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How to Download Attachments From Yahoo Mail?

Published By Satyam Jha
Approved By Anuraag Singh
Published On May 14th, 2024
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If you are using Yahoo mail, then you know most of the users are facing problems like How to download attachments From Yahoo Mail? How to save attachments from yahoo mail to a computer? Unable to download multiple Attachments from Yahoo Mail? …….don’t worry, it’s not a big issue. Read this article; here you’ll get a complete guide on different methods to download all attachments from Yahoo Mail.

First let’s discuss Yahoo Mail, why it is popular. Yahoo Mail is one of the most widely used email services, particularly among working professionals. With its large number of users, Yahoo Mail naturally holds a significant amount of valuable information about its users. Therefore, to ensure the protection of this data, it is necessary to create backups of your important emails.
So let’s start the process.

Table Of Contents: 

  1. What are the Reasons To Extract Yahoo mail attachments?
  2. Manual Method To Save Attachments From Yahoo Mail
  3. Using Professional Software To Download Attachments From Yahoo Mail
  4. Why Use Professional Software To Extract Yahoo Mail attachments?
  5. Conclusion

Reasons To Download all Attachments From Yahoo Mail:

But have you noticed what’s the reason behind this? Why do you need to extract these emails and create a backup? Well, there are multiple reasons for this. Let us discuss some of them in brief.

  • As emails contain important information as well as attachments like documents, images, audio files, spreadsheets, etc. It’s very important to maintain this data for business purposes, and thus, creating its backup becomes necessary.
  • If we consider business purposes, a user’s Yahoo mail often contains lots of emails and requires a sufficient storage space, this affects the performance speed. After resolving how to download attachments from Yahoo mail, users can free up storage space in their Yahoo email accounts.
  • Saving attachments from Yahoo Mail protects users’ data by creating backups, ensuring they can recover it in any unforeseen situation, such as data corruption or account compromise, thus enhancing data security and resilience.
  • Keep your data safe from any virus attack or situations like accidental deletion by regularly implementing robust data backups.

As we now understand the various benefits of extracting Yahoo mail attachments, let us look at the different methods following which you can easily do that.

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How to Download Attachments from Yahoo Mail Manually

You can follow the below steps to download attachments manually:

Step 1: Open the web browser on your system and log into your “Yahoo” Mail account.

Step 2: Now find and open the specific email attachment you want to extract and Yahoo will scan the specific attachment.

Step 3: If the attachment is virus-free, a pop-up will appear confirming the same.

Step 4: Now click on the “Download Attachment” button, then on the “Save” button to download the attachment.

Step 5: Now navigate to the folder where the attachment has been downloaded to view and access your files.

Limitations of Manual Method:

  • Manually retrieving attachments is time consuming as there are numerous emails and downloading them one by one will cost lots of time.
  • There’s a risk of overlooking or forgetting to download important emails, especially when you have a large number of emails.
  • Don’t provide an option to save attachments from Yahoo Mail in multiple file formats.
  • By retrieving attachments through the manual method, the user is unable to back up multiple attachments at once.
  • Don’t provide an advanced feature like naming conventions, date filters, page layout, etc for downloading email attachments.
  • However, this technique is only useful when you have to download only a limited number of Yahoo mail attachments.

Professional Software To Download all Attachments From Yahoo Mail

An alternative and better solution to this problem is to use the MacWareTools Yahoo Backup Tool. With this tool, you can create backups of multiple Yahoo Mail attachments all at once, overcoming the limitations of the manual method. Additionally, this tool offers various features for backup, making the process simple and quick.

Now, let us look at the simple steps you can follow to download attachments from Yahoo Mail.

Step 1. Open the Yahoo Backup software, provide your Yahoo mail login credentials, and then click “Login”.

Step 2. Now “Select Export Type” file format as TXT/PDF in which you want to save attachments from yahoo mail.

Step 3. Click on “Advance Settings” for the naming convention feature or to use the date filter.

Step 4. The “Delete After Download” option allows you to remove all your data from the server after you have finished downloading it to your computer.

Step 5. Choose the destination where you want your files to be saved. Click on “Change” to change the destination path, then click “OK”.

Step 6. Click on “Start Backup” to begin the backup process. A popup will appear after the exporting process has been completed successfully. Now, click on “OK”.

Hence, you have completed the process of retrieving attachments from Yahoo Mail using a professional tool. You can now find the downloaded files at the location you selected during the backup process.

Why Use Professional Software To Download Attachments from Yahoo mail?

Above, we have discussed both manual and professional methods for saving attachments from Yahoo Mail. However, a question arises: why should you use the professional method? Well, there are multiple reasons for this. Let’s discuss some of them.

  • Professional software provides you with an automated solution to download all attachments from Yahoo Mail. This means that the software is responsible for completing the process, and you need not bother yourself by constantly checking manually.
  • It allows users to back up Yahoo Mail to various formats like PST, EML, MBOX, PDF, etc., which are not available in the manual method.
  • The tool allows the user to pause and resume the backup process, which is very helpful in cases where the connection is lost and you would otherwise have to start the process all over again, as with manual methods.
  • The tool has a feature that allows you to delete the emails after you are done with the backup process. Thus, users can also free up some extra space in their Yahoo Mail account.


Q1: Can I download only selected email attachments folders?
Ans: Yes, you can download selected email attachments by checking a specific folder.

Q2: Does this software provide facility to save emails in multiple file formats?
Ans: Yes, SysTools Yahoo Backup provides multiple file formats like PST, EML, MBOX, PDF, etc. in which you can save email attachments.

Q3: Are my Yahoo Mail account credentials safe and secure when using this tool?
Ans: Yes, your login details remain safe and secure because the software doesn’t store them in its database. It only uses them for the download process of your specific account.


As a daily user of Yahoo’s email services, keeping a backup of your emails, especially those with attachments, becomes crucial. In this article, we’ve explored various methods to download attachments from Yahoo Mail. However, using the manual methods won’t be an ideal solution as it is very time-consuming, specifically for large amounts of data. Therefore, an effective solution is to use the Yahoo email backup software mentioned above in this article for creating a backup of all your data with attachments.

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