will only move Gmail emails to iCloud that comes into the selected date range. It is even helpful for the Gmail to AWS WorkMail migration task on Mac.
  2. Full Mac Machine Support – This smart and standalone application supports all the Mac OS 10.8, and all below versions, Mac OS X 11.0, and Mac OS X 12.0. So, it is quite beneficial for every Mac user to operate it on any version of the Mac operating system. Though there is a need to install Java JDK 1.8.0 & JRE 8 on the desktop. Also, IMAP for source and destination accounts should be enabled for safe migration.
  3. Free Demo Version – This tool has a free trial version to offer. Using this trial version, you can simply get the idea of the Gmail to iCloud migration. However, this free demo version allows you to limited try to move emails.
  4. Transfer Batch Gmail Emails with Attachments – Moreover, this advanced software facilitates you to migrate bulk emails with attachments from your Gmail source account to iCloud as a destination. The benefit of using this tool the email properties will be the same as prior.
  5. Options to Add More Gmail Accounts – It has an advanced feature that allows you to add multiple Gmail accounts to the Host account for a secure migration. Helpful software to transfer Gmail to ZOHO mail with all emails.

How to Migrate Gmail to iCloud Mailbox in Bulk Safely?

Download the above-mentioned utility on your Mac desktop to operate it first. Just after that, install it and follow the steps to transfer Gmail emails to iCloud-

  • There are a few prerequisites given on the welcome window of the Mac based software, follow them and hit Continue.

migrate gmail to icloud

  • Now, select the Gmail option as a Host Account from the list. In the section of User name and password, enter your active account credentials and proceed.

add host account

  • Afterwards, in the Destination Account section, select the iCloud option, and fill in the field with user name and password of the iCloud.

add destination

  • Press the Add option to transfer emails from multiple Gmail accounts to your different iCloud accounts if required.

add more gmail accounts

  • Finally, tap on the Start Migration option to begin the bulk migration to access multiple Gmail account emails with attachments in iCloud.

migrate gmail to icloud


Q- How can I transfer a few emails from my Gmail account to iCloud?

For this task, first, you will need to enter Google Gmail credentials in the Host account. After that, you will be asked to set the destination account and validate. From advanced settings, it will take you to another window with complete Gmail emails. Here, set the date range in the “To” or “From” fields, and proceed with the selective Gmail to iCloud migration process.

Q- Will I get the same folder hierarchy after the completion of this migration process?

Yes, all the emails will be transferred to the iCloud mailbox with the same folder hierarchy as they were in the Gmail account. So, you can simply migrate bulk emails with same folder hierarchy and email properties.

Q- Can I run and operate this tool on my Mac OS 12.0 for transferring emails?

Certainly yes, this is a smart tool that facilitates all Mac users because it supports all the latest and earlier versions of Mac OS to migrate Gmail to iCloud. 

Q- Does this automated software even allows to transfer of attached files with all selected emails from a Google Gmail account?

Of course, all the attached files can be migrated directly with the same formatting during the Gmail emails to iCloud migration.


In this write-up, we have explained how to transfer Gmail emails to iCloud in a detailed pattern on Mac machine. So, here, we have shared the best method to migrate Gmail to iCloud to access your all emails from your Google account. With the given guide, it is too easy to execute the migration process in bulk mode on any version of Mac OS. Therefore, try it out and transfer your emails without altering the Gmail data.