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How to Migrate Rackspace Email to Gmail? Verified Solution

Published By Chirag Arora
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Published On December 26th, 2023
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On one hand, Rackspace is a hosting service for small or medium-sized businesses for their day-to-day operations. But, on the other hand, the Gmail application comes in handy for managing data. Hence, due to the free email service, most of the users prefer to switch to Gmail. So, today we will be discussing how to migrate Rackspace email to Gmail accounts. For this migration, we will discuss the safest solution in this article to help you all out.

However, there are many benefits to having a Gmail account for both personal and business purposes. So, read this article to know the procedure for secure Rackspace to Google Workspace migration.

Benefits of Using Gmail over Rackspace

We have n number of reasons to migrate Rackspace email to Gmail. Some of the few listed below-

  • Rackspace Exchange allows you to send emails with 50MB attachments with 25GB of storage space.
  • It also provides features like Google Docs, Google Sheets, Contacts, Groups, etc.
  • It also comes in handy with different types of subscription plans.
  • You can customize your email address according to your choice.
  • Option to schedule email at any time.
  • Gmail has a wide range of features including large storage space to manage data. It provides customized email with the facility to send attachments.
  • You can select the confidential mode while sharing the emails with others.
  • Also, have an additional nudge feature, users can effortlessly notify their emails are not opened yet.
  • Option to translate in any language according to your comfort.
  • Moreover, you can protect your emails by setting password options.

However, moving from a Rackspace that has a large amount of emails to a single Gmail account is such a huge task. But, with the given solution you can simply carry out this migration process in just a short period. Now, let us understand how you can easily transfer all emails from the Rackspace Exchange account to the Mac desktop.

How to Migrate Rackspace Email to Gmail on Mac?

When it comes to selecting a secure solution, IMAP Migration Tool Mac Software comes as a savior. This software will help you to migrate all emails from the Rackspace mailbox to the selected destination. Here you can easily select Gmail/G Suite/Google Workspace options and migrate respective operating machines.

Furthermore, it will allow the convenience of adding multiple Rackspace Exchange accounts to the migration at once with the concurrent migration feature. You will get the same folder structure once you migrate Rackspace to Gmail.

So, if you are thinking of using this smart automated utility first, you can go for its free demo version. Using this free trial version will give you an idea of how the tool works and the benefits you get for migration.

Integrated Advanced Features of the Mac Software

This smart Mac-based utility comes with multiple features to transfer Rackspace mailbox to Gmail, such as

  1. Transfer Newly Arrived Rackspace Emails – This tool provides the option of migration of new Rackspace emails only to prevent any email from being duplicated to Gmail. The option will move newly received messages after the first export from the Rackspace mailbox. Therefore, using the Delta migration option, you can migrate only newly received emails to the selected destination.
  2. Option to Move Multiple Rackspace Accounts– Using an advanced function of this software that allows multiple account migrations at once can be helpful. To do so, click on the Add option and it will migrate all the Rackspace-hosted accounts to Gmail in one go.
  3. Exclude/Include Folders – In addition, it also provides you with a feature that can include or exclude Rackspace folders. This option helps you to drop unnecessary folders from your Rackspace Hosted Exchange account. Therefore, only include or exclude folders such as Sent Items, Spam/Bulk/Junk, or Deleted Items when migrating email data.
  4. Support of all Mac OS– This standalone application is such a great tool when it comes to operating it on any version of the Mac operating machine. Yes, you can migrate Rackspace email to Gmail safely on MAC OS X 13.0, MAC OS X 12.0, MAC OS X 11.0, MAC OS X 10.8, and below versions.
  5. Date-Filter Option – There is a feature that helps with migrating Rackspace to Google Workspace/Google Apps/Gmail, again a useful feature that you can select for selective migration. Using the software’s Date Filter option you can perform the selective migration according to the applied date range.
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How to Migrate Rackspace to Gmail Quickly?

Download and install the above-mentioned program on a Mac PC. After installation, run the tool and follow the steps for Rackspace to Google migration-

  • Read the given instructions on this software’s initial screen, and press the Continue button to move further.

download tool

  • In the Host Name select the Rackspace Exchange option, or choose the Other option from the drop-down list. Then, enter the User Name and Password for the Rackspace account to transfer emails.

choose account

  • Afterward, choose the Gmail option in the Destination IMAP Account, and enter the User Name and Password to access emails in the required account.

select destination

  • For more, you can just select the Add option if you want to transfer emails from multiple Rackspace to Google Workspace / Gmail accounts.

add other rackspace account

  • Now, hit the Advance Settings to apply additional features before performing the migration process, you can go for selective email migration here.

set date range

  • Lastly, press the Start Migration option to migrate Rackspace email to Gmail with the required attachments from the mailbox.

start migration


Q- Does this software work in Mac OS 12. o to transfer Rackspace mailbox to Gmail mails?

Yes, this is a safe and direct solution that can easily work on all the latest and earlier versions of Mac OS, including Mac OS 12.0, and Mac OS 13.0.

Q- Will I get migrated emails in my Gmail account with the same folder hierarchy?

Yes, this automated software is built with advanced features for safe email migration. So, you get the same folder hierarchy in the destination account, i.e. Gmail account.

Q- Can I use this application to migrate Rackspace email to Gmail account in bulk?

Certainly yes, using this application, one can simply add on the host and destination account and migrate multiple emails in one go.

Q- Is there any option to only migrate new emails from the Rackspace Exchange account mailbox?

Of course, this Mac-based utility offers a Delta Migration option that will only migrate new emails from your Rackspace mailbox account without data modification.

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Migrating or transferring data from one platform to another can be risky sometimes. As there are high chances of data loss during the process. Therefore, in this article, we have provided you with the best solution that you can use to migrate Rackspace email to Gmail account. Using the mentioned software you can easily access Rackspace emails into Gmail with the same folder hierarchy.

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