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Best Methods – cPanel Move emails from one Account to Another

Published By Chirag Arora
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Published On April 26th, 2024
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There can be times when you need to switch from one account to another. So, if you’re a cPanel user, and want to move to another this article will help. Here, we will share methods to cPanel move emails from one account to another. In this article, we will provide you with the best methods for the same that you can opt to move.
Sometimes, the hosting service users do not like the facility of the panel or decide to switch to another platform.

User Query: Considering a user scenario, who has multiple cPanel accounts, but wants to move them together. I’ve been using webmail on the cPanel, though I have multiple accounts here. But, I have multiple accounts here. The critical situation is that I have multiple folders set up in this cPanel mailbox. So, I need a reliable solution that allows a safe process to move all the emails. Hence, if anyone knows about a professional solution, then suggest me.

Move Emails From One cPanel to Another Manually

If you’re looking for a manual solution that can help you transfer emails from one cPanel to another directly, unfortunately, you cannot proceed with the manual process. As you will not be able to move the cPanel emails account mailbox with complete data integrity. Because the cPanel provides Roundcube and Horde Webmail to export or move your required emails. As a result, you only get an MBOX file format that other applications may not use.

Or for the best, you can do these steps manually if you want to go with a manual solution for cPanel move emails from one account to another.

  1. First, create a new email account.
  2. Now download all emails from the old cPanel via FYP and navigate the path.
  3. The mail directory contains all of your emails. Drilling down to the mail directory reveals a directory structure similar to the one illustrated below. Everything in the mail directory must be downloaded.
  4. Lastly, disconnect from the old email and connect via FTP to the new one. Navigate to the new mail directory. Everything you downloaded from the old mail directory should now be in the new mail directory. This will replicate everything in the new one. You do not need to be concerned if you already had some emails on the new (for example, if you opted to migrate emails from the old service after operating the new one for some time). They will be preserved, and your previous emails will simply be added to the appropriate folders on the new mail.

cPanel Move Emails from One Account to Another Automatically

As there is no manual solution, therefore, going with the professional solution is the best to go. So, for that, the MacWareTools IMAP Migration for Mac is a reliable software to choose from. This tool allows you all to move all emails from the cPanel to another account even a different platform directly.

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Moreover, you can proceed with the process without installing or operating any other application while using this software. This one is a standalone software that will do the entire cPanel email migration of data on its own.

Likewise, if you have multiple cPanel accounts then it is easy to move emails from one cPanel to another simultaneously.

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Some Best Features of the Software

  1. Move Newly Emails from cPanel – While using this automated software you get an option to move only newly received messages to another account. It provides a Delta Backup feature that helps to move emails after the first export. So, in case, you have exported the data from one cPanel account mailbox. Next time, you can simply migrate new emails that prevent any duplicates.
  2. Same Folder Structure – If you’re looking for a tool that can maintain your folder hierarchy then this tool is best. As it can easily preserve the folder structure and keep the metadata the same during the migration process. Therefore, you get the exact structure before migrate emails from one cPanel to another.
  3. Date-Filter Option – If you just want to cPanel move emails from one account to another account mailbox selectively. Then, there is an option as a Date Filter feature for selectively moving messages as per a period.
  4. Exclude/Include Folders– If you want to exclude some folders such as Sent Items or Deleted Items from one cPanel account. And, either want to include some required folders in another account? With the help of this software, users can select required folders.
  5. Check Status – Also, with this software, you can simply check the report or status of all cPanel accounts as an in-progress and completed entry.
  6. Move Multiple cPanel Accounts- If you have multiple accounts on the cPanel, then you can simply add one here. Then, this tool will easily move all the emails of all those accounts to another account.

Steps to cPanel Move Emails From One Account to Another Quickly

To switch, you need to download the above-mentioned software on your system. Then, just follow the steps to move cPanel emails to another account –

  • From the initial screen of the software, you can easily read the instructions as given, tap Continue.

install the software

  • From the next screen, you can add the Host Name, its User Name, and the Password of the cPanel webmail.

add cpanel account

  • To move into another account you can choose the Destination IMAP Account as given in the options, and provide the credentials of the same account.

select the destination path

  • In the next step, if you want to move emails from multiple cPanel accounts, then select the Add option.


  • After that, choose the Advance Settings before initiating the process as required.

select the advance settings

  • In the last step, click the Start Migration icon to begin the process of switching the move emails from one cPanel to another on any Mac version.

moving process start


In this article, we have discussed methods to cPanel move emails from one account to another account. So, with the mentioned solution you can easily move as many emails as you want to different accounts. This automated software will provide you with multiple options for the same. Hence, it becomes easy to switch from one cPanel account to another without losing any data and email formatting.

Frequently Asked Questions 

1. Can I cPanel transfer email accounts to the new account using the aforementioned tool?

Yes, the tool offers a Mail Migration feature that allows you to transfer emails from one cPanel account to another. Moreover, this tool simplifies the process and preserves the email data during the migration.

2. Is it possible to perform selective email migration, or does it move all emails at once?

Yes, the tool mentioned above allows you to select emails as per the specified date for migration. Further, it provides flexibility to transfer only the desired emails between the two accounts.

3. Will the email folder structure be retained during the migration process?

Yes, when using the tool, the folder structure and email organization will be preserved. Emails will be transferred with their respective folders intact, ensuring a seamless migration experience.

4. How long does it usually take cPanel move emails from one account to another?
“The time required for email migration depends on various factors, such as the number of emails to be transferred, the size of attachments, and the internet bandwidth. Generally, smaller accounts may complete the migration quickly, while larger accounts may take longer.

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