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Learn Migrating Yahoo Business Mail to Office 365 Account Safely

Published By Chirag Arora
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Published On March 27th, 2024
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Migrating to a new platform or new email client sometimes seems a difficult task. Therefore, to protect the data users like you prefer to go for the secure way. That’s why we have come up with this article to help you in a better way. Using the given method, you can migrate Yahoo mail to Office 365 to access all emails. So, learn about it in detail.

Though Yahoo mail and Microsoft 365 are both preferable for managing the data of an organization. However, these days almost everyone wants to use O365 because of its multiple features. Because Yahoo mail is hugely unsuccessful to match the popularity and features of Microsoft 365.

As we all are aware that Microsoft Office 365 is available for both personal and corporate users with tons of benefits. Moreover, it even provides high data security with different subscription plans.
Now, let’s know the solution that can be used for migration.

Free Solution to Migrate Yahoo Mail to Office 365

As there is no direct method which can be opted to transfer Yahoo emails to Office 365. In order to execute this Yahoo to Office 365 migration, first you’ll need to export Yahoo Mail to PST data file format and later you can import it into the desired Microsoft 365 account.

Follow the below given steps to perform the same:-

  1. First, open “Yahoo Mail” and enable “Allow apps that use less secure sign-in” options in the Account settings.
  2. After that, open MS Outlook and go to File >> Info >> Add Account >> Manually Configure Server Settings and then click “Next” to continue the migration process.
  3. Now, select the option “POP3 or IMAP” from the “Add New Account” window and then click on “Next” to proceed “Migrate Yahoo Mail to Office 365” process.
  4. Enter all credentials i.e. Yahoo email address and password. You can also check the “Remember Password” option, if you want to save login details.
  5. After that, in the next incoming mail server field, type pop.mail.yahoo.com and in the outgoing server field, type smtp.mail.yahoo.com.
  6. After that, click on the “More Settings” option and in the “POP and IMAP Account Settings”, enter a name for the account.
  7. Then, choose the “Outgoing Server” tab and check the “Use Same Settings as My Incoming Mail Server” and “My SMTP Requires Authentication” options.
  8. Now, open the “Advanced” tab and for the POP3 server, type 995 and for the SMTP server, type 465. Opt SSL for the encryption type and select the “This Server Requires an Encrypted Connection” option.
  9. Then, click on OK >> Next button and then click on the “Finish” option. After that, “Exit and Restart” MS Outlook 2021, 2019, 2016.
  10. Finally, click on the “Send/Receive” tab and choose the “Send/Receive All Folders” option. All of your Yahoo folders will be available in .
  11. Now Navigate to the default location to confirm the Yahoo file status, that is it saved or not on your desktop.

So, once you have the resultant file then you have to configure the Microsoft 365 account in your Outlook application and simply import PST to Office 365.

Drawbacks: For Migrating Yahoo Business Mail to Office 365 Manually

  • If you choose to manually migrate Yahoo Mail to Office 365, it will consume a significant amount of time. This is because you’ll need to adjust Yahoo account settings, MS Outlook settings, network settings, and manually import the resulting file to Office 365. Overall, this process is time-consuming.
  • Migrating using this manual method is a complicated process. It’s not a direct method for transferring Yahoo emails to Office 365; you have to follow many steps while also considering security concerns.
  • If you follow all these manual steps, there are more chances of encountering errors. which can impede the process of migrating.
  • Users may select the incorrect option or overlook a stage, which would force them to restart the entire process and possibly lose crucial emails. Expert surveillance is consequently required.

Safe Solution to Migrate Yahoo Mail to Office 365

Keeping data security in mind during migration, you can choose the IMAP Migration Software for Mac. So, once you get this tool you get multiple features to apply. With the help of this tool, you can quickly perform Yahoo to Office 365 migration without hindrance.

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Using this advanced software you can simply accomplish this task in no time. As this is a completely reliable program that provides accurate results. Because there is no such manual solution available that you can go for.

Even there is a facility for migrating the Yahoo mailboxes, such as archive mailbox or public folder and etc. Hence, you can select the folders accordingly and transfer the emails to Microsoft 365. For more, you can take help of this tool to migrate Yahoo to Gmail account on PC.

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Top Integrated Features of the Smart Utility

This utility has various features that are quite useful for Yahoo mail migration to Office 365, like-

  1. Complete Security of Yahoo Mail – While using this tool you can be stress free because it provides complete security of Yahoo emails. So, executing the migration process will be accurate.
  2. Compatibility of Mac OS – Moreover, you can run this application on Mac OS 10.8, and all below versions, Mac OS X 11.0, and Mac OS X 12.0. However, Java JDK 1.8.0 & JRE 8 should be installed on your computer system. Just make sure to enable the IMAP settings for source and destination accounts.
  3. Simple Interface to Use – Likewise, this software provides a completely simple GUI interface to migrate Yahoo mail to Office 365. In short, it is quite a handy tool, so that the novice users can access it without any hard-core technical knowledge.
  4. New Yahoo Mail Emails Migration – Using the Delta Migration feature you can only migrate the newly received emails. This feature will help in preventing email duplicates of any Yahoo mail folders into Microsoft 365. As it only migrates emails after the first export process.
  5. Free Demo Version Available – To try out this tool before going further with the license version. There is a free demo version that you can try for a limited migration with multiple features.
  6. Date Filter – Sometimes, you may just want to need for migrating Yahoo business mail to Office 365 but specifically. So, for selective migration, you can use the Date filter option. Here, all you need to set the date range in the given fields and perform the migration on the PC.

Direct Steps to Migrate Yahoo Mail to Office 365

Just download the application on a Mac system of any version. After this, just double-tap on the software and follow the following steps for migration –

  • On the welcome screen of the software, a few instructions are given, implement them and tap the Continue button

migrate yahoo mail to office 365

  • Choose the Yahoo mail option as the Host Account and provide login details of the required account

select yahoo

  • Later on, select the Office 365 option in Destination IMAP Account. Provide the User Name and Password of the Microsoft 365 account to which you want to migrate Yahoo mail data


  • In the next step, set a Date range or other filters by clicking the Advance Settings for the Yahoo to Office 365 migration

date filter

  • To begin the migration process, click the Start Migration option for migrating all the Yahoo mailbox emails

migrate yahoo mail to office 365

  • After doing these steps, the Yahoo mail migration to Office 365 process will begin and provide a completion notification.


In this article, we have discussed what you can do when migrating Yahoo business mail to Office 365. To make this task easy, we have shared the best and most reliable solution that provides accurate results. Hence, it is quite easy to migrate Yahoo mail to Office 365 on a PC. So, if you are looking for a safe solution using the mentioned software will prove itself right in all terms.

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