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How to do Rackspace Email to Office 365 Migration on Mac?

Published By Chirag Arora
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Published On August 16th, 2023
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Summary: Although Rackspace is primarily a hosting service for small or medium sized businesses. But, these days most users are quite familiar with the application that is part of O365. Therefore, Rackspace to Office 365 migration becomes a necessity. Safely migrating email without interruption is a major concern for Rackspace users. Therefore, we will provide the most secure and reliable solutions in this article.

When it comes to Office 365 or Microsoft 365, it is more suitable for multiple tasks. Therefore, migrating to O365 is one of the best decisions users make. Using only Microsoft 365, you can easily access various services like Exchange Online, Share Point Online, Skype for Business Server etc. Even Microsoft offers various O365 plans, such as Office 365 Home, Office 365 Personal, and Office 365 Education.

Therefore, it is best to choose Microsoft 365 as it can serve multiple business needs. Furthermore, it comes with high data security on the cloud.

Pre Requirements for Rackspace to Office 365 Migration

Before starting the migration there are some activities that you need to plan and a few pre requisites to follow in order to complete it smoothly-

  • Make sure to create a complete backup of crucial files.
  • Delete files or folders that are not in use, remove duplicate files.
  • Make a list of –
    1- Both Rackspace and Office 365 user accounts, email addresses and passwords.
    2- All the browser settings and operating system used, DNS configuration, MX records, etc.
    4- Licensed plans on your source server.
    5- Along with active Directory configuration.
  • Decide whether you want to go for the bulk migration or just some specific emails.
  • Plan to make necessary user mailboxes on Office 365 and assign licenses to them.
  • A proper network capacity and bandwidth should be planned.

After planning all the necessary points, make sure to fulfill pre migration activities for both Rackspace and Microsoft 365 accounts.

On Rackspace-

  • Active administrative rights to migrate email from Rackspace to Office 365 you must have. Along with the copyright to the global administrator to transfer mailboxes on behalf of specific users.
  • If there is no administrator user, you must create a new email account and grant a complete access to each user account. Make sure to create a backup all your Rackspace user data, configuration, and emails..
  • If you’ve planned for migrating multiple Rackspace users but without an administrator login, then you must create a CSV file.  That file must have a list of all the Rackspace user mailboxes. To create that, login to Rackspace > Select Account > User Management > Select Export Active User List to download the CSV file.
  • Also, if you have planned to migrate Rackspace email to Office 365 with an IMAP connection, note the name of the server on Rackspace.

On Microsoft 365 :

  • Basic requirement is to create the target Office 365 tenant, see the tenant roadmap.
  • Buy a specific and the appropriate Office 365 licensing plan.
  • Don’t forget to create mailboxes for the users and assign them the licenses.
  • Also, the global administrator must have a valid and non-hidden mailbox on both source and target servers for email migration.
  • Check the proper network connection and bandwidth requirements.

How to Migrate Rackspace Emails to Office 365 Manually?

To access the Rackspace emails in a Microsoft 365 account, you can simply create an admin account. Choose the plan for Office 365 as per the requirements then buy the license for your users. Once you are done with the purchase you can sync the Rackspace account. And this is how you can perform Rackspace to Office 365 Migration.

But, there are difficulties that you might face during this manual migration. As there can be missing items such as public folders, group, and distribution lists, etc.

Even, though there could be a migration failure or might arise some issue that is hard to rectify. Hence, we recommend you to move further with a professional solution.

Best Solution for Rackspace to Office 365 Migration

Everyone wants to go for a safe solution when it comes to shifting their emails or other data from one email client to other. Therefore, keeping the security in mind we have come up with an automated IMAP Mail Migration Tool for Mac solution. This is the best professional solution to migrate email from Rackspace to Office 365.

Moreover, during the migration, you can even add the multiple Rackspace Webmail account. Once the process is done, you will get the exact data with all email folders hierarchy. So, operating this software will never impact any structure of the Rackspace account. This software is even better solution for Rackspace to Gmail migration or to migrate from Rackspace to AWS on Mac OS.

This is not just a safe solution for this migration but it even supports multiple webmail clients for switching to other platforms. Hence, using this software with a simple and easy graphic interface would be a wise decision.

Integrated Advanced Features of the Mac Software

It even comes with various features that you can apply during migration, such as-

  1. Transfer Newly Arrived Rackspace Emails – No one wants duplicate data in their mailbox therefore, by keeping this thing in mind, this tool allows only the migration of new emails. It will migrate only newly received messages after the first export in a Rackspace mailbox. Hence, using the Delta Migration option, it is quite easy to migrate the data that you haven’t migrated yet for Rackspace to Office 365 migration.
  2. Option to Migrate Multiple Accounts – Moreover, there is an advanced function that allows multiple account migrations in one go. For that, you will just have to use the Add option and it will migrate all the hosted accounts into Microsoft 365.
  3. Exclude/Include Folders – There is a facility that this automated software provides that includes or excludes folders. Hence, you can simply ignore the unnecessary folders from Rackspace Webmail account. You can exclude or include folders like Sent Items, Spam/Bulk/Junk, or Deleted Items while migrating data.
  4. Check Status of Rackspace Migration Process – With the help of this software, you can check the status of all the hosted Rackspace accounts as in progress and completed entries. So, if the migration process is stuck in between you will know about it eventually.
  5. Date-Filter Option – If you just want to migrate some emails with attachments from Rackspace to O365. Then there is a useful feature that you can opt for selective migration. With the help of the Date Filter option, you can perform selective migration by setting a date range.

Steps to Migrate Rackspace Email to Office 365 on Mac

Download the above-suggested program on your Mac computer system of any version. After installation, follow the steps for migrating emails from Rackspace account-

  • Few instructions are given on this software’s initial screen, read them and tap Continue to begin the process.

migrate rackspace exchange to office 365

  • Now, add the Rackspace option as a Host Name and provide the User Name and Password of the required account.

choose office 365

  • In the Destination IMAP Account, select Office 365, and provide the User Name and Password for migration into the same account.

rackspace to office 365 migration

  • Now, just select the Add option if you want to migrate emails from multiple Rackspace accounts in one go to selected destination.

add rackspace account

  • Afterwards, tap the Advance Settings before the migration process and set the date filters for selective email migration.

date filters

  • Hit the Start Migration option for a safe and secure Rackspace to Office 365 migration with any number of mailbox emails with attachments.

rackspace to office 365 migration


Q- How to transfer Rackspace email to Office 365 on Mac?

Steps for the Rackspace to Office 365 migration:

  • Step 1- Download the Mac based tool on PC.
  • Step 2- Check all prerequisites as asked.
  • Step 3- Validate Rackspace & O365 user account.
  • Step 4- Add multiple accounts to migrate.
  • Step 5- Hit Start Migration to perform the process.

Q- Is Rackspace POP or IMAP hosting service?

IMAP, in simple language, the Rackspace Email Hosting provides IMAP access to its users. This facilitates users to connect to the email from mobile devices and desktop email clients from anywhere.

Q- How many users can we migrate from Rackspace to Office 365?

There is no limit on adding user accounts for migration in this tool. You can just add both the target Rackspace and Microsoft 365 user accounts and map them together to migrate.

Q- How long does Rackspace email migration to Office 365 take?

Usually manual method takes long time to migrate mailbox emails from Rackspace to O365, but automated method makes migration in less time.

Q- Can I bulk migrate emails from Rackspace to Microsoft 365?

Yes, bulk migration is possible and to migrate all emails at once, download the tool, validate the account by entering active user credentials. And then just click on Start migration option for bulk migration at once.


To ease your pain for Rackspace to Office 365 Migration we have suggested the best possible solution here. In this article, we have shared the steps to perform this entire migration process. So, using the mentioned software you can easily know how to do Rackspace email migration to Office 365 / Microsoft 365. As with the help of the tool, you can simply just customize the process and perform the migration. Also, there is a free demo version available to try it out and know the working procedure.

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