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How to Migrate IMAP to Outlook.com Mailbox on Mac Desktop?

Jaspreet Singh | Modified: 2022-12-17T05:08:46+00:00

From migration we all understand one thing, we just want to update to a better place. The same case applies when it comes to using applications. That mean, you can either have to use the older versions of some application or just move with the trends. So, if you want to move with the trend that is currently in the market top list. Then, you will need to migrate. Therefore, today we will discuss how to migrate IMAP to Outlook.com on Mac desktop easily. In this article, we will provide you with a safe solution to transfer your IMAP server account emails.

So, if you’re using an IMAP server for maintaining the mailbox then it is good to go. But there is a saying “Everything has a limit” and so does the mailbox. So, in case you’re having issues due to the storage issue then it is better to move to another platform or service. For doing so, you can add IMAP to Outlook.com account on your respective Mac machine.

As Outlook.com is a nice platform to access emails from the mailbox. Here, you will get a step-by-step procedure for this migration. Moreover, it even has some good organizational in-built features. It provides a features along with the traditional folder structure and some categories. Also, the Outlook.com tags certain emails with categories like Documents, Photos, Newsletters, etc. automatically. They are considered as a Quick View folders to access messages from each one.

Manual Solution to Add IMAP Account to Outlook.com

Before beginning this manual process to add, make sure to enable the two-step verification to generate an app password. Once you ensure this setup then just follow the steps-

  1. First of all, just sign in to your Outlook.com account on Mac OS of any version
  2. After that, just move to Settings and tap on the view all settings option
  3. Now, just hit the Sync email option to move further to add IMAP to Outlook.com
  4. Here, you can select any email account under the connected accounts section
  5. At last, just enter your credentials, like the email address, and password of the source IMAP account to add to Outlook.com, and hit OK.

Major Limitations for Manual Method

However, you can use this manual strategy on Mac desktop but there are some drawbacks-

  1. Most importantly, you should have high-core technical knowledge if you want to go through with this process.
  2. Also, make sure to complete this process to to add IMAP to Outlook.com without any data loss, as they are chances of data loss.
  3. Moreover, there can be chances of changes in the folder hierarchy.

Professional Solution to Migrate IMAP to Outlook.com

However, there is a manual solution given but it comes with some drawbacks during migration. Therefore, we suggest you to keep your IMAP data safe by using the IMAP Email Migration Tool Mac. Using this program you can migrate all the emails of the IMAP account to Oultook.com.

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Here, you can easily select the Host account from which you want to transfer the emails and provide credentials. Then, you will need to select the destination account in which you want to access emails later on your Mac desktop.

This solution makes this entire migration too easy because of its simple user interface. Therefore, using this software can migrate all the mailbox emails to the selected Outlook.com mailbox.

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Features of the Mac Software for Better Usage

While using this automated application, you get multiple features to add IMAP account to Outlook.com, like-

  1. Compatibility of Mac OS – This standalone application is commendable because you can operate this tool on all Mac OS. As it supports all the Mac OS 10.8, and all the below versions, Mac OS X 11.0, and Mac OS X 12.0. But, it is mandatory to install Java JDK 1.8.0 & JRE 8 on your computer. Also, just make sure to enable the IMAP for source and destination accounts to execute this migration.
  2. Date Filter – For migrating only specific emails, this tool provides a “Date filter” option. Here, you can apply the advanced setting by setting the date range in the given fields for migration on the desktop.
  3. Simple Interface to Use – This advanced software is for both technical and non-technical users. As a result, all types of users can operate it easily because of its simple GUI interface. So, this simple graphic interface of this software makes the task simple and quick to migrate IMAP to Outlook.com.
  4. Free Trial Version Available – If in case, you want to try the free version of this tool. Then, before going for the license version, there is a free trial version available. Hence, you can go for it and perform the limited IMAP mailbox migration with multiple features.
  5. Move Newly Emails – Moreover, one of its features allows to migrate only newly received emails from the IMAP server mailbox. Hence, it is the best utility to prevent any email duplicates while moving emails. Although, it is applied after the first export process.
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How to Migrate IMAP to Outlook.com Step by Step on Mac?

To move your IMAP data, download this suggested tool on a Mac machine of any version. After proper installation, run the tool and follow this step-by-step process –

  • Read all the instructions from the initial screen, implement them if not set already, and tap the Continue button

migrate imap to outlook.com

  • To move further, just choose the IMAP web service option as the Host Name and enter the User Name and Password for the same

migrate imap to outlook.com

  • In Destination IMAP Account, select the Outlook.com option. Also, enter provide the User Name and Password for the required account mailbox

choose outlook.com option

  • Following this, by tapping the Advance Settings option to apply an additional filter, like selective email migration on Mac computer


  • Mouse-click the Start Migration option to execute the process and it will start the process to add IMAP to Outlook.com immediately.

migrate imap to outlook.com


Here, we have explained how you can migrate IMAP to Outlook.com with all the emails on Mac desktop. In this article, we have suggested the best-automated solution that will help you in this migration. You can make the best out of this software to migrate all emails in the same folder formatting. Moreover, for using it for free you can use its free trial version. However, along with the automated solution, we have shared the manual method to add IMAP account to Outlook.com on Mac OS. You can follow both the methods and decide which one is best as per the need.