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Transfer Emails from one Gmail Account to Another Gmail Safely

Written By
Jaspreet Singh
Published On
August 28th, 2023
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8 Minutes Reading
Migrate Gmail Emails to Another Gmail

Users prefer to migrate from one account to another or a new account due to various reasons. But the main reason is storage space. When the storage space is full for one account, the convenient option left is to switch to another account. In this article, we will discuss how to transfer emails from one Gmail account to another. To perform this migration, we will share all the possible methods for your reference.

As we know Gmail is a free account but it comes with a limited storage space of 15 GB. So, when this space is about to fill up or when your storage runs out. Then, the easy & cost-effective solution is to migrate to a new or another account. The following user statement justifies the same.

Hi there! I run a startup business and have been using a Gmail account for a long time to receive customer orders. I see my storage space is almost full. Before it reaches its limit, I want to transfer emails from old Gmail to new Gmail. I searched for solutions but couldn’t find any to apply on my Mac device. I would really appreciate it if anyone could share a proven solution with me.

Apart from storage issues, sometimes users just want to keep one account as a backup or use it as a personal account and another as a professional one. In such scenarios one too to go through Gmail to Gmail migration.

Thus, let’s discuss two methods using which you can migrate Gmail to another Gmail easily.

How to Transfer Emails from One Gmail Account to Another?

Moving from one account to another with complete security is the common priority of every user. Hence, for this, we suggest you choose the Reliable IMAP Migration Software that you can easily install on a Mac operating system. As a result,  you can easily move emails from one Gmail account to another in no time.

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Moreover, while doing this migration, the data integrity would be the same in the new Gmail account as it was in the old account. This tool is a smart one that simply transfers emails from an old Gmail account to another one. Using this tool you can even migrate Gmail to IMAP mail server with all folder hierarchy maintained at the destination.

Step by Step Guide to Migrate Gmail to Another Gmail

To operate this tool on your computer, download it first. After that, install it and follow the steps to migrate Gmail emails to another Gmail account-

  • Run the above-suggested tool on your Mac PC, and read the given instructions from the welcome screen, hit Continue.


  • After that, choose your old Gmail as a Host Account, enter its User name and password of the same account.

transfer emails from one gmail account to another

  • Now, in the Destination Account section, again select the Gmail option, and provide the credentials of another / new Gmail account to transfer emails from one Gmail account to another.


  • There is an Add option to transfer emails from multiple Gmail user accounts.


  • Finally, mouse-click the Start Migration option, and it will quickly begin the migration process. So, once the transfer process is done you can access all your emails in your new Gmail account.

transfer emails from one gmail account to another

How to Transfer Emails from One Gmail Account to Another Manually?

There is a manual technique as well, as Gmail has an in-built Import mail and contacts option. Hence, it will help you to migrate Gmail emails to another Gmail account. However, there is a mandatory requirement before executing the migration process. That is you should enable the POP server first of your old Gmail account.

Step1 – To Enable POP in Source Gmail Account

If you haven’t yet activated POP, then follow the steps below so that you can further transfer emails from old Gmail to new Gmail

  1. Open your old Gmail account, and tap on the Settings gear icon in the accounts
  2. After that, from the new window, select the Forwarding and POP/ IMAP and check the “Enable POP for all mail (even mail that’s already been downloaded)” option
  3. Now, in the second section, when your emails are accessed with the POP section, you will get drop-down options. Here, choose the “Archive Gmail’s copy” option for accessing them later, tap the Save changes, and sign off from this account.

Step 2 – Link Old Account to New Gmail Account

In this step, you need to follow the steps to access emails from the old accounts in your new Gmail account

  1. After login into your new Gmail account, select Settings >> See All Settings >> Accounts and Import tab >> Add a mail account option
  2. Now, in the Email address, you will be asked to enter the email address of the Gmail account from which you want to import , tap Next
  3. After that, in the next screen, select the Import emails from my other account (POP3) option, mouse-click on the Next
  4. Type the password of your old Gmail account under the Password section, also choose POP server as Gmail.com, and type 995 as the port number.
  5. To proceed further, hit the Add Account option and allow Gmail to access your other Gmail account. By doing so, the Import process will begin.

However, the above manual process to move emails from one Gmail account to another would take hours if you have a large number of emails. It will help you to transfer only the the oldest 100-200 emails first. Since this process will not migrate all emails from your old account in one go, putting effort into following the above method will waste your time.


Q – Can I use this tool to migrate multiple old Gmail accounts to different accounts?

Yes, this software not only allows users to transfer emails from one Gmail account to another Gmail. But, it also provides the facility to migrate to different email services along with all the emails.

Q – Can I forward all my Gmail emails to a new account?

Manually forward Gmail account emails to new account:

  • Step 1 -Login to Gmail & select See All Settings.
  • Step 2 -Tap on the Accounts and Import option.
  • Step 3 -Hit Add another email address option.
  • Step 4 -Add the required email address and hit Save.

Q- How can I transfer emails from one Gmail account to another Gmail?

Here are the 4 simple steps that you can follow.

  • Step 1 – Download the Migrator Tool on PC.
  • Step 2 -Pick Gmail and Provide Old Account Details.
  • Step 3 -Select Gmail and Enter New Account Details.
  • Step 4 -Hit Start Migration to start the Process.

Q- Can I delete my Gmail account after migration?

If you have more than one Gmail account and are no longer interested in using a specific account, you can sign in to your Google Account to remove it. In addition, Google allows you to delete your entire account and all of your data, including email and photos. Although deletion can be done at any time, be aware that you will not be able to recover your account if you change your mind later. If you ever choose to recover your account, all personal data associated with that account will be gone.

Q – How many Gmail accounts can I have to manage data?

You can have multiple Gmail accounts at a time as there is no limit set by Google but Google may ask you to verify the authenticity of the account via phone number. Where your one phone number can be linked to a limited number of accounts. So, for managing multiple accounts, you can link them to your existing Gmail account to easily switch between different accounts.


In this write-up, we have discussed the most asked questions i.e. how to transfer email from one Gmail account to another Gmail account in a detailed manner. To make it easier for all the users, we have shared both manual and automated solutions. By using both methods, anyone can easily perform Gmail to Gmail migration. However, the manual method to perform this migration is quite cumbersome. Therefore, we suggest you choose the automated method which is also professionally tested that helps users easily migrate emails from one Gmail to another Gmail account in batch mode.