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How to Import Yahoo Mail to Outlook.com Account on Mac?

Published By Chirag Arora
Approved By Anuraag Singh
Published On March 26th, 2024
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Migrating emails from Yahoo Mail to another email client or platform can be necessary for various reasons. Typically, individuals prefer transitioning to a safer and more secure platform. Therefore, we will explain when users might want to learn how to Import Yahoo Mail to Outlook.com. In this article, we will recommend the best solution for this migration from Yahoo Mail.

User Query: Hi, I’ve been using Yahoo Mail for quite some time. But now I want to switch from it to outlook.com. Because whenever I try to open my Yahoo mail it throws an error every time. This thing really pissed me off as I have to reset my password for my Yahoo mail account. Could you please share a professional solution that ensures a secure method for Importing Yahoo Mail to Outlook.com ?

Before proceeding with the solution to Migrate from Yahoo to Outlook.com , let’s discuss why there is a need for migrating emails.

Why Import Yahoo Mail to Outlook.com on Mac?

There are multiple reasons behind this migration from Yahoo to Outlook.com, such as:

  • Outlook.com is the better choice because it is a secure and free webmail email service provided by Microsoft.
  • Moreover, maintaining the data in Outlook.com is quite easy as compared to Yahoo mail.
  • Likewise, Yahoo mail has many distracting banner ads which mostly create a headache while accessing data.
  • It is quite an easy and convenient way to access data from anywhere just with an Internet connection.
  • Also, Outlook.com provides multiple features to ease the pain of making emailing efficient.

How to Migrate from Yahoo to Outlook.com Mailbox Securely?

The primary requirement for migration is securely adding emails from one platform to another. Therefore, considering security as a priority, we recommend choosing the Best IMAP Migration Tool Mac. By utilizing this software, you can easily import Yahoo Mail to Outlook.com.

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Furthermore, this migration tool provides various filters to apply for the complete migration process. By utilizing these filters, you can easily avail the benefits of this automated software and execute the migration seamlessly.

In case you are concerned about email duplicacy, this software offers a feature that prevents the migration of duplicate emails. By utilizing Delta migration, you can migrate only newly received emails from Yahoo Mail. This utility is also helpful if there is a need for Yahoo mail to Gmail migration.

Why Choose this Mac Automated Software – Highlighted Points

There are multiple reasons to choose this Mac based software as it has various features, such as-

  1. Mac Machine Support – This software is compatible with all versions of the Mac operating system. It supports Mac OS 10.8 and all versions below, Mac OS X 11.0, and Mac OS X 12.0. Additionally, you need to install Java JDK 1.8.0 & JRE 8 on your desktop, corresponding to the version you are using. Also, ensure that IMAP for both source and destination accounts should be enabled to know how to migrate from Yahoo to Outlook.com.
  2. Selective Migrate Yahoo Emails – Sometimes, you may just want to import Yahoo mail to Outlook.com but only specific emails. Therefore, you can use the Date Filter option and set the date range. Once you set the date for required emails, the tool will only migrate emails from the Yahoo account that comes into the selected date range. Even Yahoo mail migration to Office 365 is possible with the help of this tool on Mac PC.
  3. Free Version Available – Before proceeding further with the licensed version of this professional application, users can utilize the free demo version. This proficient utility comes with a free demo version that all Mac users can download and use to migrate a limited number of emails from Yahoo to Outlook.com.
  4. Availability to Import Multiple Yahoo Emails – This advanced software not only allows you to migrate a few emails from one folder of Yahoo Mail, but you can also add multiple Yahoo accounts and migrate emails from different folders. Moreover, this entire process is safe and secure for Importing Yahoo Mail to Outlook.com.

Step by Step Guide to Migrate from Yahoo to Outlook.com ?

For performing this migration process, you should follow the steps as given below-

  • Just make sure to read and implement the given information from the initial screen, then hit the Continue button to start Import Yahoo Mail to Outlook.com.

migrate from Yahoo to Outlook.com

  • After that, you need to choose Yahoo mail as a Host Account, also enter the User name and password of the required account.

host name

  • Just after that, in the destination Account, select the “Office 365” option for Outlook.com, and fill in the User name and password fields.

choose outlook.com

  • Now, press the Add button in case you want to migrate emails from multiple Yahoo mail accounts.

add yahoo mail account

  • Finally, hit the Start Migration option to begin the export Yahoo mail to Outlook.com mailbox process on Mac OS.

migrate from Yahoo to Outlook.com

Import Yahoo Mail to Outlook.com Manually on Mac PC

To learn how to migrate from Yahoo to Outlook.com using the manual method, simply follow the steps below:

  1. In the first step, log into your Outlook.com email account using any web browser
  2. Now, go to Settings >> View All Outlook Settings option
  3. In the new window, choose “Mail” and then “Sync Email
  4. After that, under the “connected accounts” section, select the “other email accounts” option
  5. Now in the new dialog box, and under the “Display name” enter your name as required
  6. Enter your Yahoo Mail email address and password to proceed with adding account
  7. Below, there are two options: Choose the appropriate option based on your preference
    Create a new folder for imported email
    Import email from Yahoo to existing folders as necessary
  8. To initiate the process, click “OK.”

Eventually, the import process of Yahoo Mail will begin on your Mac desktop. However, it can take a long time depending on the number of emails in your Yahoo Mail account.

Few Major Drawbacks of using Manual Method

Although you can use this manual technique to import Yahoo Mail to Outlook.com, it has various drawbacks:

  1. The biggest drawback of this method is its lengthy procedure, which can take a significant amount of time to complete.
  2. Moreover, there is no option for selectively migrating emails from Yahoo Mail.
  3. It does not offer any email filtering option to selectively migrate emails.
  4. Similarly, there is no direct option to manually add Yahoo Mail to an Outlook.com account.


Q- Is it possible to selectively migrate emails using this tool within a specific time frame?
Ans- Yes, this Mac IMAP migration software can migrate the selected emails using the Date-Filter option. This feature allows you to set a specific time period and migrate emails within the chosen timeframe.

Q- Is it possible to use this IMAP Migrator for Mac on my Mac OS X 12.0 system?
Ans- Yes, this advance migrator tool is compatible for all mac OS versions. ie.i.e. Mac OS X 10.8 till the highest versions i.e. Mac OS X 12.0. Therefore, you can easily import Yahoo Mail to Outlook.com.

Q- Does this tool provide any feature or option to prevent “email duplication” during the migration process ?
Ans- Yes, Mac IMAP migration software offers “Delta migration” feature that prevents the migration of duplicate emails.


When it comes to migrating your data from Yahoo mail to another, we recommend you to choose the best method. Therefore, in this article, we have suggested how to migrate from Yahoo to Outlook.com using a professional solution. We recommend you to go for this software because it is pre-tested by the top experts for better migrations. Using this software, you can easily import multiple emails from Yahoo mail to Outlook.com.